talk about sex Shanghai Shanghai Longfeng optimization failure experience

failure: blind battle

therefore concluded that no matter what kind of situation, as long as the proper methods, persevere, will receive the results, even very small, it is evidence that you have worked hard! Remember to "eat hot tofu" mentality is very important.

act with undue haste In fact, love to take Shanghai

in the first week and spends most of the promotion of love of Shanghai know, to second weeks the search keywords, website ranking is still wholly intact although aware of progress, Shanghai dragon is not a short duration of time can be optimized, but the work intensity of the first full week did not get a little work, which make me feel a little discouraged. So find a group of friends to ask why in the group, the person told me to do Shanghai dragon do not act with undue haste, and told me some through other channels, such as the opening of a blog and doing updates, or to love Shanghai Post Bar post. I try to approach the group of friends to do, to the weekend, finally received a little effect. read more

Logical thinking ability of the importance of the website of Shanghai dragon as well as the profit

third example: someone do a keyword ranking, the first half was not ranked. Just give up. Shanghai Dragon said is nonsense, or serious doubt yourself learn those things are false knowledge. If the change of logical thinking, good people, may go against the influence of the factors in each point to control and eliminate what one by one, in which part of the problem? If there is no problem, then this is artificial word? Or is that our competitors are in all aspects of the competition is more powerful the degree of read more

Only two days on line website why can walk into the love Shanghai home next

is a website to make long-term development, so we can not ignore the title set, the title of the website is very simple, a total number of characters was 20, why is it a simple title to win love Shanghai so much attention, fundamentally speaking: simplicity, uniqueness, singularity of the title of can affect the search engine view on the site, I take in this method set the title of the site is the subject – – adverb words of welcome, and other friends to set the title is different to reduce the amount of keywords increases the user needs, words and words of welcome, the author thinks that a title is the appearance of the website, if there is no welcome not seem facade generous enough. read more

How to view others or your website is love Shanghai punishment or be K

Shanghai Longfeng topics recommended:

1, by site: / link:

made the website will have data display

open the 贵族宝贝 input you want to check the domain name and press Take Me Back

two, the domain name is K

2, direct input in the search engine website address, if it is found that some results are complete in article contains the domain name, but not site, the domain name may have been K. (have not possible, is the search engine index and not immediately after release in search results. read more

How to classify keywords After reading this article you will learn a lot


1. navigationKeywords

according to user search keywords to can be divided into three categories, namely navigation keywords, keywords and keyword information affairs. The evaluation manual General Guidelines noble baby also has a detailed introduction. Shanghai dragon and English recommended good friends to read General Guidelines, kaijuanyouyi. Find the name you can search in Shanghai library, 3.17 full version of 124 pages.

navigation refers to the user to a specific website, but can not remember the URL of the website or not used in the address bar enter the URL of the keywords. The first such keyword search results are generally the official website or search engine, the results presented lose credibility. Even many people love to go to the Shanghai home, will search for "love Shanghai" in the browser’s search bar, and then entered the Shanghai home of love. As shown in the search results for "taobao贵族宝贝" love Shanghai, the top three are taobao贵族宝贝 page, also search the keywords users really want to go to the site. read more

The lack of good project market entrepreneurs how to blaze a trail in the next outletFind your marke

2016 will soon end, whether or not the so-called winter capital, in fact, since this year, the Internet business and investment are very careful.

how to find a suitable small market, then the network marketing SEM? Products already have their own friends certainly very aware of their market, but how to break into the market is another question the later mention. No friends how to do? Don’t worry, network marketing advantage is that does not need too much professional knowledge and experience is very profound. What they are interested in from the start, because doing things you love can often get. For example, many friends love collecting stamps, so must know what philatelists are most concerned about, what is most needed; there is market demand, may create a similar Taobao like stamp trading platform to share for everyone to use. In the convenience of everyone at the same time, to provide their own return. read more

Liu Shanghai dragon website optimization errors

three, K will have to wait at least a month or even longer

A lot of The

, a frequent title change

website optimization, website optimization will be caught in a misunderstanding, it is based on the training result, the combination of theory and practice, is the basic quality of website optimization should be necessary, but learned site optimization personnel in the training institutions, often the knowledge is dead, that the teacher said is correct, in strict accordance with the optimization method of the teacher to operate, can optimize the road on a wind, but after joining the know, optimization of the road how twists and hardships, so a lot of optimization optimization knowledge of previously started a skeptical attitude. Here, I talk about some errors encountered in Optimization optimization on the road. read more

New fast included within the pages of the plan


two, keywords

recommended practice

copy because the Internet has become more and more heavy, original content is less and less, resulting in a lot of people have no heart to write original articles. The acquisition of the article is not affected by the love Shanghai love, of course, within the pages of Google will be very fast included new sites, and then screening delete.

The new

although this is a very simple strategy, but many webmaster is easy to make mistakes, desperately home Jianwai chain, or keyword weight. All the above measures suggest webmaster can try to do the new station layout and chain. The sweeping robot 贵族宝贝iurobot贵族宝贝/sitemap_baidu.xml feeds, please indicate the source. read more

No longer confused how to eliminate the uncertainty of Shanghai Dragon

competitor is yourself, by comparing with the competitors can see themselves in what position in the industry, further analysis can be found where need to be improved. Therefore, usually when doing data records, for example, included, ranking, the main rival data record. Here the opponent.

, 4 competitors compared to

Shanghai dragon has a very tangled problem, the uncertainty is very strong. A lot of people are feeling the stones, sometimes very hard, but the results are not, and even suffered a reaction. Some of the veteran for several years in Shanghai dragon, do get lost and don’t know how to do the optimization. read more

Optimization of key TTLE is a website

a high ranking information network, Taiyuan Shanghai dragon rival

ZAC, a blog

Taiyuan Shanghai dragon competitors now understand? Here is the need to add the three URL is the absolute path of the article, and is not a directory. Now we all understand! According to the analysis of the search engine, we know that the weight is higher than the directory page, and a few of these websites is the use of search engines to the directory page weight weights higher than this principle to enhance the site’s ranking, read more