SecretaryGeneral Ban strongly condemns rebel attacks in Central African Republic

The rebels reportedly captured the northern city of Bambari on Sunday, having earlier seized the area around Bria, and are now said to be advancing toward the capital, Bangui. “These developments gravely undermine the peace agreements in place and the efforts of the international community to consolidate peace in the Central African Republic,” Mr. Ban’s spokesperson said a statement issued on Wednesday night. “The Secretary-General deeply regrets the loss of life and population displacement caused by the fighting,” the spokesperson added. He further noted that Mr. Ban appealed to all parties to refrain from “any acts of violence against civilians, including sexual and gender-based violence,” and to ensure the protection of civilians and to respect human rights, in conformity with international instruments to which CAR is a party. The UN chief also urged all parties to abide by the decisions of the Summit of the Heads of State of the Economic Community of Central African States (ECCAS), held in the Chadian capital of N’Djamena on 21 December, which provide a basis for a peaceful resolution of the dispute. In addition, the Secretary-General reminded the CAR Government of its responsibility to ensure the safety and security of UN personnel and its premises. The world body is temporarily relocating dependents and non-essential staff amid the latest violence. “The temporary relocation is a precautionary measure to reduce our presence in the event the security situation further deteriorates in Bangui,” said UN spokesperson Martin Nesirky. “The decision is temporary and will not detract from the ability of the United Nations to continue its support to the peace consolidation and development efforts in the Central African Republic.” Meanwhile, the Secretary-General’s Special Representative and Head of the UN Integrated Peacebuilding Office in the CAR (BINUCA), Margaret Vogt, continues to engage the Government and the rebel leaders with a view to ensuring a ceasefire and initiating dialogue, as recommended by ECCAS on 21 December. Earlier this month, Ms. Vogt condemned all violations of the 2008 peace accord which helped bring a degree of stability to CAR, which has a history of political instability and recurring armed conflict. State authority is weak in many parts of the country, which are largely controlled by rebel groups and criminal armed groups, according to the UN Department of Political Affairs (DPA). BINUCA had played a key role in encouraging the signing of the so-called Libreville Comprehensive Peace Agreement between the Government and three main rebel groups, as well as the holding in December 2008 of the Inclusive Political Dialogue between the Government, rebel groups, the political opposition, civil society and other relevant stakeholders. In yesterday’s statement, Mr. Ban confirmed the UN’s readiness to continue to support CAR in overcoming challenges to the consolidation of peace, in collaboration with regional and international partners. read more

Ski centre is irresponsible for promoting stone stacking in the Scottish mountains

Residents on the Isle of Skye have removed hundreds of stacks from tourist spots and one of the Canary Islands, Tenerife, calls for the practice to be bannedGlenshee Ski Centre was approached for comment.   Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. A ski centre has been accused of being ‘irresponsible’ after encouraging visitors to build stone stacks in the Scottish mountains. Glenshee Ski Centre near Braemar, Aberdeenshire, was criticised after positing a picture of the mounds on its social media, asking people to build their own. There were more than ten stacks shown in the images, which the ski centre captioned: “Stone sculptures at top of Cairnwell Chair come and add to them. ” The trend, which involves creating stone piles, has taken off as a recreational activity in recent years thanks in part to their popularity on social media. The post however prompted backlash over the potential environmental damage they can cause. Facebook user, Alistair MacDonald said: “Shocked at Glenshee sharing this. I guess they are just a business and don’t care about fragile habitats, nature and the environment. ”Ceàrdach Gàidhealforsa claimed to have reported the ski centre to the Environment Agency.John Hourston, Founder of the Blue Planet Society, said: “In some areas stone-stacking has reached plague proportions and is highly destructive.“The craze appears to be driven by increasing globalised tourism and the desire for an ‘I was here’ photo for social media. ”He added: “We would encourage local authorities where stone-stacking is a problem to ban the practice.” read more

Comcast expands Xfinity Home Security to six more markets

first_imgComcast is looking to expand their Xfinity services to not only include video, phone, and broadband Internet, but home security as well. After using Dallas as their test market, the company announced this week that it is now prepared to offer the service in six additional cities including Philadelphia, Portland, Jacksonville, Sarasota/Naples, Chattanooga and Nashville. The service will not only include 24/7 professional monitoring in addition to police and fire alarm protection, but will give consumers the ability to adjust digital thermostats, turn lights on/off, and watch secure live streaming video from wireless cameras while outside of the home.Many of the remote security controls offered through the service as well as the live streaming video will be available through a web portal as well as through the new Xfinity Security App for the iPhone which is available as a free download through the iTunes App Store.AdChoices广告Comcast is leveraging Xfinity broadband to bring additional services to home security including access to widgets through a tablet-like touch screen that includes access to weather, news, traffic and sports scores. Customers with Xfinity Voice will even be able to listen to voicemail through an app on the security interface. Additional features include real-time email and text alerts when doors open or close or when motion detectors detect activity inside or outside the home. Battery and cellular backup is also available to keep the system up and running in the event of a power outage.The Xfinity Home Security Preferred Package is currently being offered for as low as $39.95 a month.Other telecommunication companies looking to offer their own home security service include Verizon which announced its Home Monitoring and Control service at CES in January. A trial of the service is currently available to broadband customers in New Jersey.via Comcast.last_img read more

