What is the future of coffee drinks

coffee drinks have good market prospects, many consumers pay attention to bring life to enjoy coffee drinks, which makes the development of coffee drinks progress, start coffee drinks stores is promising, catering to join the information market under the coffee stores is getting investors concern. Not only because of the impact of the market, but also because of the development of the market, the development of China’s economic development. Now, more and more people are concerned about the development of coffee drinks market. read more

Royal Chicken quiz investment details

for the catering sector franchising business forms, investors in the investment before will have a lot of questions to ask, because they want to make sure they think the most suitable choice for themselves, Royal Chicken franchisees will also have the following questions:

1, now you have a number of stores, mainly in what city distribution?

Beijing Royal Chicken

currently has more than and 10 stores nationwide, a total of more than and 40, mainly distributed in Beijing, North China, northeast, southwest region in the country first and second tier city pedestrian street, shopping malls, schools and offices have ten stores. Qingdao, Chongqing and other cities have become a local franchise store star. Basically every store opening, can cause greater impact and concern in the local. read more

Unified management of medical insurance and health care physicians in Fujian

in our lives, although the government for the people to see a doctor to give a great help, but still faces a series of problems. November 11th, the Fujian Provincial Medical Security Management Committee Office (hereinafter referred to as Fujian health insurance office) and then a heavy, in the province to implement the unified management of Medicare physician code. According to the medical insurance office director Zhan Jifu introduced the implementation of this system, not only conducive to the norms of designated medical institutions of the health insurance fund, can also be implemented in individual physician specific health insurance fund, to facilitate unified supervision of medical service. read more

Tao Huabi worth 3 billion 600 million of the old godmother

behind every successful man, there is little known hardships, especially successful female entrepreneurs. She can’t read, without any financial knowledge, but she also love study, memory, brave, dedicated to want to do, almost paranoid attention on cash, never set foot in that they are not familiar with the industry, each have taken a cautious pace of expansion.

2012, she boarded the Hurun Report on China’s richest 3 billion 600 million. She is the mother of Tao Huabi. In 2012, the output value reached 3 billion 370 million, pay taxes of 430 million, per capita output value of 1 million 685 thousand yuan. What is the success of the old godmother?

1989, Tao Huabi in Guiyang city Nanming District Longdongbao Guiyang business school outside, opened a monopoly jelly and cold "cheap hotel". "That is a restaurant, she is actually picked up half brick and asphalt felt, asbestos erected" roadside stalls ". The restaurant is on the back wall of the wall." At that time, the restaurant’s old customers, Mr. Han 20 years later, the restaurant’s memory is still clear. The lowest amount of rice tofu

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What should we pay attention to the opening line

vermicelli is a favorite food, this food is the food and beverage industry, the food and beverage industry and our lives are closely related, if you want to open a noodle shop, what should we pay attention to? In order to help more friends to understand the situation, Xiaobian for everyone in detail.

1, vermicelli shop taste. The most important thing is to join the line to open the shop is the taste, not every noodle shop business is hot, because not every noodle shop has a delicious Chongqing hot pot. Taste has become a noodle shop can be based on the market, but also a rice noodle shop to enter the market successfully into the foundation. read more

When you choose to start a business you may have a different life

a lot of young people in the process of College in the countryside, all want to stay in the city after graduation. However, yangdake chose to return to the countryside to plant trees. Yang was a lot of strange eyes. 10 years later, he not only rich, but also with the neighbors, go on the road to prosperity.

