Occupy nternet application positions for the site for more traffic

application is a time of concern since vocabulary, especially the popularity of micro-blog and SNS social networking platform, greatly promoted the development and application of the market, more and more new applications are being used by the media attention, the application has become one of the means of network marketing. From time to time we will be able to see the application of a website, a brand, and an enterprise. The application is not only the mode of user entertainment, but also gradually become the marketing mode of the business. read more

Website promotion stationmaster wants to know good borrow ability is successful

many webmaster promotion is by single handedly to promote. For now is the era of team operations, the effect of such personal promotion is low and low, but also hard once, less than half of the team through the promotion of the effect of half. And more and more webmaster like team cooperation, and its main advantages are a clear division of labor, two time saving, three with good promotion EASY, 43 smelly cobbler wins a Zhu Geliang, efficient. So, for the webmaster who can’t find or haven’t found TEAM, the promotion is entirely personal, so a person can’t do much, and it will be 24 hours a day, so the efficiency is too low. Then, at this time, rely on individuals to promote the webmaster to understand the "borrow" the truth, good "borrow" to make yourself go farther, and good "borrow" webmaster have the chance to succeed. So how do you borrow it? What do you borrow, read more

WeChat integration circle of friends gear to drive the public gear

I think WeChat and WeChat personal public number number is between wheel ferry, the two are complementary to each other. My profit is mainly based on WeChat public number project and WeChat personal number to sell products. The product is shampoo and other personal care category, are natural extraction category.

I have only one public at present, about 520 thousand fans, and these fans have been integrated by 50 public numbers. I think the public number is not in many, but in essence. Instead of focusing on a lot of numbers, it’s better to be loyal to number one. My public numbers are divided into two pieces: the first one is the public number, and the other is the order list, recommending some meaningful products. read more

The website should learn to pay attention to details and guide users

mentioned the boot user, they have to mention the user experience, some people think that the user is just attracted to attract users, and the user experience is the key factor to retain users. In fact, not necessarily, the real value of the user experience is not only to allow users to use comfort, but more importantly, is to guide. When a user is browsing an article, what other content is worth recommending to the user? When the user uses a function, he or she will be interested in using other functions, which need to be led. read more

Talking about the outlet of website navigation station

I’ve been working on the website a long time ago and have recently revised it. Put my ideas and share with you. Speaking of Web sites, many people think that simple imitation, there is no originality. In fact, after careful analysis. URL station is a way out, because the site navigation station is still the majority of Internet users preferred home page. Web site included most of the major stations, this station is a must, for quick browsing of ordinary Internet users. But we can also innovate on this basis. read more

The webmaster’s success depends on the persistence

this up the wood is not folded, carve stone can be engraved, the webmaster do have to rely on those stick. Although this theme is very rampant, but still hope that you have the time before the computer, please listen to me. "Everything is difficult at the beginning," this sentence is also good, many webmaster with eleven points of enthusiasm into the webmaster industry, but finally faint leave. But some fail and others succeed. So what lays the foundation for success? Careful observation, it is not difficult to find one of the common features: the success of the webmaster still have to rely on that point. read more

Keywords analysis method

One of the most important aspects of search engine optimization is keyword analysis, when preparing for a particular specific keyword optimization, actually has a ready-made model to give us a demonstration, which is currently in the search engine rankings of the top ten search results.

ndustry websites for anyone

three hundred and sixty lines, the line, the number one. This is our Chinese a folk saying, the reality is that, but now the industry classification for more than three hundred and sixty. Well, among these industries, I think there’s always one thing that you like or are interested in, but for a variety of reasons, you haven’t been able to engage in or engage in it. How can you make up for this regret?

              my answer is – create an industry Web site that interests you. This site can not only satisfy the desires of your interest, also can let you know more friends, when the corresponding number of users gathered on the website, you can add some content, advertising, membership fee or e-commerce, so your site will turn into a successful career, and you you can earn to pay through their own efforts. read more

Admin5’s wife lover and confidante

yesterday wrote an article "once again left behind, Admin5, once again with a new" SEO ID registered in Admin5, it is written is OK, maybe the Admin5 brothers and sisters to give a face, my article recommended to the home page. Coupled with a few on the SEO group roar, the attention of the article will soon come up, naturally speaking, there are many visits through their own Admin5 station, a burst of relief.

In fact,

, as a webmaster, are hoping their flow, desperate publicity, QQ group, soft release, ID signature, a variety of ways, but the real time to flow, and scared. A IP is very high, and PV is very low station, it is difficult to support it. Mainly in viscosity is not high, users through your propaganda to your station, stay for less than a few seconds to go, such a station even if IP is the number of days are useless. read more

Earn 30 thousand monthly my picture station so earned

picture station, I’m afraid the personal webmaster is currently doing most of the kind of Web site, it can be said to open the computer, pictures everywhere. Now do the pictures of the station have to earn good, earn thousands of dollars a month is There are plenty of people who must be someone will ask:, 30 thousand month is not bragging? Oh, let say slowly: I was 03 years and then begin to do a website, no thought to rely on this website to make a lot of money, a is the interest on the network; two is the pursuit of the entertainment star hobby. So the amateur built my share albums: www.fxxj.com. From a little bit of accumulation to the present more than 30 thousand pictures, from a few IP to the present day, more than 20 thousand IP, more than 60 thousand PV. Indeed also paid a lot of time and effort to collect information, promotion and so on, it is not easy to do a webmaster, I once spent too much time with his former girlfriend break up, then I almost wanted to sell the site. Review a few experience, share with stationmaster friend. read more

10 experiences of making links

because now the website program such as DEDE, PHPCMS, program optimization should be said very well, so that I think is how to examine the site for Baidu, a large part is Links, Baidu is a robot, it know what your site is good or bad, you only with good site links can you stand the value.