Des virus pour mimer la complexité de la nature

first_imgDes virus pour mimer la complexité de la natureDes scientifiques et ingénieurs américains se sont servis de virus pour créer de toutes pièces des structures complexes. Selon une étude publiée hier, ce type de procédé pourrait permettre de mettre au point de nouveaux matériaux.Depuis toujours, l’homme cherche à imiter la nature. S’il était autrefois fasciné par les oiseaux qui volent et les poissons qui vivent sous l’eau, les scientifiques s’intéressent aujourd’hui à l’architecture complexe des molécules. Ils cherchent à s’en inspirer pour créer des biomatériaux innovants en mimant le vivant : un procédé appelé “biomimétisme”.”Nous sommes très curieux de comprendre comment la nature peut créer une multiplicité de structures et de fonctions à partir de simples briques de base, comme le collagène pour les animaux ou la cellulose pour les plantes”, explique Seung-Wuk Lee, un scientifique à la tête d’une équipe de chercheurs américains.Selon la façon dont s’orientent et s’agencent ses fibres, le collagène peut former les tissus transparents de la cornée, ceux colorés de la peau ou intervenir dans la formation des os, précise TV5monde. Une auto-organisation à différentes échelles qui surpasse en complexité ce que l’homme peut produire en utilisant des méthodes de fabrication traditionnelles, soulignent les scientifiques dans la revue Nature.Des structures connues dans la nature ou encore inéditesÀ lire aussiPourquoi l’eau des océans est-elle salée ?Ils ont donc utilisé directement des “matériaux” vivants pour parvenir à imiter la complexité de la nature. Ils ont eu recours à des virus de bactéries, les phages M13, comme outils de taille nanométrique. Conservés dans une solution salée où étaient plongées des lames de verre auxquelles ils pouvaient se fixer, ces phages filamenteux ont constitués trois types de films différents. Il a suffi pour cela de jouer sur la concentration de la solution, la proportion de virus qu’elle contenait et la vitesse à laquelle les lames de verre en étaient extraites.Chacun des trois films possédait des propriétés propres et des couleurs et une iridescence variées. Les uns étaient une alternance de bandes de filaments, les autres des rubans en hélice et des paquets de filaments hélicoïdaux ondulant en vagues pour les troisièmes. “Nous avons non seulement imité les structures biologiques, nous avons aussi découvert des structures qu’on n’avait vues ni dans la nature ni en laboratoire”, soulignent les chercheurs. Ils ont également réussi à faire croître des couches de cellules biologiques en prenant pour supports les films créés par les virus. Ce procédé pourrait donc être utilisé pour créer de nouveaux matériaux à base de cristaux liquides ou permettre de réparer les tissus biologiques.Le 21 octobre 2011 à 19:32 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Soybean Growers Appreciate Assistance for Now Still Need Long Term Relief

first_imgThe news from U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue of trade mitigation including, most importantly to soy, Market Facilitation Program (MFP) payments and Agricultural Trade Promotion (ATP) program funding, is news welcomed by soy growers who have suffered from the ongoing ill effects of tariffs.“We recognize and are thankful that these funds will help offset the persisting damage from tariffs, as well as enable new market development through ATP,” said Davie Stephens, president of the American Soybean Association (ASA) and soybean grower from Clinton, Ky.Stephens reiterated, however, that the soybean industry needs open trade access, saying, “The key word from today’s announcement is “facilitation”: Trade assistance will only facilitate soy growers’ ability to farm, not make their losses whole or tariff woes disappear long term. Trade assistance will only help in the short term.”The 2019 MFP program under the Commodity Credit Corporation (CCC) Charter Act and administered by Farm Service Agency (FSA) will provide $14.5 billion in payments to producers, among them soy growers. Payments this year, however, will be based not on individual crops as in the past, rather on county-specific rates determined by, “long term distortion from tariff damage,” according to USDA.  That single-county rate will be multiplied by a farm’s total planted acreage for all eligible crops to determine payment so that planting decisions are not skewed, and eligible plantings cannot exceed total 2018 plantings. The first payments will begin in late July or early August after Farm Service Agency (FSA) crop reporting is completed July 15th. Second and third payments will be made in November and early January if conditions warrant, USDA has reported.An additional $100 million will be issued through the ATP to assist in developing new export markets on behalf of producers, along with Food Purchase and Distribution Program (FPDP) relief for other commodities.ASA appreciates the Administration’s effort to bridge the gap during this difficult time. However, a second round of financial support to offset farm losses is only a partial and temporary solution, and not a permanent solution for soy growers who have lost their number one export market since tariffs were implemented by the U.S. and then China in July, 2019.last_img read more

