, and when you know that the product you’re choosing is in the right direction, all you have to think about is how to do it well. Remember, the product’s ultimate goal should be to help people reduce costs such as time, energy, money, etc. and make people more productive.

unless you are able to take effective action on the set goal, your dream will always be just a fantasy.

uses minimal feasible product validation requirements

"visionaries can evoke the part of our consciousness that we want to pursue, and convince us that we can really get more."." Synclair wrote, "they are top-notch in their speech, and they speak to themselves in favor of groups of supporters.". But their ability is limited to this."

are not "ready" under any circumstances". If you have been "waiting for the best time to hesitate to move forward," this excuse yourself, you may lose the best chance. So my advice is: action, Many a little make a mickle.

product is a major decision. As we all know, a user stickiness products, it is needed. In short, it should just be needed. We believe that a good product should follow this direction. Fashion can be enough, but it just takes long enough. As the times become more and faster, the demand is basically the same. For example, from the ancient feibook to later stage, from the SMS to the present WeChat, you will find that they are just, in solving people convey this information needs.

NO.4 pessimist

in many ways, entrepreneurship is an uncharted territory, and not everyone is on the right track.

further, you will find that nowadays a lot of user stickiness strong applications or products are bionic reality of things, such as Alipay Taobao wallet bionic, bionic supermarket. What is actually needed? Why is it needed? Because it is just needed, it must be used by people, so it is in the right direction.

a lot of people at the beginning of business have confused, "I really do what direction of the product is good?"

in the Internet market, we have seen too many flash in the pan products. Some of the fire for a while is aborted, some have not appeared stillborn. Are dead, leaving you not a meal at leisure to talk about, but should be deep thinking.

Synclair points out, "for pessimists, it’s much better to try not to, but fail."."

People like

introduction: in the Internet market, there are too many products and some products of flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum, the fire for a while is aborted, some have not appeared stillborn. At the beginning of entrepreneurship, what exactly is the direction of the product,

validation of product requirements is an ongoing process of repetition. The common cut is the rapid introduction of the minimum feasible product the first version of the product to verify that the product is intended for the user and the market.

is our experience, to find some friendly test user groups, will only give them the core functions of the prototype trial, according to the analysis of their feedback and demand, adjust and improve the products; continue to search for the test group, to continue to improve the product feedback. The minimum possible product should be as simple and light as possible. As we all know, the bigger an object is, the harder it is to change its trajectory. The rules in the physical world are equally applicable in the Internet world.

‘s fear of failure will paralyze your aggressiveness. Ask yourself what the worst is going to be. Maybe you are

when you find new data or facts that prove that your product is off track, you have to adjust your product to fit the user and the market

Synclair said: "the potential people are always standing silently behind, watching other people’s behavior, will never express opinions, will not participate, of course, will not take action."".

just needed the product in the right direction,

The choice of the direction of the

haters are actually in the heart is full of good intentions, only to be infatuated with jealousy." "These people tend to express anger and resentment at the winners," says Synclair."

The so-called "

writer and entrepreneur Stephanie Synclair currently runs a marketing and business information company. In view of the accumulated experience of long-term corporate management, she finally understood what factors distinguish those successful people from those who are equally intelligent but never make the ideal come true.

Synclair published a book entitled "Shut Up and Do the Work" entrepreneurial experience to talk about, in the book listed in her view may be difficult to succeed in the following five groups of people:

jealousy is a stumbling block to success. If you find yourself jealous of someone, the best way is to turn that jealousy into a motivation: learn and accumulate from their successes, and then put them into practice.



has some experts said that when the initial entrepreneurial passion has been in the past, the most important for entrepreneurs to clear what should not be done, rather than trying to entrepreneurial path for others successful re creation and use.

, NO.1, homesick,

NO.2 lurk

NO.3 hateras

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