Wang Kai Li Jiaoshou and other 10 top big coffee practical advice on content operation

introduction: WeChat do content operation without thinking, how to break? Don’t read, WeChat’s development is too fast, a few months ago was successful on today, may be outdated or illegal. The quickest way is to look at what the top WeChat operators do, to communicate with them, learn from them.

has a small partner asked to sit in the bacteria: do not think WeChat content operations, can recommend a few books to read it?

my answer is: do not read, WeChat’s development is too fast, a few months ago, the success of the case today, is likely to be outdated or illegal. The quickest way is to look at what the top WeChat operators do, to communicate with them, learn from them. read more

Micro blog marketing brand dialogue with who

flow little-known American fast food shop Kogi, specifically with the flow of car sales taco. It uses Twitter to release the flow of cars where to stop the news, the results have not yet arrived before the car has been lined up by the guests. Within a short span of three months, Kogi has quickly become one of the most popular mobile restaurants in the United states.

like Kogi with micro-blog marketing, has been more and more attention by the enterprise, as the popularity of the micro-blog eye and cluster represents a huge marketing value, in Chinese, micro-blog is also profoundly change the Internet era marketing idea. read more

Tmall Medical Center yesterday to restart the attitude of the food and drug administration is still

reporter yesterday from the electricity supplier of exclusive, was an emergency stop Tmall Medical Museum for 8 months yesterday suddenly opened this low-key, than the previous market rumors "opened in February 28th" a day earlier.

yesterday reporter login Tmall Medical Museum, display can be settled in the purchase of medicines, pharmacy is still Nepstar pharmacies, pharmacies and health off 15. And settled in the pharmacy, who is also responsible for the new express reporter confirmed yesterday has reopened. read more

Double 11 in the sixth quarter the protagonist has been still melee

when the double 11 came in sixth years, Ali, Jingdong has become a listed company, although there are still many people shopping carnival, but the role has been very clear positioning. Ali had home court potential, in addition to Tmall, Taobao will also, other platforms aliexpress into the regular army of Jingdong; the main difference experience, make efforts in logistics. In this case, although peer traffic surge also reap the profit, but has a cameo role.

double 11 season


Ali from 2009 for the first time to do double 11 shopping Carnival began to count, this year’s double 11 has been in the past sixth years. The user education over the past 5 "singles day", "double 11" was abruptly turned into Chinese black Friday, the size of a year than a year. From the beginning of fourth years, double the from Tmall’s one-man show into the electricity supplier industry carnival. A vertical electricity supplier responsible person told the Beijing Daily reporter, in the "double 11" that day, even if you don’t do what, the flow will naturally rise more than 30%, so choose this day promotion, everyone can get. A lot of people say that China’s electricity supplier environment is not good, but in fact, ‘double 11’, ‘6·, 18’ and other electricity suppliers to form a traffic peak, the industry participants are beneficial." read more

Replay goodbye online shopping Spring Festival Double eleven; Hello O2O

single day sales of 35 billion, with a total turnover of 170 million pen, customer price of $205, Taobao mobile phone transactions accounted for 21%.

this is just the end of China’s e-commerce industry’s most important annual promotion – "11.11" online shopping Carnival report card.

TOYOTA has a famous theory called "genchi genbutsu", is simply to down to earth. As a marketing strategy, I accept Ali old colleagues invited the scene to watch. The following attempts through several dimensions, four keywords, the conclusion of the three, restore this rare panorama of Chinese commercial history. read more

WeChat electricity supplier why do you hold the pipa half cover

still holding a half cover, which is so far, WeChat electricity supplier gave me the impression.

double eleven appearance, twelve upgrade, by Ali created two electricity supplier Festival, WeChat finally carrying Tencent in the PC era unfinished dreams, into the mobile providers in the Deepwater area. Ambition, Tencent is.