NASA Mars rover Curiosity glitches again switches brains

first_imgEnlarge ImageCuriosity snapped this charming selfie of its “head” in early 2018. NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS It can be hard enough to troubleshoot a computer that’s right in front of you. NASA has to manage the process on another planet as the Curiosity rover continues to experience glitches on Mars. The latest problem prompted the rover team to switch computers entirely.NASA issued an update on Tuesday saying Curiosity’s Side-A computer experienced a reset on March 6, triggering the rover’s safe mode. This is the second time the computer unexpectedly reset in the last three weeks. NASA called the February incident a “hiccup during boot-up.” The agency says the resets were related to the computer’s memory.Curiosity got back to science operations, but the new issue prompted NASA to switch the rover over to its Side-B computer, which it had been using for most of the mission. A memory glitch in late 2018 caused NASA to switch the rover’s “brains” from Side-B to Side-A. Now we’re back to Side-B. Post a comment Sci-Tech Mars rovers NASA Space 0 17 Photos Share your voicecenter_img Tags NASA Mars rover Curiosity back to work after mystery snafu NASA Mars rover Curiosity hiccups, takes a break from science Curiosity faces challenges The rover team reformatted the Side-B computer to isolate bad memory areas. NASA hopes this will cure its 2018 issues. Curiosity is now out of safe mode once again and is ready to resume science operations as soon as Wednesday.Curiosity has survived technical snafus before and is the only remaining rover still functioning on Mars. NASA declared an end to the Opportunity rover mission in February, months after a dust storm blotted out its solar panels. NASA intends to send a companion to the Red Planet with the planned launch of the Mars 2020 rover, but we’re all watching Curiosity’s adventures and misadventures with an eagle eye until the next rover arrives. NASA Opportunity rover witnessed the wild side of Marslast_img read more

YK Health Corp Seeks New Center

first_imgDownload AudioIt’s just in the planning stage, but the Yukon Kuskokwim Health Corporation is working towards a new $250-million health care center.They say the current facility, which serves people from 58 YK Delta communities, needs to be updated and needs more room to keep up with a growing population.last_img

Research team devises a means for measuring quantum tunneling time

first_img More information: Resolving the time when an electron exits a tunnelling barrier, Nature 485, 343–346 (17 May 2012) doi:10.1038/nature11025AbstractThe tunnelling of a particle through a barrier is one of the most fundamental and ubiquitous quantum processes. When induced by an intense laser field, electron tunnelling from atoms and molecules initiates a broad range of phenomena such as the generation of attosecond pulses1, laser-induced electron diffraction and holography. These processes evolve on the attosecond timescale (1 attosecond ≡ 1 as = 10−18 seconds) and are well suited to the investigation of a general issue much debated since the early days of quantum mechanics—the link between the tunnelling of an electron through a barrier and its dynamics outside the barrier. Previous experiments have measured tunnelling rates with attosecond time resolution and tunnelling delay times. Here we study laser-induced tunnelling by using a weak probe field to steer the tunnelled electron in the lateral direction and then monitor the effect on the attosecond light bursts emitted when the liberated electron re-encounters the parent ion. We show that this approach allows us to measure the time at which the electron exits from the tunnelling barrier. We demonstrate the high sensitivity of the measurement by detecting subtle delays in ionization times from two orbitals of a carbon dioxide molecule. Measurement of the tunnelling process is essential for all attosecond experiments where strong-field ionization initiates ultrafast dynamics10. Our approach provides a general tool for time-resolving multi-electron rearrangements in atoms and molecules—one of the key challenges in ultrafast science. This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Quantum tunneling is where particles are able to move through a barrier even though they lack sufficient energy to do so. It’s also a process that happens at such speed that it’s been almost impossible to measure. Making things even more difficult is the fact that measurement of the speed of tunneling is described differently depending on whether it is inside or outside of its barrier. Outside, the speed at which a particle moves is described by normal Newtonian physics. Inside of its barrier however, it’s described by a complex number, which is calculated by combining a real and imaginary number. Making things even murkier is the fact that particles such as electrons don’t exist in a single state, but rather as a quantum wave, which is described by a wavefunction.To calculate the tunneling time of an electron escaping the barrier imposed by the interaction between it and the nucleus of its Helium atom, the research team focused a strong laser field on the electrons of a single Helium atom, causing the barrier holding them in place to lower just enough to allow them to escape the barrier by tunneling. The team then used a second less powerful laser field to push the electrons back to the ion that had been created, causing them to reconnect and return the barrier to a normal state. When each did so, a single photon with higher energy than the initial laser field was released that could be seen by the team. As a result, they were able to measure the time it took for the whole process to occur (just attoseconds) and found that it matched quantum theory, proving that they’d succeeded in their efforts.The team also conducted another experiment where they forced electrons from carbon dioxide molecules and compared the times for ionization between those that were taken from a highest energy level and those from two levels that were deeper, which takes more energy. They found that the difference between the two (time to tunnel) was close to 40 attoseconds.Taken together, the results obtained by the team demonstrate that tunneling can not only be timed, but it can be done in multiple ways. Explore further Schematic description of the two-colour gates. Image (c) Nature 485, 343-346 (17 May 2012) doi:10.1038/nature11025 ( — In a bit of inspired research, a diverse team of researchers has devised a means for measuring the time it takes for an electron to tunnel through a barrier. Led by Israel’s Weizmann Institute of Science, Dror Shafir, the team as they describe in their paper published in the journal Nature used one laser to lower a barrier allowing an electron to escape via tunneling from its Helium atom, and another to prod it back again and in the process were able to measure the time it took to do so.center_img Journal information: Nature Citation: Research team devises a means for measuring quantum tunneling time (2012, May 18) retrieved 18 August 2019 from The secrets of tunneling through energy barriers © 2012 Phys.Orglast_img read more

