To the user experience as the center of the Shanghai dragon will become the final road

at this time, those who focus on foreign Wangzhuan owners, groping for a long time, finally realized that a specific search engine technology, it is Shanghai dragon, they finally found the "tread on air.

user experience is not only the site category, a most objective definition of user experience is like this: User Experience, UE, Chinese as user experience, is a purely subjective user use the product process in built up feeling. Although it is a kind of subjective feeling, but for a clear definition of the user groups speaking, their feelings will have many similarities, therefore, to grasp the common user experience designers, through good design experiments to realize, in this kind of subjective feeling of optimization is called UEO. read more

Real estate sites such as the construction of the chain resources can bring effective flow

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classified information is a combination of the long tail word

micro-blog marketing power as you all know, but not everyone can use. The published content does not catch the needs of users, then how to manage it would not make the content of your interest. What kind of personnel need to purchase, rent on someone else, when micro-blog fans brush browse to what kind of content will be interested in. Do not know the chain management of real estate website micro-blog accounts have not thought about these problems. If you just took a micro-blog account to publish station update, forwarding Pippi time machine content library information, your micro-blog estimate is never a person interested in. The chain Commissioner of Zhuhai second-hand housing real estate website that micro-blog account should be to operate: release agent listings information, edited with micro-blog content, indoor map, map out another apartment layout. This message is original, and that is the one and only way, because most people are in the station of the forwarding account or the contents of Pippi time machine. read more