, from WeChat electricity supplier for the ambiguous attitude, I believe that, in addition to the Tencent have ambitions, and for mobile providers confused and tangled. How does social flow into the flow of electricity supplier? This problem, QQ is not resolved, QQ was raised in WeChat, also puzzled. read more

Exposure to Amoy little O2O project will operate independently or in Alipay

April 9th news, according to the media quoted informed sources, Alibaba Amoy little, Taobao local life and other life service class O2O project stripped out from the group, independent operations. The O2O project or will be incorporated into the Alipay system.

for peeling reasons, some analysts believe that in the "burning" phase of the project will affect the overall financial data of Listed Companies in the system, some unprofitable projects or will gradually be integrated stripping. Washing off the O2O project and other means that its position in the Ali system is weakened. read more

Strategies of enterprises under the online shopping boom

According to the

Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) released the latest "twenty-fourth Chinese Internet development report" shows that as of the first half of 2009, China’s Internet users has reached 338 million people, the use of mobile phone Internet users accounted for 46%, up to 155 million people. While the Internet applications continue to mature, directly affect the growth of online shopping, after the 2008 transaction amount exceeded 120 billion yuan in 2009, continue to maintain strong growth momentum, only released performance reports, online shopping in the first half of the amount has been 80 billion 900 million yuan, approaching 99 billion 960 million yuan last year’s registered. A member of the 145 million people, accounting for 43% of the total number of Internet users Chinese, trading accounted for more than 80% shopping platform website. read more

Wo Wo Group in arrears Rashomon group purchase industry chain of emergency funds

has been favored by the capital market this year, the group purchase collective contract. In the winter capital in enterprise group purchase bitter catch gross profit now, Wo Wo Group (micro-blog) from suppliers owed money news. Recently, the nine Hangzhou flood Trading Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as the flood of nine) the person in charge of business Yang Jia told the "daily economic news", Wo Wo Group began to defer payment since May, as of August 31st, Wo Wo Group owed a total of nine companies a total of 93462.1 yuan loan. read more

chiban shop spokesman Huang Xiaoming micro blog exposure sun dried mango


] August 20th news billion state power network, in order to expand the visibility, Ichiban shop in addition to sponsorship of television programs, also in the days before signing its own brand spokesperson. Today, Ichiban shop officially announced that the spokesman for Huang Xiaoming.

days ago, Ichiban shop was revealed to be the spokesperson signing in August, and the spokesman for the stars.

The Qixi Festival

today, Huang Xiaoming issued a food shop Mango yield dry in the micro-blog pictures, with the words "for the Qixi Festival love spell, to feed their best, love life." Ichiban shop Mango stem became "Huang Xiaoming fed love with mango stem". read more

United States online double 12 send Hao Li free single grab coupons can also pumping Awards

12.12 will love a purchase "theme wonderful continue, Hao Li constantly! It is reported that from December 10th to 12, the United States will join the online movie" Angelababy "starring Chen micro love and other popular stars, distribute 1 billion 200 million cash coupon envelopes for the user in the double 12 period, and send 3150 free single opportunity" we should love a "double 12 purchase activities to a climax. Today, the 12 big promotion of the final Carnival activities will be officially opened on the three day of December 10th, when the United States will be online for consumers to send what great surprise it? read more

2010 e commerce non business blue ocean

recently two domestic well-known research firm Analysys and iResearch also issued the "investigation report" in 2009, the online shopping industry show that in 2009 China’s online shopping situation to achieve high growth for three consecutive years, the transaction size rose to 250 billion yuan, which means that the total amount of online shopping has accounted for 1.97% of total retail sales. Meanwhile, according to the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) previously released data show that as of June 2009, China’s online shopping users reached 87 million 880 thousand, an increase of 24 million 590 thousand people, an annual growth rate of 38.9%. More and more traditional enterprises began to get involved in e-commerce, a large number of capital and talent, such as the influx of. 2009 the most obvious trend in the development of online shopping industry is a large number of small and medium B2C e-commerce sites continue to emerge. read more

t is said that this is the most prone to venture capital financing the seven crimes

article authorized reprinted from the WeChat public number Qingshan capital (ID:cyanhillvc)

on the capital of winter, the industry said enough. As one of the angel investment institutions for the sake of entrepreneurs, Castle capital does not want to render too much.

