Feasibility study for Region 7 hydropower projects

first_imgThe Public Infrastructure Ministry will be conducting a feasibility study for the construction of hydropower projects at Phillipai and Pariuma in the Upper Mazaruni, Region Seven (Cuyuni-Mazaruni).This was announced by Regional Chairman Gordon Bradford, who said that the Region was anticipating the implementation of the projects which would not only generate low-cost energy, but would be a major economic boost to the two villages and surrounding areas.In addition to providing hydroelectricity, Bradford said that the projects would haveRegional Chairman Gordon Bradfordspin-off benefits, including agro-processing.“We are happy that the Ministry has sought to do the feasibility study in the two areas, to harness rapids to produce cheap energy, green and clean energy … Our vision is to ensure food security and we want to encourage agro-processing, but in order to do this, we need cheap electricity,” the Chairman is quoted by the Department of Public information (DPI) as saying.Bradford explained that Upper Mazaruni villages have swathes of fertile land, for instance, in Pariuma, where citrus fruits, plantains and other produce are grown in abundance. However, every year, these areas experience major flooding. Bradford said once the projects were fully onstream, the regional administration would be assisting the villages to can the crops grown.Additionally, a $794.5 million (US$3.8 million) 1.5-megawatt solar farm, with storage, is being funded by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) for Bartica in Region Seven. The project will commence sometime this year and will last for 18 months.Also, a one-megawatt hydro project will be constructed upstream Bartica at a cost of US$5.2 million. The funding is being sourced from the Guyana REDD Investment Fund, and the project is expected to last for two and a half years. Currently, technical assessments and other studies are being conducted.last_img read more

No compensation for festive season

first_imgWCD flooding Villagers on the West Coast of Demerara who were affected by mass flooding back in March were expecting to be compensated for their losses for the festive season but this never materialised despite Government’s promises.After confirmation by the regional officials that no assistance was given thus far, Guyana Times spoke to some of the affected persons and moreover those who suffered.Karamchand Singh, whose fence was destroyed by the breach, explained that he was unable to repair the structure due to other losses he suffered when his livestock died in the water during that same period.With constraints to produce an income, he was unable to fix any structures on his property which were damaged. Voicing his concerns along with other persons, he explained that Central Government has made no effort to engage the residents after the flooding.“The only thing we hearing is that they have to do an assessment and they repairing the seawall. We though we getting this help for the Christmas but like we might never get anything. A lot of us had plenty losses during that time and some people still yet to return to where they used to live,” a distraught Singh related.Two houses away from him, a widow with three children explained that her one-flat house was completely inundated during the flooding, and she was left to discard most of the items in her house.“My children clothes and everything get damage. I had to stay by my sister not too far from here till the water go away and by then, the stove and everything damage… We thought we getting something from the Government to help out we but nothing.”Minister of State Joseph Harmon had informed Guyana Times some time ago that his last visit to the area surfaced discussions about the compensations and it was agreed that the Civil Defence Commission (CDC) and the Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC) of Tuschen-Uitvlugt would make a ‘proper assessment’ of the damages that were cause.However, the Minister of State posited that no response was generated from the NDC and related that he is awaiting that assessment before a decision is taken on the allocation of monies to the hundreds of affected residents.Harmon was quoted as saying, “I haven’t heard back from the CDC or from the NDC Chairman. So I think that is where it is. Once that is done, then we can make a decision where that is concerned.”However, the Tuschen-Uitvlugt NDC Chairman, Vishal Ambedkar told Guyana Times when contacted that the CDC was engaged in separate consultations with a few residents, the Council is unclear as to whether their calculations were ‘comprehensive’ and all the factors surrounding the damages were considered.Since March of this year, waves from the Atlantic Ocean which were generated during a spring tide battered the seawall, leaving several villages completely inundated by the floodwaters. At that time, the waves pummelled 20 feet over the structure.last_img read more