I stood at www.myqzone.org late last year on line, because I did not take the link as a means of friendship, so Baidu’s IP rarely. But later, after strengthening links, especially part of Baidu update fast, high weight station link, IP came up at once, there are some key words to Baidu home page. Experience has lessons. read more

Analysis of eight profit models of station group websites

is currently the hottest topic in the circle is the station group and the chain wheel, especially the huge profit model stations often make many webmaster heart greedy unceasingly, but the stations for the individual operation is often more difficult, on the one hand needs investment. On the other hand also needs a strong executive power after all, all of a sudden get so many websites is very tiring, if not insist is easy to fail! But as long as you have the two conditions, then operate the station group did not make good way! We are going to talk about eight kinds of huge profit model station group read more

Don’t miss it tell you what to do with the O2O user experience design

we all know that O2O is the wind, ma let everyone see the wind in the wind in the end how much?. Alibaba 28 billion 300 million stake in Su Ningyun’s $200 billion, Ali, Su ningyun the market value of 100 billion yuan, together to create a benchmark of corporate O2O. We know the designer of O2O will be worth double, then the problem, O2O user experience design do? Public comment on the user experience of senior director Jia Yun (former Tencent ISUX social networking and open platform design center director) personally for you to resolve how to do the user experience in O2O field. read more

Actually ‘m a college student is a college student really worthless

two days to see the two news about the college students is very depressed, the moment I wrote this article. First of all, these two news, one is college students to recruiters kneel, one is college students can not find work, suicide.

, these two are just extreme examples. A lot of people will think this is the problem caused by the economic crisis. But I don’t think so. I talk about my feelings as a college student.

college students kneel not kneeling you recruiters, nor is that job, but the social evaluation of talent in the kneel. Our parents kneel kneeling knees day, do not you kneel recruiters! Why our students lost self-esteem? Is the talent evaluation mechanism of this society to give her too much pressure, too high. Is the social pressure on these only child bias, is the social discrimination against 80, 90, we become cheap labor force, there is even worse than migrant workers. I’m not discrimination against migrant workers, I am from the countryside, I only think what a college students do to cultivate a country? For the four modernizations? The harmonious society? In fact, the difficult employment of college students is not harmonious reality! The students to Dutch act’s not worth! A flower to the flower and one ran to the sun at eight or nine fall! I feel very sad! read more

Dialogue Fu Zhengjun 9158 the most profitable anchor on the platform is the boy

August 1, 2014, the day before the Qixi Festival Valentine’s day in Hangzhou intime City office to see many years of Fu Zhengjun, with a great reputation in the ten years ago today is through grassroots webmaster Columba group listed (9158 and Sina SHOW’s parent company) achieved a magnificent transformation, has become the new IT chiefs.

ten years passed in an instant, happened to change the Internet Chinese turn the world upside down, but as a listed company boss Fu Zhengjun, whether from the appearance or temperament, and then there is not much difference. When I interviewed the listed company founder, Fu int should be the most like the boss’s boss, wearing a black T-shirt and red collar, a type of loose jeans, black flat shoes with no socks, "programmer" three words as if written in the face of Fu Zhengjun. read more

Help know marketing gas gradually bigger the greater the danger


wrote "save help," this was a question I had in mind.

is the title of a little scary, it sounds like mouthing a health strong guy. Know the registered users just over 17 million last year, successfully got the B round of financing, it is the twenty time around the age full of sap, "save" the word seems to speak of, not careful, is easy to mistakenly think I turn to sell, not made.

two is the word "save", which shows my emotional position, that is, I am compassionate and sympathetic to knowledge, not in conformity with the objective and restrained writing principles I pursue. read more

Website analysis Google new revision of navigation bar is getting bigger and bigger not easy to use

when RWW station Jared Smith sent Google screenshots of the new navigation bar to me, I thought it was a BUG. Later, I found my Google navigation bar changed. The old navigation bar feels strange and confusing, black background, gray text, new icons, and search box. Sure enough, just Google released the news, saying that soon all users will be updated to the new navigation bar.

, the black navigation bar, sometimes referred to as "sandbar", appeared only last year when the Google redesigned the interface, and in November of that year, Google launched another gray navigation bar. Some users are still using the black navigation bar, while others use the gray navigation bar. And now it’s a strange combination of the two, creating a dilemma. read more

Some ideas for Baidu’s big update

SEO friend recently may feel a little unexpected what, good, everyone Yisifumu — Baidu again big update. This algorithm has undergone a major change. Baidu felt further Google began to learn how to rank, pay more attention to the quantity and quality of the outside, and in which the quality of the higher position. Personally feel that although Baidu carried out the adjustment of the algorithm, and at the same time in the previous database in the assessment period of the site are released, but still in the testing phase. read more

Site to flow method

in ADMIN5 with so long he also saw a lot of articles for how to get traffic, you have to do the experience, but the development of a web site need to experience many things, but also to flow slowly, so he also summarized a set of methods to flow

1, buy a good corn, this is the key! A good corn can help you get twice the result with half the effort.

2, look at the

keyword, you are going to do what kind of website, if is the movie website you can select one and their web related keywords such as my www.zuixindy.org.cn so you can not only to flow from the user, can also come from the engine flow read more

Webmaster promotion experience want good flow good ranking persistence is very important

was last March came into contact with the network, for the unknown world is this! Oh, the site has been more than a year! Success, failure, K, hang, money, depressed, happy, worried, but I think a you will experience all the webmaster! Made painstaking efforts will be rewarded! As a webmaster! I think the most important thing is to adhere to + skills! If the money so we can hit a lot of advertising, may succeed! If our money is not very tolerant, so we can not lack is to adhere to the


below is a personal analysis of some website promotion methods: read more