China’s entrepreneurial environment is more mature

believe that many of my friends are thinking about a problem, I venture advantage? What do I take to start a business? Indeed, every entrepreneur should think about this problem. Today, China’s entrepreneurial environment has gradually matured, the national policy is to encourage innovation, public entrepreneurship, for the majority of entrepreneurs, this is the biggest advantage.

in the imitation innovation is a shortcut to a breakthrough, but a walk out from the Silicon Valley entrepreneurs may not think so. read more

Hubei this year’s first PO long ocean

economic strength of the enterprise to a certain extent, it will choose to market, in order to get more social capital to support the operation. Hubei this year’s first IPO for a long time, the following for IPO for a long time, we look at the specific.

Hubei will usher in this year’s first ipo. According to the long ocean announcement, the company will visit the gem today, the securities referred to as long ocean, securities code for 300516".

Hubei long ocean infrared system Limited by Share Ltd is a company specializing in infrared thermal imager, laser rangefinder and other products R & D, production and sales of high-tech enterprises. The company issued a price of 22.50 yuan, the total share capital of 120 million shares, of which the initial public offering of shares from the date of listing of the shares traded since the listing of 30 million. read more

How to deal with customers when out of stock

any shop in the actual operation of the process are likely to be out of stock, this time, how to deal with the natural needs of customers is a skill. So, how to deal with customers when out of stock? Let’s learn something together.

, as a salesperson in a store, when a customer comes into your shop and says you want to buy something, but what happens when the product is out of stock?

if you just say, "I’m sorry, it’s sold out."." It is inevitable to make customers feel not cordial. But if not to speak against the 1: "I’m sorry, I just sold out immediately to wholesalers purchase, there will be tomorrow." Then, the customer will be more satisfied, more comfortable. read more

nnovation and entrepreneurship housing prices to provide a platform for the public space

2015 appeared in the public entrepreneurship, the people of innovation, creating a customer, the creation of space and other entrepreneurial hot words, you can know how big the wave of entrepreneurship. 2016 national two sessions, innovation and entrepreneurship is the focus of work, in order to promote public entrepreneurship innovation, housing prices for the public to provide a platform for creating space.


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Lianyungang high tech Zone nnovation and entrepreneurship highlights the new advantages of science

provincial economic development, need to implement management policies, also need to understand the importance of science and technology entrepreneurship. Lianyungang hi tech Zone is the focus of talent and technology, has a lot of resources, has a very good entrepreneurial resources for young entrepreneurs to bring a very good platform for entrepreneurship.

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The future trend of fashion store 3D clothing to the clothing market changes

high-tech era, we must dare to dream, dare to create, in the future, everything is possible, here Xiaobian introduce future fashion market innovations.

3D fitting mirror is also an important part of the future store. In this interview, a large amount of clothing information is stored in front of the mirror, and consumers can always change their clothes and look at the way they put on their new clothes. The most surprising thing is that consumers through the "empty" storage of clothing information can also be passed to the 3D phone fitting mirror. In other words, consumers do not have to go to a specific store looking for related clothing, you can in the wireless communication technology, with the help of a large number of different brands trying to dress.

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How to open a grain store to achieve sustained profitability

open a shop, if the realization of sustained profitability, which for any entrepreneur is very happy thing. And whether a shop can achieve such a goal, naturally also need investors to master the relevant business skills. So, how to open a grain store to achieve sustained profitability? And let Xiaobian to introduce you.

1, according to the experience, open 7 things, daily necessities daily necessaries tea, so almost all together, so easy to give, is the best location to open in the entrance / exit of liangyoudian open markets, or residents near the exit of the buying center is easy to form here. We have the need to buy things very much, it is easy to produce a comparable sales. This is also common business sense. read more

Successful opening of a soybean milk shop to pay attention to what factors

soy milk is not only delicious, but also very nutritious, has become a very popular drink a lot of people, because of this, many entrepreneurs will want to open a milk shop. However, if you want to successfully open a milk shop, naturally need to pay attention to more factors. So, the successful opening of a soybean milk shop to pay attention to what factors?

target customer

soybean milk this traditional food, and some people even called the quintessence, in fact, it is not exaggerated, in general, the elderly should be loyal and stable customers of soybean milk shop. Since 1980s, Coca-Cola, Pepsi Cola, foreign fast food took a lot of soy products have belonged to the business, the younger generation is less interested in soy milk shop. read more

What needs to join the long wonton

ravioli has a certain year in China, so many well-known brands in the long wonton ravioli is a comparative historical sense of brand ravioli. Legend of long wonton from around 1930, when the people of Yueqing Chen Libiao to Wenzhou to start operating wonton stalls, selling along the street. He made fine, wonton skin is very thin, with the appropriate salt, filling meat fresh lean meat. The cover material is more exquisite, laver, egg silk, dried meat floss, soaked in wine especially small shrimp, Tang Qing bottomed out, the shape of flowers, delicious and refreshing, very popular. Because he is very tall, people call him "wonton"". Later, the brand gradually developed, read more