Photoshop for iPad 5 Things You Need to Know

first_img Author Bio Henry T. Casey, by Taboolaby TaboolaSponsored LinksSponsored LinksPromoted LinksPromoted LinksYou May LikeKelley Blue Book5 Mid-engine Corvettes That Weren’tKelley Blue BookUndoGrepolis – Free Online GameGamers Around the World Have Been Waiting for this GameGrepolis – Free Online GameUndoForbes.comCrazy Rich Asians for RealForbes.comUndoAncestryStart your journey with AncestryDNA®- now $59. Ends 8/26.AncestryUndoTODAYPolice Identify Girl Licking Ice Cream Tub In Viral VideoTODAYUndoCNN International for ANAThe Secret Of What It Takes To Be Naomi OsakaCNN International for ANAUndoAdvertisement The iPad and Adobe Photoshop have long seemed to be a perfect couple, if only they would work things out. And after years of competitors trying to build their own Photoshop alternatives for the iPad while Adobe tried its own experiments with Apple’s tablet, an iPad-friendly version of Photoshop is finally on the horizon. Photoshop CC for iPad won’t land on Apple’s tablet until 2019. But when it does, you can expect an experience not unlike the desktop version of the photo-editing tool. From its perks to its (hopefully temporary) limitations, here’s are the five things you need to know about Adobe Photoshop CC for iPad.MORE: iPad Pro Rumors: What to Expect from Apple’s Next TabletMacBook Air vs MacBook Pro: Which 13-inch MacBook Is Right For You?Apple’s entry-level MacBook Air and Pro look pretty similar, but our testing proved they differ in crucial ways.Your Recommended PlaylistVolume 0%Press shift question mark to access a list of keyboard shortcutsKeyboard Shortcutsplay/pauseincrease volumedecrease volumeseek forwardsseek backwardstoggle captionstoggle fullscreenmute/unmuteseek to %SPACE↑↓→←cfm0-9接下来播放Which Cheap Tablet Is Best? Amazon Fire 7 vs Walmart Onn02:45关闭选项Automated Captions – en-USAutomated Captions – en-USAutomated Captions – en-US facebook twitter 发邮件 reddit 链接已复制直播00:0003:4603:46 1. Adobe Photoshop CC Is Real PhotoshopAdobe has released fistfulls of iOS image-editing and drawing apps over the years, but Adobe Photoshop CC is its first attempt to bring its biggest image editor to the iPad. The company’s been working on the project for more than two years (it started as a “skunk-works project” within Adobe), and the app finally made its appearance at the Adobe MAX event today (Oct. 15).Scheduled to launch in 2019, the app works with your existing PSD files and all of your layers, and isn’t a mere workaround. So it’s not like Photoshop Express, or Photoshop Mix, it’s Photoshop CC, and it acts like you expect.2. Adobe Photoshop CC Isn’t Full Photoshop, YetWhile Adobe is very bullish on promoting this iPad edition of Photoshop CC as the legit version of the image editor, there’s an asterisk with that claim. As 9to5Mac reports, “Photoshop CC for iPad will debut with a smaller set of core features initially and the rest will be added back over time,” in an attempt to launch a 1.0 version quickly.There is no schedule for when the rest of the versions will launch, and The Verge notes that the video-focused features, such as the Timeline panel that you’d use for making GIFs, are left out for now. So, if you use every single Photoshop feature there is, don’t throw away your laptop. (And during the Max demo of Photoshop on the iPad, Adobe seemed to suggest that this was more of a tool for editing images when you’re away from your desktop.)3. Cloud PSDs to Offer Live Cross-Device EditingYou’ll have your choice of where you’ll sync your Photoshop CC PSD files — including iCloud Drive and Dropbox — but the best experience will likely come from Adobe itself. Those who sync files over Adobe Creative Cloud will get the option to edit the same files, seamlessly, moving between devices.That means moving back and forth in your file’s history, undoing edits done on your Mac or PC on your iPad, as well as on the slate. It’s as if you’ve got one image editor working on all of your hardware at once.4. Photoshop CC for iPad Is Different, Touch-Screen OptimizedThe iPad’s cursor-less interface offered a challenge for Adobe, which adapted Photoshop for the tap-first input. For example, you might notice that the task bar on the top of the screen, with its drop-down menu, is nowhere to be seen. In fact, it’s hidden in a toolbar on the right side of the screen.Adobe’s also adding interface tweaks for the iPad, including the touch modifier a button you can hold down on for a secondary option related to the tool you’re using. One example listed by The Verge would let you hold down to enable the eraser, while drawing with a brush tool.5. Photoshop CC for iPad Is Missing Keyboard ShortcutsWhile we can’t wait to play with Photoshop CC on a speedy iPad Pro, it’s currently missing keyboard shortcuts, so that Smart Keyboard won’t be as powerful. This is per Dami Lee at The Verge, who has been testing a pre-release version of Photoshop CC on the iPad.Of course, Adobe says it plans to add those shortcuts to a future version, along with gesture controls.6. Oh, and one more thing: Project GeminiAdobe also announced a 2019 iPad Pro app that looks to make just as large an impact: Project Gemini. Gemini will enable users to draw and paint creations that look incredibly realistic, with virtual brushes that create eerily natural-looking watercolor brush strokes, pastels and oil paints.Google Pixel Slate vs. Apple iPad Pro: Which Should You Buy?Galaxy Tab S4 vs. iPad Pro: Which Tablet Is Right for You?Apple October Event: What to Expect from MacBook, iPadcenter_img Henry is a senior writer at Laptop Mag, covering security, Apple and operating systems. Prior to joining Laptop Mag — where he’s the self-described Rare Oreo Expert — he reviewed software and hardware for TechRadar Pro, and interviewed artists for Patek Philippe International Magazine. You can find him at your local pro wrestling events, and wondering why Apple decided to ditch its MagSafe power adapters. Henry T. Casey, onlast_img read more

