Customer is God crazy marketing under the concept of chaos

introduction: Crazy marketing, just because of money mania, forget the painstaking good products, have lost the value of marketing.


customers have? Money, this is the lifeblood of enterprises. Put so much money, fuck so sweat, not just to dig the customer in the pocket money. A young man, hard in pursuit of a girl, only for her rich dowry, and mouth sweet, show enthusiasm, only for the dowry to marry home. Only to make money for the enterprise, the customer is pocket money, he wanted a dowry, as for the customer who, the customer’s heart, just say find amusement when the occasion arises. read more

How to use soft Wen marketing in the forum Borrow east wind

earlier we talked about the questions and experiences the type of soft, soft, soft Wen today briefly about another way — by the wind, which is the combination of hot events to write.

in the romance of the Three Kingdoms, Zhu Geliang in Chibi before a fire, "everything is money" story. Zhu Geliang, such as cattle, he wanted to set fire, but also need to use the power of the east wind, to help him burn the fire.

use hot events to strengthen the marketing communication of the soft, which belongs to a marketing occasion. From the current most popular and easy to attract some of the hot spots, can be found with our brand or product clever combination, is our "Dongfeng"". read more

From any cannon was sealed by the new king of gold shares to see how to control the content of ventu

Xi said: "the host of the party and the government media must name the party!" this sentence in my opinion, the ordinary people, and "I was born the son should with my name" is the same. If you are against it, are you willing to his son as the next Pharaoh named


coincides with the gold suit announced shares Caixin, I Qiazhiyisuan, Ali this year from television, newspapers and magazines to the Internet content, shares how many media? The media after going to name

with Ali? read more

nternal network Shaw nternet startups whether it is worth to see these 5 points

more and more people find that join a high-quality start-up companies, professional life can be driven into the fast lane. However, at the same time, we have to face the reality is: "quality", after all, is part of the company’s patent. So the question is: how should we do to identify piercing eye, startups


in this regard, focus on cutting-edge Internet recruitment companies employed within the network CEO constant Xiao told reporters that job seekers can proceed from the following 5 aspects, evaluation of a startup is worth. read more

Web site promotion first episode soft art

language is not good, not to say nonsense. Why is this the first set of soft, seems a little bird in the Mars Admin5 explained. Ha ha.

soft birth

1 to write their own, I do not recommend because, in addition to being written in this article, the rest are copied, confident friends can write their own, I do not introduce

2 smart point, change the other people’s soft, the most simple is to link and source to change it but it seems not too moral, have a moral bottom line.

3 advanced point, the article is not the soft article into soft Wen, I give an example, for example, a few days ago, Admin5 has released a classic recommendation of the complete network term literacy] read more

On the three stages of B2C enterprise development

recently and some of the electricity supplier in the industry of communication and exchange, I summed up the three stages of the B2C business development experience: 1, to the foundation stage; 2 stage promotion, crazy 3, build the core competitiveness of the stage.

as a senior expert of China Electronic Commerce Association, but also for the actual operation of the B2C industry has nearly 6, 7 years of experience, in my opinion, for these three stages is the need to have a time limit. First of all, how hard to fight the foundation of this stage is a few months, a year or three years from the traditional retail industry or even an ordinary company ‘s development process, the internal management of the three years is very important to improve. Like the current Jingdong mall, its predecessor has done the traditional 3C products for several years, after entering the electricity supplier, but also after nearly 4 years of accumulation began to enter the crazy promotion stage. read more

Where to burn 5 billion You underestimate the richest man in the Chinese courage

from the beginning of August 3rd, Teng million burned after 5 billion to disband the news to occupy a lot of media headlines, the electricity supplier Wanda fifast son is pocketed the eye. The media said, "Teng million’50 billion investment in early lost light, Wanda electricity supplier or poor and blank." In this regard, fifast has released an official statement said: "the false media reports of" Wanda electricity burned 5 billion "said is groundless statement." read more

