Taobao YAHOO Japan to build online shopping platform is expected in early June on line

                  May 10th morning news, and Softbank group holding YAHOO Japan announced that it will expand the strategic cooperation, the two sides will fully open Chinese through data docking and Japanese online shopping platform. According to the plan, cooperation with YAHOO Japan will set up two strategic platform, expected to launch in early June at the same time.

this is China’s first cross-border online shopping platform. According to the plan, cooperation with YAHOO Japan will set up two strategic platform, expected to launch in early June at the same time. read more

Do Wangzhuan or walk away from the EMU regular as well


may make friends in reading about the Wangzhuan aspects of the introduction, have always talked about what EMU, what is EMU? EMU English is actually the word "emulator" abbreviation, meaning: simulator. From the point of view can be simple to understand, is to do the fake really willing, can also be understood as cheating". We are seeing a lot of EMU is in hydrostatic forums, for example: you want to make money through your website, but you get the real money, the other is false: traffic is false, click is false, lead or sale is false (if one element is false can as of EMU). Here is a false false false, not the so-called fake, a lot of people when the illegal EMU. There are a lot of people when the formal elements of EMU, which is a misunderstanding. read more

How to counter the e commerce industry website has not yet on line time

can not deny that the development of e-commerce at this stage by leaps and bounds. Strong growth momentum makes people feel the actual feelings brought by e-commerce. But different industries have different characteristics, there is also a proven general point of view, that is to be the first and only dare to be the first to bring a strong competitive advantage for the better development of their website. Taobao this form of e-commerce can be said to be in the earliest e-commerce platform in the Chinese domestic construction, thanks to Taobao brilliant development today thanks to the efforts of everyone, also dare to first time. Taobao to the e-commerce site advertised the development trend of e-commerce sites, many sites have to follow the Taobao model, the company’s earnings to bring more sales channels. Thus, the e-commerce model is given a higher expectations. For each industry, the birth of the first industry type e-commerce site, has been imitated. read more

Argentina closed the door to play cross border electricity supplier online shopping was limited


] April 22nd news billion state power network, Argentina Electronic Commerce Association released data show that in 2014, Argentina e-commerce has achieved annual growth of 61.7% of the impressive performance in the face of adversity.

Argentina chamber of Commerce Chairman Gustavo Sambucetti said: Argentina e-commerce continued rapid growth in 2014 is more than 61%, turnover of up to $4 billion 500 million. In the past five years, Argentina’s B2C and C2C business grew at an average annual rate of 50.3%. Argentina electricity supplier transaction size has accounted for 1.6% of Argentina’s total retail sales". read more

Happy network recently released happy social or enable shejiao com

recently, in the domestic popular social networking sites happy network to happy social as the core, quickly cut and occupied the domestic white-collar social field. Happy network has now completed the first round of investment, and will be formally launched in the near future.

happy network domain name is, is not happy network all. Previously, dating site had purchased from the domain name.

October 10th, Xu Zhaojun, vice president of interactive oak, school network leader in an interview confirmed that has purchased the domain name Insiders said that the action of the campus network means that the site is through the purchase of competitors to enhance their competitive advantage in the market, but also accelerated the happy to enable the new domain name brand. read more

Double 12 you can not miss the 5 single product in the sea ah ah

Just 11

dual card debt repaid, double 12 again, the largest promotional efforts at the end of the carnival, are you ready? Many friends ever buy things on Taobao, but recently this year, cross-border electricity pop up and let their heart, I was in the sea Amoy longer this year, so I want to recommend some 12 worth buying a single product. First you can download ah sea purchase APP, or in the official website ( to buy books, ocean terminal, contrast red Jingdong like sea Amoy APP, I love you ah in the sea purchase above to buy things, convenient and reliable, absolutely no fakes. Ah, the sea purchase this year 12 a number of promotional price of goods, the price of beauty, for their love of goods, can be more than a little store until next year, after all, is the end of the last double 12 big promotion efforts. read more

For the brand to fight Baidu Nuomi O2O service

injection of sticky web from Baidu to a wholly-owned acquisitions, and then to March 7th girls section Baidu Nuomi grab users in Taobao subsidies "38" this time none punched back 100 million yuan generous, and commitment to the sale of single group can easily retreat, various initiatives have revealed Baidu O2O ambitions. For the brand, fight service, build ecological, glutinous rice and Baidu ecosystem to build an integrated living service platform layout has begun to appear.

to change the name: to strengthen the brand strength and mode advantage read more

Dark horse Spring Festival holiday notice


everybody happy New Year!

dark horse alliance Spring Festival holiday time is:

February 6, 2008 —–2008 in February 12th, seven days of vacation, normal work in February 13, 2008.

holidays during the release of the product data are as follows:

Green entertainment released every day every other day:


Baidu: Tuesday to Friday to see the next day data, Monday, Friday to Sunday to see the data

Point Road: February 13th return data —2 12 on may

Google search: February 13th to return to —2 data for the month of February 2nd read more