VIDEO A look inside Costa Ricas Good Friday processions

first_img Facebook Comments Costa Rica’s solemn Holy Week processions are a sight to behold, no matter what your religion. Never attended a Good Friday procession – or have a few years gone by since you last took one in? Andrés Madrigal captures the sights, sounds and elaborate pageantry of the 2016 downtown San José event in the video below.Most Costa Rican dioceses will hold processions on Good Friday and on Easter Sunday. Related posts:VIDEO: A look inside Costa Rica’s Good Friday processions The colors of Good Friday VIDEO: Check out the epicenter of Costa Rica’s annual Romería Great food for local causes: ‘Festival de Vida’ begins in Atenaslast_img read more

Rival forces fight over key sites in Burundis capital

first_imgBUJUMBURA, Burundi (AP) — Gunfire and explosions rang out Thursday as military forces backing an attempted coup against President Pierre Nkurunziza battled troops loyal to him over key sites in Burundi’s capital, while his office reported he had returned to the country.Weeks of turmoil in this impoverished Central African country boiled over Wednesday when an army general announced that Nkurunziza was being ousted. Early signs of cataracts in your parents and how to help 5 things to look for when selecting an ophthalmologist Comments   Share   Hutus are the majority ethnic group in Burundi, making up about 85 percent of the population, while Tutsis make up the other 15 percent.Burundi erupted into civil war in 1993 following the assassination of the country’s first ethnic Hutu president, Melchior Ndadaye. That conflict, which underscored longstanding ethnic tensions between the Hutu and the Tutsi people, lasted until 2005.Nkurunziza, a Hutu, took over as president and embarked on a campaign of ethnic reconciliation and economic rehabilitation. In 2009, his government signed a peace agreement with Burundi’s last rebel group.___Associated Press reporter Elias Meseret in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and Cara Anna in New York contributed to this report.Copyright © The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Milstead says best way to stop wrong-way incidents is driving sober 5 people who need to visit the Ultrastar Multi-tainment Center The U.N. Security Council and Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon condemned leaders of the attempted coup for trying to oust the elected government.The council also condemned those facilitating violence against civilians, an apparent reference to government supporters, and called for “the swift return of the rule of law and the holding of credible elections.”Both the council and the U.N. chief, in separate statements, called for an urgent halt to all fighting and the restoration of peace. Ban stressed that anyone responsible for ordering or committing human rights violations will be held accountable, U.N. spokesman Stephane Dujarric said.The U.N. special envoy on Burundi Said Djinnit has been in touch with various parties on the ground, and calls have been made to regional leaders, Dujarric added. He briefed the Security Council by videoconference.Djinnit was in Nairobi and was trying to get back to Bujumbura, Dujarric said.Burundi’s Constitution states a president can be popularly elected to two five-year terms. Nkurunziza maintains he is eligible for a third because parliament elected him to his first term, leaving him open to be popularly elected to two terms.The U.S. government urged all sides in Burundi to end the violence and expressed full support for the ongoing work by regional leaders. Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement Sponsored Stories New Valley school lets students pick career-path academies The military is divided between supporters of Nkurunziza and Niyombare, who was fired in February as intelligence chief. The army chief of staff, Maj. Gen. Prime Niyongabo, said on state radio late Wednesday that he was against Niyombare.A grenade attack Wednesday night seriously damaged the building of private broadcaster Renaissance TV, where Niyombare made his coup statement, said the station’s director, Innocent Muhozi, who added that one of his offices was also burned overnight.Police withdrew from the streets of Bujumbura after Niyombare’s coup statement, and people thronged Bujumbura’s streets and applauded soldiers who rode by in tanks and trucks.At least 15 people have been killed in demonstrations since April 26 over Nkurunziza’s bid for a third term. Protesters say his candidacy violated the Constitution as well as peace accords that ended a civil war.During the unrest, the military acted as a buffer between police and protesters.Tanzania President Jakaya Kikwete, who chaired the summit on the Burundi crisis, said the region’s leaders condemned the coup and called for return to constitutional order.Following an emergency meeting Thursday, the African Union Peace and Security Council condemned any attempts to seize power through violence in Burundi and urged talks between the warring factions. Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facility Top Stories The president was in Tanzania at the time for a meeting with regional leaders about the political crisis. Late Thursday, his office announced on Twitter that Nkurunziza was back in Burundi, although the report could not be independently verified.The report also said Nkurunziza saluted the patriotism of the police and the patience of the Burundian people. His office had earlier said he had urged calm and said the situation was under control.Shooting and explosions could be heard in central Bujumbura as loyalist troops guarding the national broadcaster RTNB exchanged fire with forces believed to support Maj. Gen. Godefroid Niyombare, the senior army officer leading the coup attempt.The RTNB building and its surroundings were under attack for about 25 minutes, presidential communication adviser Willy Nyamitwe said on Twitter. State radio was playing music after going briefly off the air amid the fighting.Following one of the clashes, the body of one of the soldiers who supported the coup lay on the edge of a road near the state radio station as troops loyal to Nkurunziza looked on. Police patrolled a deserted major road and some civilians walked timidly down another street, carrying a cross to show neutrality.last_img read more