How to earn money to get more questionnaires

investigation of money belongs to a kind of free Wangzhuan project, due to the long-term and stable, so it can be relatively strong, is a kind of online network stupid Wangzhuan recommended money project. But a major flaw in making money is that the survey network is relatively small, so it doesn’t make much money. In order to maximize revenue, earn friends should learn some skills to get more questionnaires.

how to receive the questionnaire survey to make money more? There are two major techniques, one is the log on every day, to stay active, a questionnaire to actively completed, so your active degree is higher, the probability of receiving the questionnaire is greater, the reason is very simple, needless to say. Second is to fill in the registration information is very important, because advertisers are always hoping to find specific people meet their requirements as samples, so we should learn empathy, to decide how to fill out the registration information. read more

1 million copies of a penny commodity Tmall want to rely on money to win the Beijing Market

in all electricity providers and O2O companies are valued in this city, Tmall supermarket action late, but looking forward to high

sometimes very envious of the people of Beijing: because in the past two years, they can always be a round of subsidies and the red tide and the rain hit. If used well, it is possible to reduce the cost of living can be slightly.

because of the "postal package" effect, Tmall supermarket may be all the major electricity supplier, later realized the importance of a market in Beijing. The hair after harder — at the end of July to the Beijing area hit 1 billion subsidy to attract consumers after September 16th (today) was given to Beijing’s "Tmall supermarket Carnival", there are 1 million copies of the cosmetic, food commodities will be 1 cents to the price of foreign sales, buy a send a price sales of goods are also many. read more

How a domain name is gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory

now a lot of people are doing the station, all kinds of stations have. But there are dozens of search engines, including the Chinese people often use Baidu and Google, soso, etc.. These easy to remember something loud website, I believe everyone knows them, some will think: how I was not thinking of using that name? If I did, I might have been a millionaire. So it’s very important for a station to choose a name.

so what name stood the most easy to remember? You also seem to style all their own. Here are some of the experiences of doing read more

The development of online shopping system based on e commerce website

online shopping system has a long history, through constant evolution, online shopping system today is already quite mature, can fully meet the requirements of each store shop, the author from the electronic commerce website in the 10 years the completion of talk about the development of online shopping system.

in 1999, China’s first C2C e-commerce website – eBay was born; followed by the first B2C e-commerce site – 8848 on-line; November excellence, Dangdang and other e-commerce sites have launched online shopping. This year is the turning point of e-commerce sites, but also the starting point of the online shopping system, this turning point set off the upsurge of online shopping system. read more

The sale of brewing biography Gome Kuba shopping network dual brand strategy or changed

yesterday, reporters from approaching the United States news department learned that Wong Kwong Yu on business platform especially the "legitimate" business platform Gome online mall high hopes, "clearly the important status of Gome online mall". But in stark contrast with Gome online mall, Gome acquisition business platform – Kuba shopping network may sell the United States, the current implementation of the electricity supplier or the dual brand strategy will be abandoned. Vice President Peng Liang Kubba responded newspaper said, "he does not have any information on this". read more

nternet frequent leakage safety should become the compulsory course of business

e-commerce website information leakage events staged who moved the consumer online money bag

recently, event information disclosure of e-commerce website frequently staged, Jingdong, Dangdang and other major electricity supplier have suffered leaks, theft of user accounts stolen, balance.

How to

network behind the consumer electronic business account? And how to make up for the loss of consumers? Experts believe that despite the regulatory difficulties and other objective reasons, but directly to the B2C trading platform for consumers still respond to consumer responsibility, improve the technical level, improve the supervision of payment. read more

Double 11 electricity supplier war platform music merchants tears

double 11 is a continuation of the carnival for several years, but in the end of the carnival, destined to have tears in the fly, some people still smile.

eyes looked at 11 months away from the half of the time, all with the electricity supplier to hook the business are busy. Among these, both Ali and the Jingdong the platform providers, there are Starry, TCL, Dongfeng Citroen of every hue businesses, SF, rhyme and other courier companies will be more early pre goods into shopping cart consumers…… Double 11 is a continuation of the carnival for several years, but in the end of the carnival, destined to have tears in the fly, some people still smile. read more