Xiamen is a good choice to settle down in China

Since the reform and opening up

with the rapid development of economy, our country is also facing a series of problems, such as serious environmental pollution, which has a great influence to our body, especially some young baby. Xiamen has won the United Nations Habitat Award in the city’s sustainable development, livable construction and other aspects of outstanding results. Where to settle in China? Xiamen is a good choice, not only has more developed economic conditions, but also has a more appropriate living environment. read more

How to design ice cream shop tips

ice cream shop in order to attract more people, to master certain skills is very important. Maybe you are a novice, do not understand the operating skills of ice cream shop. It’s not clear how to design an ice cream shop, so it should be useful for you.

is now a little atmosphere, each catering industry entrepreneurs are very concerned at the operating time, this is the reason because of the fierce competition of catering industry. For ice cream stores entrepreneurs, want to attract consumers, not only in the taste of ice cream, the store’s atmosphere is also very important. Next, Xiaobian to introduce how the ice cream shop in the business process to create atmosphere. read more

Small and micro enterprises in Beijing competition began to preheat

10 21, 2009, Beijing small and micro enterprise growth contest held warm-up activities for entrepreneurs in the region of Beijing to guide how entrepreneurship, how to get more effective investment assistance. Entrepreneurial mentors teach, open the door for the future development of entrepreneurs.

"growth competition of Beijing city Small and micro businesses   is a public service platform for SMEs in Beijing city (hereinafter referred to as the" platform ") in the city of Beijing economic and Information Technology Commission and other units under the guidance of the" double ", a positive response to the national call, to create a good area in Beijing has a new event for innovation the business of the social environment for the purpose of the organization launched. The contest for the first time put forward the "stereo master pointing + friends + public mutual support" training system, through the organization of a business mentor small enterprises in Beijing city group, screening potential entrepreneurial team or enterprise, aided by the Small Business University, venues, funding, legal aid, accounting and other free or low-cost public service, improve the entrepreneurial team or entrepreneurial success rate, and improve the success rate of venture capital, angel investment. read more

What are the names of women’s shop

everyone wants to give the shop a good name, however, the name of the shop is actually a learned. As long as we can grasp the relevant knowledge, believe that a proper name will be very relaxed. So, what are the names of women’s shop? Let Xiaobian to you.

dress shop named knowledge 1. Read will be very easy to read, easy to remember (called a "dragon", another is called "Ding Yu", it is easier to remember?


dress shop named knowledge 2, and other company name will not be confused (no similar on the same street "Fu Lin", "Yong Lin", "Qing Lin", it would be chaos? read more

Shanghai to encourage scientific and technological personnel to retain the original business unit pe

science and technology is an important force for innovation, science and technology talent is an important resource to promote the development of innovation. Shanghai recently issued opinions to encourage researchers in the premise of not delay their own work, to the technology business part-time entrepreneurship.

10 25 July, Shanghai city and Social Council announced the "opinions" on the implementation of scientific research personnel and improve the city’s two-way flow shows that Shanghai will expand the scientific research personnel two-way flow mechanism, to further promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. Next month, researchers does poineering work from those who meet the conditions in the incubation period the original units need to preserve the human relations. read more

Ge Yun coffee can add more fun to your leisure life

what is happiness, happiness is not given to you by the outside world, but by your mood created. We always dream that one day in the future to have what specific things, because that can bring you what you want to feel, for example: Fantasy in the Baltic Sea, in the mysterious and romantic Danish port, carefree and content hiding in a cafe, basking in the sun with a cup of coffee? Don’t dim, don’t screen, as long as the sun! The unrealistic? Not as long as you want to be able to have at any time, because what you really want is to enjoy the comfort and leisure. Can’t you find a place where you want to be able to give you this feeling? Ge Yun cafe can let you feel here is perfect, the urban workers return to slow life, open heart land of idyllic beauty. read more

What are the factors that affect entrepreneurship

some people say that in the big cities in order to have business opportunities, because of the high level of consumption in large cities, people are willing to spend money, but is it really like this?

A, is entrepreneurship must choose the big city


in the big city, can access to the latest information, the best ideas, the most outstanding people, including partner and rival. But with the further development and popularization of the social network, which will welcome Maninsan solutions, will become a key factor restricting the success. read more

Henan officials eventually opened the casino

as everyone knows, gambling is forbidden in life, but some officials have to break the law, doing illegal business, causing a certain degree of damage to people’s property. As law enforcement, this should be more law-abiding, however, some officials even break the law, violate handling discipline, and even private casino. Recently, the reporter from the Supreme Procuratorate informed gold found in Nanyang District of Wolong city procuratorate anti ditch bureau director of the original Zhou Yong involving casino case was publicly named. Prior to this, the Provincial Public Security Department Security Administration Corps public security detachment action original instructor Yao Tianli, on suspicion of bribery and Casino crimes, jailed for 6 and a half years. read more