1 billion U.S. dollars sold to Facebook, sounds like astronomical, even if the roll, Instagram is not worth the money. But it did. And if there’s one more thing to say, "Instagram is not greedy". Yes, you can understand even in the face of 1 billion dollars, Instagram feel is not what, they just think of it, "not" not overdo sth. "too greedy"


this is invented? NO! Look at Instagram from the beginning until now the logic you will find that it has been in combat and greed, always


Instagram burst for a long time in the iOS theory into the Android fire, it just walked. But this process they bungled fighters for a long time. Of course, along with the advent of Android, it is beyond imagination download!

The success of

Instagram and its co-founder Systrom logic inseparable from the Kevin. This guy has many years of product experience, Gmail and Google Reader and other products he is an important participant. The quality of these products is also his temperament exudes. Simple, powerful, unique, interesting, is to explore temperament, let you fondle admiringly, even obsessed with addiction.

I have heard a word, only a product entrepreneurs are often difficult to succeed. I don’t believe this." "A lot of people see that we are spending a lot of energy talking to a lot of publishers, but it’s not our focus." "We found that people like to take pictures and gossip about pictures." "My partner and I are trying to calm down and think about only one thing: make this product unique and interesting, so that we can continue to take pictures."

Systrom said that in order to meet the "greed" to change his business products is the largest in the history of the "stumbling block". This is the biggest harvest of his business these years. He is clever to sell the product is not surprising. I dark horse I read the other day at the beginning of the hundreds of College Students’ entrepreneurship competition project, so it is the most important conclusion: the big problem of the college students entrepreneurial projects are going to try to meet the needs of the vast majority of the vast majority of people, but it is difficult to calm down the heart to go a few scenes to wondering how best to meet a rigid demand for a specific user specific settings. "Greed" is not the product of venture investment industry and the whole world the enemy together? Please quit greed, from now on


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