Essequibo residents rap Govt on failed employment promises

first_imgResidents of Region Two (Pomeroon-Supenaam) have expressed frustration over failed promises by the coalition Government with regards to employment for persons residing on the Essequibo Coast.The residents related that the unemployment rate in the region is very high and this was one of the major issues that were raised with the Government during its recent outreach in the region.They are contending that they are being misled by Government officials into believing that they will be hired by Government agencies. They were reportedly asked to submit applications but when they call to check on the status of same, there is no record of it being handed in.The frustrated residents expressed dissatisfaction at the manner in which they are being treated by the Administration.They believe that Government outreaches are a “sham” which seeks to fool members of the public in an effort to buy votes for the upcoming elections.One of the residents who spoke to this newspaper said that his daughter applied for a job at a Government agency and when she called to follow up on the application weeks after, she was told that there is no record of her application.“My daughter applied at a popular Government agency for a job and they promise us that they will call and so on for interview, but nothing. I know if you’re not qualified they won’t hire you I understand that but the worrisome part is that when we called, there is no record of any application for her or anybody else that applied from here, this led me to believe they are fooling people and maybe they throwing away these applications soon as they leave here. They feel people stupid,” he argued.Furthermore, over the weekend, workers from the National Data Management Unit were in the region, this time, accepting applications for employment with that agency. This action has prompted residents to believe that the Government is “putting on a show”.“This Government is all about a show. They eye pass people. They wasting taxpayers’ money having these people coming here for days doing nothing. Just coming here trying to fool people here. They ain’t got one vote to get from over here…watch and see. We already figure them out,” Jai told this publication.The Cabinet was greeted by hundreds of disgruntled citizens who lined the streets of Anna Regina, Essequibo Coast, during its outreach to the region.Regional Chairman Devanand Ramdatt was also on the protest line after the Regional Executive Officer (REO) reportedly denied him a fuel allowance to attend the activity.The majority of the residents questioned the timing of the outreach, pointing out that after four years in office, this is the first time such a large ministerial delegation has visited the region to offer support.They believe Government is merely campaigning, in light of the No-confidence Motion against it and the likelihood of early elections. One rice farmer said rice is the breadbasket of the region and although many calls were made for Government to intervene to save the industry from collapsing, nothing has been done.Also at the protest were over 30 trench cleaners who were not paid for over three months. Similar to the other outreaches so far, residents flocked the booths dealing with housing issues also.Scores of persons said they left the outreach very disappointed since their housing issues could not have been fully dealt with despite waiting long hours to have their issues addressed.This led some persons to question why the Government is inviting persons to the Cabinet outreaches when they cannot address their issues.last_img read more

Mechanic’s vehicle broken into, $800,000 in valuables missing

first_imgThe owner of Khan’s Auto Service and Repair Centre is now counting his losses after suspected bandits broke into his vehicle in the wee hours of Sunday morning at Foulis, on the East Coast of Demerara (ECD).The car with the shattered pieces of glassBased on reports received, the incident occurred between 01:45h and 02:30h. The motorcar was reportedly parked in front of the owner’s property.It is believed that bandits gained entry by smashing one of the windows and carting off with items which were in the vehicle at that time.This publication understands that over $800,000 in valuables were stolen. Some of the items include a laptop bag containing stamps, billing books, receipts and business documents.A haversack containing jumpsuits, the company’s shirts and a number of tools were also taken.The owners are pleading with persons to report any suspicious activities whereby persons might be selling the stolen items. They can use contact numbers 612-7444 or 658-4756.last_img read more