from the practical point of view, always render the atmosphere of winter useless. For entrepreneurs, if the capital market is not good in the case of the smooth integration of capital to support the subsequent development of enterprises, that is the ability. For investment institutions, to give some practical reminder, how much time than the rendering of the capital to come strong winter. read more

Four years experience in the operation of Nanyang classified information network Part Two

a lot of things in recent days. Originally, the classification of information network in Nanyang, four years of experience in the operation of a (I) finished, it is necessary to write the second. Has been delayed down, dragged to the present. This is the main feedback on the work done in the first paper. Last time we talked about the content of the site, the first to enrich the content. We do work in 5 ways. First, the evening collection. Every day to arrange a gathering, the evening news information down, guide to the database. Local evening news every day 100-200 information, but there are a lot of repetition. The new information is about 100. This way through the XLS database into the table, it takes about two hours on it. read more

Scientific management the system of re excitation

last week after the management of common sense, today I want to talk about the different stages of business and business management requirements, as well as incentive system in the important role of business management.

first, the mature stage of the company and startup companies, for the organization capability requirements; for business objectives; for the requirements of managers and employees for the requirements are essentially different:

from the organization capability requirements, mature stage companies like the regular army, need is individual (staff) high quality weapons (resources) and Modern Warfare (matrix synergetic), can play high intensity in front of the war (absolute value of high income requirements; and startup companies) is the guerrillas, need is agile (speed); flexible (rapid adjustment) and rapid response (execution), to long-term survival in the harsh environment (dependence on resources low). read more

WeChat marketing enterprise life and death torture what do you want to know

in the pursuit of WeChat marketing on the road, a lot of companies have been imitated but never surpassed, because they often just caught the tool but ignored the tool at both ends of the people, the enterprise itself and the user. I often tell managers, when you decide to do WeChat marketing ask yourself 6 questions, if you want to know whether you do it or not, you are half done next, otherwise you might end even don’t know how to die. Then we come one by one into 6 big problems this is the lifeblood of the WeChat marketing. read more

Beyond the traditional web site micro blog marketing theory

blog (micro-blog) marketing is now very popular marketing, what is it? What are the advantages? Then let us look at:

1 blog and website differences


blogs and websites is that a blog is able to interact with users and the depth of communication platform, what is the depth of communication can be represented by blog provides real-time information updates, real-time information, and the users can do the exchange of experience. This interaction can also make up for the shortcomings of the official website one-way marketing. read more

How to achieve better effect in engraving machine network marketing

with most of the machinery industry, the engraving machine industry is increasingly dependent on network marketing. There are at least 500 companies competing in the engraving machine network, engraving machine industry related keyword PPC price has reached 5-10 yuan. And some companies recruited more than 30 people in the team, every day in the online release of free supply and demand information, but little effect.

on the engraving machine industry network marketing has several suggestions: read more

Lao Xie soft to God soft shape is not soft

old thanks to write soft Wen is also a senior, and Lao Xie feel soft Wen need soft shape is not soft.

How to write

soft again in essence is "soft", to play a certain role promotion. This is his nature. But in addition to this book, you have to be visible this coat, you will not be naked and frank and let people avoid. So, soft Wen must having substance in speech. About a truth, a narrative of events, and as far as possible do not nonsense, no flicker. Soft text read, have value, read people have no you even write more gorgeous slogan, put more promotional links, but also in vain. read more

Home massage O2O Soothe 35 million financing

provides home massage services O2O company Soothe announced yesterday that the company has just received a round of $35 million financing. This round of financing mainly from the company’s existing investors Riverside Company.

According to a report released by PwC

, the current market size of the U.S. massage industry up to $14 billion. And Soothe want to do is to subvert the entire massage industry. The use of Soothe online booking massage service, you can stay at home within 1 hours will be able to enjoy the massage service home. read more