is also a convenience store, a beautiful surrounding environment, the store has a pleasant music, a next door is a variety of noisy voices, if you go shopping, you will choose what kind of shop? I think a lot of people have very clear answers. In the past, my neighbor is selling building materials, steel, each to the processing operations, cutting machine sound, cutting wood, steel, gold and other voices constantly. Not to mention the customer to shop, and even the owner of this shop I often have a feeling of resentment. With the further planning of urban construction, not outside work, fortunately that shrill voice finally xiaoting.

let me know through this thing, for the shopping mall customers, the first sense of the shopping center plays a very important role. In the shop, playing a comfortable music, let the beautiful melody accompanied by customer shopping. Between people, the first feeling is very important to meet. Communicate with customers, a smile can immediately get closer to each other, let the customer shopping here no strange feeling, a feeling of Guests feel at home. We also have to pay attention to dress, to wear clean and tidy, decent clothing, giving people an approachable, simple and clear impression. The key moment to the customer warm tips, so that consumers have a better role in promoting shopping.


outside of the store environment is also raising concerns in the shop, I also have a special weapon, a small horn loudspeaker. Every time it will store promotional activities, will use the small loudspeaker horn shop at the right time and foreign propaganda. This trick is not allowed to walk through the pedestrian shop will understand the store promotional merchandise. By allowing customers to feel the audio-visual effect, this small initiative, greatly enhance the flow of people into the store.

in his spare time, must wash clean store and use goods around the space, beautiful appearance, good display, the usual sales slow goods increase the size of the pattern display, let a person see have a bright feeling, display of goods ordered, direct charging customers sense, also can to enhance the customer’s desire to buy. Experiential marketing, in addition to let customers feel good experience, our service and quality of goods must pass, all-round consideration, there is room for the survival and development of space.

comment: now the times are different, once the business is good to do now because of competitive factors, the pressure is growing, therefore, beautify the environment for the operation of the store has a great help. In fact, it is also afraid of deep alley, appropriate publicity is necessary, but we must pay attention to the problem, too far, too noisy to let people upset. Beautify the environment this is worth promoting.

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