has only one purpose of doing so, which is easy for readers to read and read. Science has shown that a person’s eyes can only focus on and follow a fixed passage of about 100 words. If you exceed this number, your attention will be less focused. This requires us to write content using natural partitions and, as far as possible, have a central sentence for each paragraph so that readers can quickly get information in the paragraph. It usually consists of two to three paragraphs, each with a subtitle, and a lot of space around it. Also, in English website construction page design, in order to let overseas people pay attention to, in more articles should be used in dot modified or numbered list. If we do this, we can reap almost perfect results.

fourth, anchor usage,

fifth, the content of the article is clear and concise,

writing, we must have a heart of progress, with vivid language, with a positive and optimistic attitude, the use of a large number of those who have strong infection sentences to stimulate the readers’ psychology, of course, the so-called "

the title is the soul of the article. A good title is half the battle. Study on thermal and eye tracking have repeatedly proved the important role of the title. If a large number of descriptive phrases in the title, so when readers read this title will shine at the moment, what is not only the main content will be informed of the moment, will understand the value of this article. So it requires that we try to use the more familiar words in the title.


, I can’t take a few words in this article as I write this for 30 years, but I will write some in to become an entrepreneur and experience the most important experience, and I like this and many entrepreneurs share, hope to benefit your business. Perhaps, after you have read these experiences, you will say with disapproval, "I understand that."." Well, I’ll be happy for you, too. Because, here, I’m not trying to explain any secret of success or something you haven’t heard before. This is just some of the experiences I have summed up in my personal experience. It is believed that most entrepreneurs will encounter similar experiences in the process of entrepreneurship, so we can sum up some coexistence truth from a completely different entrepreneurial process.

Format questions in


its main function is to attract the reader’s attention. Of course, the premise must be the effective use of anchor points. We can use public figures, photos, temptations, pictures, videos and so forth. Their use can better guide the line of sight, so as to further strengthen the information transmission.

in order to better help readers understand the general content of paragraphs, we often use the keyword is bold – -. But don’t use it too much or you’ll get the exact opposite. Too many boldface characters distract the reader’s attention. But in order to attract readers, we can use bold dots instead of dots and numbers. They are also a good way to maximize the delivery of information. Especially for large amounts of lengthy information, closely following a list of dots or numbers under the heading of the table, the table can quickly transfer the comparison information and avoid the omission of information.

first, the title should be illuminating,

, Pablo, Palatnik, ShadesDaddy, CEO, in 2007, he began to create ShadesDaddy, and now ShadesDaddy has become one of the world’s largest online retailers of sunglasses. As a successful entrepreneur, before the 30 birthday, he wrote some of the feelings of entrepreneurship, hoping to help friends who are starting a business. The following is the text:

third and text

soft Wen promotion is indispensable to our ability in Wangzhuan today, red Wangzhuan forum and friends share six points to make the article more attractive skills, simple techniques may allow you to write different articles to

second, the content of the article should have hierarchical

review the past 30 years, I have been an entrepreneur. Father’s business enterprise, therefore, "entrepreneurial" concept has long been deeply rooted in the heart, so I always hope to be based on the existing to create some new achievements.


for the past 12 years, I’ve been addicted to online retail. I also >

5 months ago, I lost one of the most important people in my life, and you can think of it as the most important person. This man brings me into this world – my mother. I think I inherited from her the hard work and the quality of professional dedication. As a matter of fact, I’m pretty sure about that. But don’t misunderstand me. My father works very hard, too. And if I had to choose my father, I would have chosen my father too. But compared to my mother, the quality of her life is still unmatched.

I used to say I wanted to be a millionaire before I was 30. That’s just one of the things I’ve been talking about with my two older brothers. At this point, they often use their ideas to refute my ideas. I believe everyone needs someone who can put up an "objection" to them, but they may need the right way. I believe in life, you will encounter a lot of people, even though they may wish you good luck, I hope you never visited, but it often contains another layer of meaning, they actually don’t think that you are so lucky. Hopefully, there are more positive than negative people around you. It’s going to have a big impact on you, whether it’s your career or your life.

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