The key is to do their own website optimization Website

now has optimization more and more people are keen on the website, just want to how to make your own website how many of the rankings, have a day how much traffic, how much of their income every month. Every day immersed in the dream. Then, all start to do optimize your website every day, everywhere leave your website address, increase the chain. Everywhere to promote their website how good. But when one day you click to enter its website found, not the site is under construction, the content of the website is not advertised, here you do not get what you want. But the content is rubbish. Then, after a lot of customers for a few seconds, choose to close the window did not hesitate to leave, if you know. Why not also all day crying website traffic. read more

Using link bait to create 10000 chain

What is the topic of

1. news linkbait

is often used to link bait, the type of download link bait, the stationmaster is relatively easy to operate, but also can Festival >

3. topic linkbait

Adsense to do keyword ranking, need a lot of resources, especially in the construction of the chain and content construction, good resources can make the website to achieve a qualitative leap in a short period of time. I like a lot of friends, usually pay attention to the collection of a lot of links to resources, with the anchor text link gov, gov forum link, some can send links high weight website forum, personal space, blog, chain exchange website etc.. Both of these resources in the new line or old station maintenance can make our work more easily. Today I will share with you, how to make the chain through the link bait, oneself in the usual Shanghai Longfeng maintenance is paid attention to collecting, adhering to the operation, you can easily create 10000 chain. The nature of the link bait, probably divided into three kinds. read more

Analysis and application of enterprise website optimization work

enterprise website because the website structure is relatively simple, keyword density is more convenient.

site overall rational layout, appearance more practical


enterprise website is mostly based on the company name in the title, this is no problem, but there are some small skills in the process of setting. For example, a web site, we made name: " Shijiazhuang Langsheng science and technology limited company, specializing in " cameras and related products, the company name title search, as long as the site included a good ranking basically, the first is very easy, but it will undoubtedly reduce the search the scope of the website, if this is the title wrote: "Degara, embedded, infrared lamps, infrared camera, video server, Shijiazhuang Lang Sheng Technology Co. Ltd., of the simplicity of the enterprise products, and expand the site search range. read more

About the chain there are several forms of

said the chain brand name and form, as it is the construction of the chain of brand building, this is a lot of Shanghai dragon Er does not understand or ignore, establish their own brand name through the website, although there is no address, no link, is a brand name, such as love Shanghai, Taobao, A5. In fact, this upgrade to the weights of the website is very helpful, on the Internet there is so much information you mentioned, then you must be quite good, but he.

The chain of

3, URL formThe chain read more

On the choice of industry segments Taobao keyword skills

A5 every time to write about Taobao off topic will be excited, always have to talk and reason. This year will be a year of significant Amoy competition in the industry, experienced last year, the rectification movement and the recent record, such as Amoy to develop long-term, long-term money, must not be short-sighted, but do not ignore national laws, after all, you are in Chinese survive, to do things honestly, to behave in accordance with the requirements of the party to do. Want to use the money for guest people, industry segments, segmentation keyword is the future. I am not just recently, is also moving in this direction, and through the experiment also received a commission reward, a lot of people are very concerned about other people’s income, but not to think about how to learn knowledge, realize their value through knowledge. Then this article will talk about how to choose the Taobao customer segments of the industry’s top keywords to optimize the gain. read more

How to become a qualified Shanghai dragon ER

: the ability of the construction site, this is also a lot of website optimization may lack most of part, because only the website construction, but on the structure of the site, the page layout and arrangement of this chain do more in place, not only that, such as a web site need to do 301 and 404 sets, all is the need to use the code something, so I know the code, understand the site is very necessary for a webmaster.

how to become a qualified Shanghai dragon ER? Network marketing and site optimization is now a popular word, which is now the people’s work, life is more and more depend on the network, a company or enterprise want to in an invincible position, must be in the network of this market to earn their own piece of cake. Network marketing content and have a lot of work, website optimization is a small category of them, a lot of people for the website optimization this one also has a certain understanding, but the understanding is not deep, do not know with what can be a good webmaster. read more

From the sea dragon fell in love with the sea view guide Shanghai dragon industry development trend

MADCon conference has ended nearly 1 months, a large number of senior practitioners in Shanghai Longfeng and shared Shanghai Longfeng experience at this meeting, the difference is that this conference has the largest Chinese search engines love Shanghai internal staff participation, and represents the love sea share love Shanghai Shanghai dragon guide. "Love the sea sea guide" from Shanghai "dragon love search marketing department Wang Tao share the wonderful chess ink in worship careful reading, also slightly enlightenment, then to share with everyone. read more

A comprehensive revision of the website not to be right down the Shanghai dragon points

did the Shanghai dragon webmaster should do such a thing, that is love in Shanghai a few days ago to update the chain, links, in order to catch up with the big update to increase the chain. This is my website revision, update on the eve of Baidu, I will withdraw all the old station program, for new sites, and then updated a few original articles, the original is in order to get the new post as soon as possible to be included, if is reproduced in other articles, it can lead to content factors in the site is not search engine update. read more

Explain a common love of spiders in Shanghai baidu Transcoder

recently received a new website, today just a week, the three day Shanghai included the home page, and gave some keywords ranking. But yesterday. Take www off. The website without www ranking off today. In the operation process of this for a week, every day in the forum, blog and other outside the chain. Issued false original article. Although the site is new, delete some of the chain in the forum, but it can not fall so fast. Immediately went to see the last few days of the web log today, and I was surprised found a very unusual love Shanghai spiders, cut the crap, first posted log: read more

Fast money 99bill is not fast and unstableAmoy Amoy website has three lives because of the undead

some people say that now should look back, do SP, advertising alliance, do download, do picture station, want to do before GG advertising alliance, there are days into the $500 legend, why by the recent sh419 gas?. But in fact, everyone knows that, and a year less than in the past, like a year. In either mode, it is a kind of mode that is collected with the keyword search engine optimization, cheat, cheat users, " " live today days, but may be hard busy for a whole year, 8 o’clock this morning sh419 put you k light. Because you can not escape the fate of ovine " ". Well, now they repeat the Amoy family of old days, like ants, and kept in the collection, stop SEO, stop by K. The SEO of deification to heaven, you have to be honest. Please don’t be infatuated with SEOER elder brother, brother is only legend, so what is the specific Taobao now, read more