2, Taobao passenger Amoy is convenient and credit, the people looked at the product promotion information providing Taobao guest site content is because the user using the inertia and trust of Taobao site decision, because users do not want to spend time to Amoy baby " ". Therefore, as the Taobao customer to do business is based on the user responsible attitude, not only in their own site content is improved but also recommend trusted sellers for Taobao users of goods, if only ran the immediate interests, recommend some irresponsible products, that sooner or later will be eliminated " " users; the gold dream will; then.

some people say that the banker’s phone and are left behind, reliable, and the problem can be found. However, the phone number can be changed, number can also be changed, a will pull you black, mobile phone number, who you go to

according to the network crazy man learned the relevant data data show that the current participation in the promotion of Taobao owners about 500 thousand per month, an average of every day from Taobao customers received a commission of up to 450 thousand yuan. And in a variety of promotional methods, Taobao search box and promote Taobao channels become the most profitable two tools. At present, the search box of the 1000 search PV value RPM more than 15 yuan, revenue sharing can reach 90%, far more than other kinds of similar promotion form proportion. A daily about 300 thousand IP site, put the default search box income, every day will reach more than 2000 yuan, 2 months later gradually increased. At the same time, hundreds of thousands of webmaster have added Taobao channel, founded its own website shopping mall. These websites guide trading volume by 6 million per day through Taobao channel, with a commission of 300 thousand yuan.

second: consider

for example: a member of the golden Wangzhuan internal sales station profit about 5 thousand yuan a month, but all profits were sent to a constant color. From a greedy word, will be hard earned money dedicated to the regular color dealer.

from the dealer’s point of view

often color platform, most of the individual platform, if scattered people earn more, the banker is bound to lose money, so find a reason to shut down this platform, and then change another platform, continue to mobilize everyone to operate. In this platform, the red eyed people will go to another platform, because the dealer will find a variety of reasons to assure you, this platform is certainly safe, will not appear the usual phenomenon. In order to fight back their lost cash, Internet users will surely repeat the same mistakes. The banker to a certain time will be modeled on.


first: many people ask, can you make money? Can you make some money, but people are greedy, Internet users are also people, they are lost in greedy words. If you can just leave every day, invested more than 100 yuan to leisure for a while, or not. Every color belongs to gambling, gambling, bet will lose. By always color rich, there may be family gambled, even in debt.

the author also experienced several platforms, the dealer promised very well, but the final result backfired. Good luck when 2 yuan to 1200 yuan, this probability is not, but only spend 2 yuan to 1200 yuan, to continue to play? Probably not 1200 yuan a 1200 yuan. Gambling luck, chance is good, can earn some money; bad luck, money boondoggle. Lose a lot of red eye, and regret can not save the loss.

based on the above points, I mainly want to tell you that to be a successful Taobao customer is not so easy. Everything needs persistence and perseverance. Are you ready,

so I’d like to talk about my own point of view:

1, Taobao guest is indeed a good model, not only help Taobao sellers to increase the effective marketing channels, to promote the sales and help some website owners, blogger, administrator of the creation of wealth, but also for the Alibaba won the praise and respect is a three birds with one stone


let’s imagine, which banker is not holding the original intention of profit to operate the platform, most dealers are agent platform, belong to a small can not be small small banker. These banker funds are like individuals who have no money to lose money. When you lose, you close your door and walk, and a little bit of money is easy to satisfy.

3, Taobao guest Amoy is traffic, the reason why Taobao customers can earn a lot of money. Because Taobao guest site can attract a large number of users eye, because Taobao station content is valuable. So, to do a successful Taobao customers, first ask your site can provide valuable information and traffic, to attract customers to continuously review! And valuable content from Taobao customer persevere efforts rather than chance to.

maybe see Ali mother on the site drying out Taobao guest week income of over a million messages, or recently circulated on the Internet "personal webmaster Taobao sought visitors a day 450 thousand", "mega Commission" a lot of people off the rise of Taobao, all of a sudden become ready to, want to try

on the regular color analysis here, smart people know whether to play, how big should play, red shirts

golden Wangzhuan is to write this topic, because once personally involved in this business, not for money, since a lot of beginner attention, I have to pay attention to and go.

contact us for some time Wangzhuan friends all know there is a constant color to make money, and many netizens have been involved, but because the number of Internet users and advertising s.s.c grow with each passing day, so attractive, many friends in the golden Wangzhuan forum asked about s.s.c business really false. Here specially wrote an analysis of s.s.c article with beginner friends:

strategy! ?

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