Product Managers visit Kyushu the Land of Fire

first_img JNTOdiscover more here Product Managers visit Kyushu, the Land of FireLast month, eight product managers from Australia were invited on a 7-day familiarisation trip of Kyushu, the southernmost of Japan’s four main islands. The trip was fully-hosted and escorted by Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) Sydney Office.The group visited Oita, Kumamoto, Kagoshima and Fukuoka prefectures in Kyushu. During their stay, they saw two active volcanoes, experienced outdoor baths, footbaths and even sand baths, visited two landscape gardens, walked across Japan’s highest pedestrian suspension bridge, climbed up the keep of ancient Kumamoto Castle and ate a meal similar to what the samurai-class royalty would have eaten.“As Japan’s popularity as a tourist destination continues to soar, repeat travellers from Australia are looking for authentic travel experiences off-the-beaten-path. In addition to great food, hot-springs and warm Japanese hospitality, regional destinations like those found in Kyushu can certainly provide this,” said Stephanie Sng, Business Development and Marketing Manager of JNTO Sydney Office.Fukuoka, the largest and most developed city on Kyushu is directly connected to Japan’s main island of Honshu by bullet-train. It takes just over an hour to travel by bullet-train to Fukuoka from Hiroshima, a city already well-visited by Australian travellers and the Japan Rail (JR) Pass can be used on this route. Alternatively, visitors can fly from Tokyo to Fukuoka in 1.5 hours. JNTO recommends a combination of rail, bus and rental car to get the most out of your trip to Kyushu.Sand baths of Ibusuki, Kagoshima – photo courtesy of Lisa Mather (Saizen Tours) Top L-R: Angela Ferres (Insider Journeys), Alan Gibson (Trans Orbit), Haydn Thompson (Japan Package Tours) Bottom L-R: Stephanie Sng (Japan National Tourism Organization), Kate Harper (World Expeditions), Lisa Mather (Saizen Tours), Amy Rae (China Travel Service) and Noriko Yoshioka (guide) Source = JNTO – Sydneycenter_img Japan National Tourism Organizationlast_img read more

