review: "current account cash at least within a year and a half will not affect the company’s survival, and, by the end of this year and early next year we will have several big moves."

I horse news (Zhou Luping) November 1st news, yesterday, the recruitment of community "Zhou Botong has been discovered the failure of financing, layoffs 2/3 news. The evening of November 1st, Zhou Botong Feng Tao of I said the founder of dark horse, indeed recently experienced some changes in personnel, but with layoffs Never mind, reason is the strategic focus of the company’s personnel changes from the PC to the mobile terminal end.

as for the failure of financing rumors, Feng Tao said, "at present on the cash accounts for at least a year and a half or less will not affect the company’s survival, and, by the end of this year and early next year we will have several big moves." In 2014, in order to get NetEase capital 28 million yuan A round of financing in September.

, according to media reports in October 31st, Zhou Botong recruitment network founder Feng Tao this Thursday through the "farewell dinner", and most of the staff sad farewell. The reason is that the original ten million yuan financing plan, in order to earn the transaction, but not from the account has become a "turned around"." At the same time, the report also said that after the failure of financing, "the company with" market leaving tide: a person did not leave, programmers will go part of ‘team size has shrunk to 1/3 of the original."

capital in the winter began to grow in September. September 2nd, massage platform "Kung Fu Bear" traced B round of financing blocked. September 11th, koala bus announced the end of operations, CEO Aman Chang given the reason is: financing is not smooth, koala bus business will be handed over to the bus drops. September 26th, tutor O2O platform, the teacher came to announce the upcoming closure, the direct reason is the failure of the B round of financing, funding strand breaks.

, many investors have been watching the project, but it is not cast." An entrepreneur complained to I dark horse. Vice president of China auto rental hall is more Zang directly pointed out that the capital market has entered a downward interval, and the bottom of the start, an optimistic estimate of two or three years, 35 years is not optimistic.

investors fear is not unfounded. A stock market downturn, stocks almost halved, two level of market volatility will transfer to the primary market, the impact of investor confidence and the transfer of the money. After the C round basically no one shot, B wheel is very cautious and very cautious, A rounds of sporadic vote." The angel ventures founding partner Wu Shichun about the pace of investment changes after the stock market crash.

and not even listed unicorns are also subject to capital topics. Hungry and old regiment recently taken that the financing, financing fraud, the failure of financing, although the hungry and beauty group has made a positive response. It is not difficult to find in the two sides of the funds are An important juncture of life and death, extremely sensitive and cautious.


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