Decomposed body of missing elderly man found submerged in canal

first_img– family believes man was murdered, body dumped in canalAlmost one week after a Canal No 1, Polder, West Bank Demerara (WBD) elderly man went missing, his nude body was on Wednesday afternoon discovered by relatives submerged in water aback said Canal.Dead: Sewkuar Somwria known as “Balgobin”The dead man has been identified as 87-year-old Sewkuar Somwria, known as “Balgobin”, of Lot 6 Goodland, Canal No 1 Polder, WBD who went missing just after noon.Guyana Times understands that Somwria, who normally wanders off, left his home on Friday last and was last seen by several persons throughout the day.He was spotted in Dairy (La Parfaite Harmonie), WBD, and then again in the Canal Polder at approximately 15:00h. However, the last time that he was seen alive was at around 17:00h.Family members formed several search parties to search for the elderly man, but came up empty-handed. A missing person’s report was filed at the La Grange Police Station by the man’s daughter on Saturday morning.The area where the body was found on WednesdayFamily members, however, continued their search and it was on Wednesday at about 12:00h the man’s partly decomposed and nude body was discovered lying face down submerged in water aback Baya Dam in Canal Polder.When Guyana Times visited the man’s family, Somwria’s son-in-law, Prahalall Singh, said he and other relatives made a decision to recheck Baya Dam where they had previously searched when the discovery was made.“We went through the dam deh but we didn’t go straight down, we crossed over and go to Baya Dam so I tell me son, that take a few others and ayo go down in the dam straight in. Because the dam narrow, my son who went in with a motorbike couldn’t tow one of the other boys so the boy came off and my son alone ride ahead and the two other boys follow he on foot. While he riding going in now, he smell a stinkness but because the dam cut off, he couldn’t go further. So he come off the bike and he decided to look in the drain that cut off the dam and when he look, he just see this bow foot, this man swell and deh in this drainer,” Singh detailed to this publication.The family is alleging that foul play was involved in the man’s death since in addition to Somwria’s clothing being missing, his body looked to have been dumped at the area where it was discovered.“He didn’t have on no clothes, no clothes, naked! We can’t find him clothes but Sunday night when we went in the same dam, we saw a fire…when I go there I tell them boys to don’t go further that this look like murder because when I go on the scene, it nah got no impression in this grass of if like this man roll and go in the drain, nothing and the person that he is, he would not go there. And when the Police them come and them see where the man deh, them even she its murder”, Singh recalled.The last person to see Somwria alive, a teen who identified himself only as Ganesh, said that at the time, the elderly man was cladded in a brown shirt and pink trousers.Kowsilla Singh, the dead man’s daughter, reflected on the last moments she spent with her father.“The morning now before me go cremation, me tell he eat up because me nah know when me coming back. Me cook bora and chicken and shrimps curry. I give him little bit of all two and me and he and my lil son, we sit down and we eat. Ow babe, that was the last, me daddy did old but he was strong, nothing didn’t happen to he, strong man” the grieving woman cried.She further detailed that the Police did nothing to assist the family with locating Somwria after the missing person’s report was filed.“If me daddy wasn’t smelling, I would have never find he at the place where they throw he body, the Police nah come, them nah do nothing, when me find he body and meh go tell them, how me cry, I tell them that me report and nobody nah do nothing,” Singh cried.The father of six leaves to mourn his children, grandchildren, relatives and many friends.The Post-Mortem Examination (PME) to determine cause of death is scheduled for Monday as the Police continue their investigation into the crime. (Kizzy Coleman)last_img read more

80-yr-old woman, daughter beaten by bandits

first_img– during robbery at Grove, EBDA 54-year-old woman and her 80-year-old mother are now traumatised after they were subjected to a brutal beating in their Grove, East Bank Demerara home on Tuesday morning at the hands of three young men pretending to be customers.The woman, Sherry Narine, was audibly distressed during a telephone interview with this media house on Wednesday. Narine sells shopping bags in the Stabroek Market for a living, and when she is at home, she would vend small quantities of rice, sugar, drinks and other grocery items.Based on information gathered, the incident occurred at around 09:00h on the day in question. Narine said that three young men called at her gate to purchase a drink. She recalled that since she had no shop in front of her home, she went into her house to bring out the item. However, the three men reportedly followed her in.It was then that one of the perpetrators grabbed her mother, and the other two approached her from behind and reportedly bashed her head with a heavy object.The trio then proceeded to beat the mother and daughter, while threatening to shoot them. Narine tearfully related that her head started to bleed profusely from the beatings, which she said continued until the men demanded that she hand over all her valuables.The three bandits reportedly fled the scene with $100,000 in cash and two gold rings. The woman who was more concerned about her mother than herself, immediately rushed the 80-year-old to the Diamond Diagnostic Centre where they were both treated. She then reported the incident to the Diamond-Grove Police Station.She ruefully noted that since moving into Grove back in 2002, she has been robbed over six times and on all occasions, she never received justice.Narine explained that she has given up on the media and Police, since “no one seems to care.”“I am afraid. I’m alone here. Nobody helps me. I took a few of my cries to other media houses and nothing. The Police don’t care. They ignore me,” she said.When the Diamond-Grove Police Station was contacted, no information was granted. However, Narine said that on Wednesday, she received a call from the Grove Police informing her that they apprehended a suspect based on the description that she provided of their attackers.Narine said the officer informed her that the apprehended attacker is expected to appear at the Providence Magistrate’s Court today for the crime committed, as investigations continue. (Ramona Luthi)last_img read more