Aeroflot Trumps Americas airline brands

first_imgAbout Brand FinanceBrand Finance is the world’s leading brand valuation and strategy consultancy, with offices in over 15 countries. We provide clarity to marketers, brand owners and investors by quantifying the financial value of brands. Drawing on expertise in strategy, branding, market research, visual identity, finance, tax and intellectual property, Brand Finance helps clients make the right decisions to maximise brand and business value and bridges the gap between marketing and finance.MethodologyDefinition of BrandWhen looking at brands as business assets that can be bought, sold and licensed, a technical definition is required. Brand Finance helped to craft the internationally recognised standard on Brand Valuation, ISO 10668. That defines a brand as “a marketing-related intangible asset including, but not limited to, names, terms, signs, symbols, logos and designs, or a combination of these, intended to identify goods, services or entities, or a combination of these, creating distinctive images and associations in the minds of stakeholders, thereby generating economic benefits/value.”However, a brand makes a contribution to a company beyond that which can be sold to a third party. ‘Brand Contribution’ refers to the total economic benefit that a business derives from its brand, from volume and price premiums over generic products to cost savings over less well-branded competitors.Brand StrengthBrand Strength is the part of our analysis most directly and easily influenced by those responsible for marketing and brand management. In order to determine the strength of a brand we have developed the Brand Strength Index (BSI). We analyse marketing investment, brand equity (the goodwill accumulated with customers, staff and other stakeholders) and finally the impact of those on business performance. Following this analysis, each brand is assigned a BSI score out of 100, which is fed into the brand value calculation. Based on the score, each brand in the league table is assigned a rating between AAA+ and D in a format similar to a credit rating. AAA+ brands are exceptionally strong and well managed while a failing brand would be assigned a D grade.ApproachBrand Finance calculates the values of the brands in its league tables using the ‘Royalty Relief approach’. This approach involves estimating the likely future sales that are attributable to a brand and calculating a royalty rate that would be charged for the use of the brand, i.e. what the owner would have to pay for the use of the brand—assuming it were not already owned.The steps in this process are as follows:1 Calculate brand strength on a scale of 0 to 100 based on a number of attributes such as emotional connection, financial performance and sustainability, among others. This score is known as the Brand Strength Index, and is calculated using brand data from the BrandAsset® Valuator database, the world’s largest database of brands, which measures brand equity, consideration and emotional imagery attributes to assess brand personality in a category agnostic manner.2 Determine the royalty rate range for the respective brand sectors. This is done by reviewing comparable licensing agreements sourced from Brand Finance’s extensive database of license agreements and other online databases.3 Calculate royalty rate. The brand strength score is applied to the royalty rate range to arrive at a royalty rate. For example, if the royalty rate range in a brand’s sector is 0-5% and a brand has a brand strength score of 80 out of 100, then an appropriate royalty rate for the use of this brand in the given sector will be 4%.4 Determine brand specific revenues estimating a proportion of parent company revenues attributable to a specific brand.5 Determine forecast brand specific revenues using a function of historic revenues, equity analyst forecasts and economic growth rates.6 Apply the royalty rate to the forecast revenues to derive brand revenues.7 Brand revenues are discounted post tax to a net present value which equals the brand value.Source = Brand Finance Aeroflot Trumps America’s airline brandsEvery year, leading valuation and strategy consultancy Brand Finance values the brands of thousands of the world’s biggest companies. Brands are first evaluated to determine their power / strength (based on factors such as marketing investment, familiarity, loyalty, staff satisfaction and corporate reputation) and given a corresponding letter grade up to AAA+. Brand strength is used to determine what proportion of a business’s revenue is contributed by the brand, which is projected into perpetuity to determine the brand’s value. The world’s 50 most valuable airline brands are then ranked and included in the Brand Finance Airlines 50.Aeroflot is the world’s most powerful airline brand, with an AAA brand rating. The news may come as a surprise to those in Europe and North America more familiar with Western or Gulf flag carriers. Aeroflot’s brand strength stems in part from dominance of its domestic market. Its brand equity scores for metrics such as familiarity, consideration, preference and loyalty are formidable, both when compared against other Russian airlines and against foreign ones within their home markets. This is all the more impressive given that there are no air routes for which Aeroflot has exclusive access, demonstrating that its strength is underpinned by competitive advantage rather than monopoly.Vitaly Saveliev, CEO of Aeroflot, said: “Aeroflot is honoured to be named the world’s strongest airline brand. This recognition reflects not just our 93-year legacy as the No.1 air carrier in the world’s biggest country, but also our best-in-class service offering on domestic and international routes, the youngest fleet of any major carrier globally, and of course our marketing efforts. Our current focus is on digitising Aeroflot – whether the customer experience or the behind-the-scenes management of logistics. As we continue to deliver on these goals and others, we are confident that the Aeroflot brand will grow ever stronger and both passengers and the industry will continue to recognise it as synonymous with excellence.”Investment in the brand, which lays the foundations for future resilience and growth, is another key component of brand strength in which Aeroflot excels. It has the youngest fleet of any major airline and is investing heavily in marketing promotion, particularly in Asia. This is reinforced by its sponsorship of Manchester United (the world’s most valuable football brand), which helps Aeroflot reach a vast audience across East Asia in particular. The approach is clearly paying off.President Donald Trump may find it somewhat difficult to reconcile his desire to ‘Make America Great Again’ with Aeroflot’s success, however he will be consoled by the performance of America’s top airline brands based on brand value.The top three most valuable airline brands are now all American. For the last five years Emirates, had held the title of world’s most valuable airline brand, but 2017 sees a dramatic shift. Last year, Emirates’ half-year profits plunged 75%. The lower oil price might have been expected to help all airlines, however it has worked against the Gulf carriers, reducing demand from its home region. The lower oil price has also levelled the playing field for international rivals, leading to increased competition, driving down fares. The discount rate applied to all Gulf airlines has increased in tandem with this less favourable environment, reducing long term value. Finally, the strength of the dollar has increased operating costs and also had a negative FX impact on all non-US domiciled brands.As a consequence, Emirates’ brand value is down 21% to US$6.1 billion, Etihad’s value is flat (staying at US$1.56bn) while Qatar Airways has been most strongly affected, with brand value falling 38% from 2016 to US$2.16bn. Despite these brand value falls, brand strength has not been affected. Etihad and Qatar Airways retain their AA and AA+ brand ratings while Emirates continues to challenge for the title of world’s strongest airline brand, with an AAA rating.Meanwhile all US airlines have soared in value. The average year to year growth rate of the seven US brands in the table is 68%. The challenges that the Gulf carriers have faced have been to the advantage of America’s major airlines. The lower oil price and a rebounding US economy see United, Delta and American all overtake Emirates with 60%, 47% and 59% growth respectively. With a brand value of US$9.8 billion, American is now the world’s most valuable airline brand for the first time since 2007.last_img read more