12 years ago, Yang is a Sichuan University student, specialized in electronic information technology. After graduation has been stable down, not as good as the back home planting fruit trees." In 2001, he resigned and returned to his hometown in Yunyang. read more

How to reduce the cost of starting a business

life, there are many business opportunities around us. For small entrepreneurs, but also according to their actual situation choose to join the project. Funding is one of the factors that affect the choice of entrepreneurs, not enough funds to choose the scope will be limited. So how to reduce the cost of entrepreneurship?

must first be prepared: to have to endure hardship and the spirit of diligence, never yield in spite of reverses, there must be the right direction and methods, have good planning and design life. We should make full use of existing resources, to play their own initiative, to play to their strengths and weaknesses, to be good at taking advantage of. Here are a few examples of low cost startups l intelligent industry, these industries, people with special knowledge or skills can be low-cost business, do not need a large investment in capital, only the intellectual investment. Specialty, expertise, such as management ability, marketing ability, patent. Many examples of this. Such as famous writers, lawyers, senior engineers, professional managers, inventors, etc.. In fact, personal intelligence and expertise is a resource. read more

Top ten brands of cocktails

for the cocktail of this special alcoholic drinks, alcohol concentration is not high, and secondly, the color is very beautiful, so that the beverage market in China has a very high status. In short, cocktail is a mixed drink, is made up of two or more than two kinds of wine or beverage, fruit juice, soda, and has a certain nutritional value and appreciation value.

After more than 200 years of development,

cocktail is no longer a simple mixture of several kinds of wine and alcoholic beverages. Although a wide range of different formulations, but are carefully designed by the bartender’s masterpiece, its color, aroma and taste of part-time preparation, containing elegant, ornate, rounded, harmonious taste, colour, smell, feeling, enjoy more comfort. Even the unique right carries the cup shape, simple decoration, not full of a quality suggestive of poetry or painting. The following together with the small series to see the top ten list of cocktails. read more

What are the snack shop location selection


snack market is huge, Changqing good development prospects of the industry, if you want to invest in this industry, to choose a suitable snack shop will be more favorable. Xiaobian compiled the relevant site selection skills can help you get a good profit, not miss.


this area because of the population accounted for an absolute advantage, as long as can ensure product quality and taste right, and quality service, operation will be relatively stable, high rate of return target consumer group. On the current intensive development of urban residential perspective, many places have been the rise of a considerable number of residential areas, residential community development has become a trend. Various types of shops, such as small restaurants, hair salons and other advance into the residential area, and achieved good operating results. If you choose to operate more easily. read more

What are the strategies to open early enrollment

education is every parents are more important, then, to open early stores, want to get more wealth in the industry, we must first grasp the good business strategy, the only way to gain more wealth in the industry.

open early enrollment, the details of the place depends on the concept of change. What are the strategies to open early enrollment? The same problem will come to different conclusions from different points of view, the views of the details depends on the manager’s awareness and management of observation, insight and ability to analyze problems. Therefore, the concept of change in order to pay attention to detail, in order to grasp the overall situation through detail. read more

Tang Ting open memory hotel business hot

with the accelerating pace of life, people’s consumption ability is also improved, some people go out for dinner or whether the hotel will choose the characteristics, so as to attract their attention, some people think that the hotel business is very good, so also opened a hotel but the business is not good, is not what new ideas today is about a girl to open a new hotel business is very good.
2009 />

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Novice open restaurant must pay attention to several aspects

is now more and more people to join the investment to the catering industry, especially there are many university graduates to do catering, but for a lack of business novice entrepreneurs, the catering stores need to pay attention to what?

here to remind the novice to pay attention to the first 9 sticks, believe it or not with you:

1, the industry is very deceptive, huge crowds of people on the surface, the gross margin is very high, generally 60-70%, because the rent, labor, utilities Bu, business tax, equipment depreciation decoration, in fact, pure interest rates so that good fortune 20%, generally around 15%, the pure interest rate more than 30% basically are tourist attractions make black boss, see a butcher one. read more

What are the advantages of fast food barbecue rice

Korea is much beyond count what delicacy Korean fried chicken, pickled cabbage, South Korea, South Korea Bibimbap, introduced to China after these are also very welcome by consumers China. Barbecue is a delicacy in Korean bibimbap, very popular in South Korea, is also a very profitable project, many investors are optimistic about this project, but do not know what a good brand, today Xiaobian to recommend a brand that is Meishiji. Why do you recommend this brand?

What are the advantages of fast read more