Jagdeo appeals to Diaspora to protect Guyana’s democracy

first_img…as International Centre for Democracy opensFormer President Bharrat Jagdeo has made an appeal to the diaspora in the United States to help Guyana protect its democracy and the separation of powers locally.He has since made a made a direct appeal to the International Center for Democracy (ICD) – on Friday evening at the Russon on the Bay, Cross Bay Boulevard, and Howard Beach, New York where he was invited as guest Speaker.The former Guyanese President was at the time speaking at the launch of the International Centre for Democracy, a non-governmental organisation (NGO) which is seeking to promote and implement programs, sustain and strengthen freedom and democracy, empower vulnerable groups to effectively participate in national and regional development, end hunger and poverty, and establish social justice as non-negotiable national goals and obligations.Former President Bharrat Jagdeo addressing the gathering on Friday evening at the Russon on the Bay, Cross Bay Boulevard, and Howard Beach, New YorkSpeaking to the large gathering of members of the diaspora, the former President appealed for supporters to lobby leaders in the diaspora to guard and safeguard democracy in Guyana.“We have a lot of leaders in the United States… Please use your influence to lobby them to protect democracy in Guyana and in other countries,” according to the Former President.He told those in the diaspora, “I want to ask all to help us in Guyana to build democracy and protect the separation of power… Get involved.”The former President, addressing the launching, used the occasion to also remind of the need for “far-reaching constitutional changes.”According to the former President, “The Ethnic Relations Commission is not functioning.”He has also accused the newly formed Social Cohesion Ministry of being used in a partisan manner, “and dividing our people.”Jagdeo was adamant this Government is only focusing on oil to be the solution for Guyana. But he said, “Oil can be a blessing or a curse… Oil can cause runaway price increase for the poor.” Jagdeo added, “There is no fairness any-more.”last_img read more

6 more juveniles break out of NOC

first_img– scaling of fence, crawling through a koker: methods of escapingThe hunt is on for six male teenagers who escaped from the New Opportunity Corps (NOC), Onderneeming, Essequibo Coast, on Tuesday last.Reports are that on the day in question, at about 08:00h, four of the males escaped by scaling the perimeter fence of the correctional facility.Additionally, at about 17:30h, two others crawled through a dried up koker in the compound. They all made good their escape and are yet to be recaptured.Less than two weeks ago, on March 16, twenty-four teenagers who were being housed at this holding centre in Region Two, escaped from the facility.Reports are that around 19:30h the discovery was made that 17 males and seven females made good their escape even with three security officers and their dorm mothers and fathers in the building.According to the police, investigations revealed that the females opened a southern door in their dormitory and tied five sheets together then threw the knotted sheets over the western fence of the compound in order to escape.Guyana Times was told that the males who broke out of the New Opportunity Corps did so by opening a southern window in their dormitory and simply climbed over the fence.The New Opportunity CorpsThe police were able to recapture some of the male escapees while some other male juveniles voluntarily returned to the facility. However, some of those who escaped from this batch are still on the run.Meanwhile, residents in the area and neighbouring communities are calling for an immediate investigation as to why so many breakouts at the juvenile holding facility seem to be occurring and for certain security measures to be put in place immediately to correct this.last_img read more

Fort St. John’s Adam Horst wins Crashed Ice event in Sweden

first_img“It’s something that you want from the very first time you enter a race,” said Horst. “To win… I really don’t know what to say! My first race was in Quebec in 2008… it’s something that I have hoped for for many years!”In Red Bull Crashed Ice, skaters descend a steep ice canal filled with bumps, jumps, rollers and obstacles four-at-a-time, jostling for position as they reach speeds of up to 70kph.Horst current sits in fourth position in the race for the 2012 championship.  The next and final stop in the 2012 Ice Cross Downhill World Championship is Quebec City, Canada, on March 15-17.- Advertisement –last_img read more