China online shopping fake phenomenon survey 40% users endure

review: 40.3% of the users in the online shopping fakes, "bear", no complaints.

e-commerce has become a successful case of the Internet to transform people’s way of life, and continues to expand its influence. But when people enjoy the convenience of online shopping at the same time, the quality of goods is hidden like a ghost in this full of vigour in the industry.

have you ever bought a product that is not up to date? Is it inconsistent with your expectations, or is it really a quality problem? read more

Li Guoqing the next 3 years the electricity supplier industry growth will be reduced to 200%

NetEase Francisco April 17th message, CEO Li Guoqing in the 2012 China apparel industry electric business summit said that the next three years, the electricity supplier to remove capital bubble growth will drop to 200% after, the proportion of total national consumption will be increased to 10%.

last year’s total consumption of about 8 trillion yuan, e-commerce accounted for approximately 2%. Li Guoqing introduction, the current proportion of total electricity consumption accounted for the United States, the United States is 4%, Japan is 10%. He believes that within three years, the domestic electricity supplier can reach about 10% of total national consumption. read more

Easy fast network you lose on the upgraded version of Jingdong mall

2013 3· 15

in the electricity supplier first;

has just announced that it will adjust the organizational structure of the fast and easy network yesterday once again released a strong market offensive signal to the outside world. In March 13th, Yi Xun network CEO Bu Guangqi at micro-blog said, easy fast network will be in 3· 15; the introduction of price compensation "price protection" service: from the 3· this year; 15, as long as the designated goods consumers in the network fast and easy to buy the price cut in less than 24 hours, fast and easy network will take the difference of active compensation to the consumer’s account. read more

Tmall push genuine insurance consumers to buy fake can get 4 times compensation

Tmall push genuine insurance consumers to buy fake can get 4 times compensation

[TechWeb] November 6th news reports, Tmall and Chinese ant payment service, insurance, casualty insurance insurance company launched the "Tmall genuine insurance" Tmall "quality guarantee insurance and other insurance project, if consumers to buy fake goods in the Tmall platform, will get refunds for unconditional support, and can get 4 double compensation.

, according to the introduction, genuine guarantee insurance can be a refund four". If consumers buy counterfeit goods in the Tmall platform, not only will be unconditional return refund support, and be able to get compensation from the people’s insurance, the amount of compensation is 4 times the actual payment of the commodity price. read more

Fresh delicious leader 77 collapse lack of supply chain to survive

77 delicious fresh electricity failures, why become a leader "martyrs"

"China Economic Weekly" reporter Cheng Ziyan Shanghai reported

in April 7th, in the "Shanxi" were suspected of illegal fund-raising investigation in Shanghai and raise a Babel of criticism of the occasion, another big thing: suppliers gathered in Shanghai delicious fresh business platform 77 network science and technology limited company (hereinafter referred to as "delicious 77") door collection, after a few hours, the online news internal bulletin announced the closure of 77 delicious. As for the cause of death, the announcement said: given the company’s current operation of serious difficulties, has no funds in full payment of all debts include staff salaries and social security, 2016 March. read more

How to carry out the sea First in the community

what is the latest way of life for the middle class in China? Buy, buy, buy, buy, and go abroad.

this is not unfounded assertion. Chinese consumers in the end how much to buy, according to the California Tourism Department statistics, only in California, in 2013, where Chinese tourists contributed $1 billion 900 million of total consumption. Last year, mainland tourists to buy 47% of luxury goods, the proportion of the purchase of cosmetics is also rising.

followed, the rise of cross-border electricity supplier. Foreign terminal, honey Amoy, honey bud baby, one after another start-up companies began to compete for the sea Amoy this piece of fat, Amazon, Jingdong and other giants also did not forget to insert one foot, have opened cross-border shopping business. read more