“The legacy of Chernobyl will be with us, and with our descendants, for generations to come,” the Secretary-General said in a statement. “I appeal to Member States, non-governmental organizations and private individuals, to join with me in a pledge never to forget Chernobyl. Together, we must extend a helping hand to our fellow human beings, and show that we are not indifferent to their plight.” The nuclear disaster occurred on 26 April 1986 when two explosions destroyed a reactor at a power plant not far from the Ukrainian capital, contaminating an area of over 160,000 square kilometres with the release of 50 million units of radiation.The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) said in a statement today that the full humanitarian impact of the disaster is not yet known to this day, and that it may be years until many medical manifestations appear. The greatest constraint to the efforts in dealing with the crisis has been the lack of adequate funding, with Belarus, the Russian Federation and Ukraine shouldering most of the financial burden of helping their populations. According to OCHA chief Kenzo Oshima, who is also UN Coordinator for International Cooperation on Chernobyl, those three countries should not bear the sole responsibility for dealing with the crisis.At a joint press conference at UN Headquarters in New York, Mr. Oshima said that the international community could and should provide tangible aid to the affected people in Belarus, Ukraine and the Russian Federation. The need for international assistance was also emphasized by the three countries’ Ambassadors to the UN — Sergei Ling of Belarus, Valeriy Kuchinsky of Ukraine and Sergey Lavrov of Russia, who also took part in the press conference. Meanwhile in Vienna, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) issued a statement calling the Chernobyl accident “a tragic but important turning point” in the Agency’s work. “It prompted us to focus unprecedented energies and resources to assist the affected people and help ensure that such a serious accident would never happen again,” said IAEA Director General, Mohammed ElBaradei.To deal with the aftermath of the disaster, the UN set up a 19-member Inter-Agency Task Force on Chernobyl, which, together with non-governmental organizations, provides health care to people affected by radiation, psychosocial rehabilitation, job creation for resettled families, the study of radiation’s environmental impact, waste disposal and decontamination, as well as technical support for improved nuclear safety.

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first_imgThe case against a pastor accused of biting a woman’s nose during a fight has begun at Criminal Court ‘A’ at the Temple of Justice.Defendant Edward K. Weah is the senior pastor of Christ the King Church in the Voice of America (VOA) Community, off the Robertsfield Highway, outside of Monrovia.He is facing the crime of “Aggravated Assault.”The incident allegedly took place on May 16 at the VOA Community.At Thursday’s hearing, Madam Lucia Oberly took the stand to testify as prosecution first witness.  She explained that the fighting began after two of her children were refused entrance into the defendant’s school.Before that the victim alleged her children went to school late that morning on May 16, and were sent home by Pastor Weah’s wife, Mother Marthaline Weah.Mrs. Oberly claimed that Mother Weah, in her attempt to send the children home,  accused them of being rebels who were planning to burn down the school.When the children returned home, the witness said, her children explained to her the altercation at the school and the behavior of Pastor Weah’s wife.“At that point, a daughter of Pastor Weah and my son got into bitter argument, where the Pastor’s daughter used insulting language  against me,” Mrs. Oberly  explained.During that period, she said, Pastor Weah’s wife appeared on the scene with an object and beat her son.In the process, Madam Oberly alleged that Pastor Weah came to her house in an aggressive mood and started to use profane words.She further alleged that Pastor Weah walked to her house jumped on her son in fist fight.“I attempted stopping him from fighting my son, and he jumped on me and started beating me.”She alleged that Pastor Weah beat her to the extent that her face was covered with blood.”Then he suddenly bit my nose. It was extremely painful. I cried and my eyes were full of tears,” she recalled.After biting me I trembled with shock, and as I speak, I still feel pain on my nose.”The defendant is expected to take the stand on a day the court deems appropriate and convenient.  Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img

first_img– scaling of fence, crawling through a koker: methods of escapingThe hunt is on for six male teenagers who escaped from the New Opportunity Corps (NOC), Onderneeming, Essequibo Coast, on Tuesday last.Reports are that on the day in question, at about 08:00h, four of the males escaped by scaling the perimeter fence of the correctional facility.Additionally, at about 17:30h, two others crawled through a dried up koker in the compound. They all made good their escape and are yet to be recaptured.Less than two weeks ago, on March 16, twenty-four teenagers who were being housed at this holding centre in Region Two, escaped from the facility.Reports are that around 19:30h the discovery was made that 17 males and seven females made good their escape even with three security officers and their dorm mothers and fathers in the building.According to the police, investigations revealed that the females opened a southern door in their dormitory and tied five sheets together then threw the knotted sheets over the western fence of the compound in order to escape.Guyana Times was told that the males who broke out of the New Opportunity Corps did so by opening a southern window in their dormitory and simply climbed over the fence.The New Opportunity CorpsThe police were able to recapture some of the male escapees while some other male juveniles voluntarily returned to the facility. However, some of those who escaped from this batch are still on the run.Meanwhile, residents in the area and neighbouring communities are calling for an immediate investigation as to why so many breakouts at the juvenile holding facility seem to be occurring and for certain security measures to be put in place immediately to correct this.last_img

first_imgThis map from BC Hydro shows the areas affected by the power outage.  – Advertisement -UPDATE #2 – Power was restored shortly before 12pm Monday.UPDATE – Power should be restored to the affected area by 12:30pm.A power outage in Fort St. John is affecting more than 3,600 B.C. Hydro customers.The outage was reported at 10:42 a.m. and the cause has been listed as ‘equipment contact’.The area affected is east of 108 St., north of 79 Ave., west of 78 St. and south of 115 Ave.Advertisement B.C. Hydro expects power to be back on in the affected area by 1 p.m.last_img

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