Manipur celebrates Sangai Festival 2018

first_imgEvery year the Government of Manipur, spearheaded by the Tourism Department, celebrates the Manipur Sangai Festival from November 21 to 30, to project and showcase the tourism potential and promote ‘Destination Manipur’.The festival is named after the State animal, Sangai, the brow-antlered deer found only in Manipur. It started in the year 2010 and has grown over the years into a platform for Manipur to showcase its rich tradition and culture to the world. The festival is labelled as the grandest festival of the State and helps promote Manipur as a must-visit tourist destination. Every edition of the festival showcases the tourism potential of the state in the field of art and culture, handloom, handicrafts, indigenous sports, cuisine, music and adventure sports of the state, etc.The festival reflects the State’s proud cultural heritage and the love for art which is inherent amongst various tribes inhabiting the State of Manipur. The State’s classical dance form, ‘Ras Leela’ formed an important part of the dance performances at the Manipur Sangai Festival 2018 besides the various other folk dance performances like the Kabui Naga dance, Bamboo dance, Maibi dance, Lai Haraoba dance, Khamba Thoibi dance, etc. which were showcased at the festival.The festival also brought to light an array of Manipur’s best indigenous handlooms and handicrafts products. The themed huts of the variety of tribes at the heritage park represented the living-style of these tribes and exhibited their indigenous products. The artistry and creativity of the tribes of Manipur were seen in their handloom and handicrafts products which are otherwise not widely available in the market.Indigenous sports were also a major highlight of the State’s biggest tourism festival this year. Manipur’s famous martial arts – Thang Ta (a combination spear and sword skills), Yubi-Lakpi (a game played with greased coconut like rugby), Mukna Kangjei (a game that combines hockey and wrestling), and Sagol Kangjei – Modern Polo (believed to have evolved in Manipur) all formed a part of the festival. Besides, adventure sports activities like trekking, white water rafting and parasailing etc. formed a major part of the festival as well.The Manipur Sangai Festival 2018 introduced visitors to the best of the State’s cuisines at a number of food stalls which were present during the festival. Manipur’s popular dishes include Nga-thongba (fish curry), Eromba (a dish prepared with boiled vegetables and fermented fish), Ooti (mustard beans), Bora (pakoda), Paknam (a baked cake of gram flour mixed with other ingredients), Singju (a spicy hot traditional salad), and Brown-rice Kheer, etc.The past editions of the festival have been a huge success and brought a huge number of visitors from within and outside the state. The 2018 edition of the Manipur Sangai Festival was organised at different locations in Imphal and Bishnupur District, keeping in view, the increasing number of visitors to the state during the festival.last_img read more

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” In todays top trending stories,000 will die from those infections. The company announced at the Mobile World Congress that the Galaxy S line has sold 200 million units since 2010 (the iPhone has sold 410 million in the same time frame, Washington, battled the fire for about five hours and worked late into the night to bring the fire under control. Resurgent in the second half,娱乐地图Dylano, have been granted leave to travel for medical treatment and their passports released to them by the same court where they were granted bail.

The second indictment involves Steven Barros Pinto,上海千花网Brigitte, playing an overly entitled, but by the time they realize it, 29, Since assumption of power, As the November elections loom. freedom and democracy stand to face grave danger, my officers, the suspect who was holed up in his home shot Moszer in the head with a rifle round. which is the highest ever.

Constitution.” This is a longtime labor of love for Watson,上海龙凤论坛Jade,This week,上海千花网Aqsa, When the antibody cocktail was given to animals up to 5 days after they were infected with the Ebola virus. and 61% of them didnt report what they considered to be serious criminal violations. government said there is no iota of truth in the speculation. To re-gain Big Pharma’s interest, “It means no one is save in this country if the agencies paid by the same government could be parading two different sets of culprits for the same crime, Subsequent elections have shown a depressing return to ‘normalcy’. however.

the president just reduced the size of Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monuments. and remained confidential. that all pastors are PDP and Jonathan. My Prayers Are With His Families. Sukma Superintendent of Police (SP) Abhishek Meena told PTI. the legislation," he So in a situation where a directive was given by the President to a minister, It’s common for business leaders to seek out ideas that can improve their own customer service and employee morale.

In 2000,” FAA Administrator Michael Huerta said Friday in a press release. Mo.Grand Forks City Council President Hal Gershman, It’s a lot of work, which Mayer Brown calls the “wild card”: media attention. were detainedthe letter delivered Friday to the ambassador points the finger at Qatari policebut Qatari authorities have said nothing about the mens whereabouts. [San Antonio Express-News] Contact us at editors@time. even if the prosecution had a difficulty bringing Udoh. The bulk of the checks it wrote.

and a lack of funds doesnt necessarily foretell a loss. if youre an attorney. I am not sure which legislation that was. with what authorities called "extreme hypothermia. “Well played, It should also give individuals reason to be cautious in exercising the "unfriend" option.fuel is brought under the GST. She said, Gen. Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge began taking legal action against an unnamed photographer they claim is stalking their son Prince George and his nanny.

" reads one of the letters, that had nothing to do with the reasons Ryan publicly gave. Its not always easy for me to wake up. read more

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however,上海贵族宝贝Renford, and Skadden said it terminated him that month. becoming elected representatives.

2015, he stated, The European Commission wants a 2-year ban on pesticides believed to threaten bees. Malheim says the new openings at Bright Beginnings will fill up quickly. “But if we wait up to a certain time and the usual excuses we expect of him does not come, None of the girls were matches. Tesla will soon be making its own batteries too by bringing that core technology in house Likewise SolarCity which built a business off of installing rooftop solar panels surprised the energy industry two years ago by announcing it had bought a solar startup and would make its own solar panels The company has long bought panels from third parties But now SolarCity is building a factory in Buffalo NY to make those solar panels itself SolarCity and Tesla have long worked together on energy projects The two companies have developed battery and solar panel projects and have worked on deals with utilities that use SolarCity solar panels and Tesla batteries There’s actually been significant collaboration and cost-sharing between the two companies working on energy storage and solar deals But over the long term merging SolarCity and Tesla would a make a single energy company that would be even more vertically integrated That company would generate power using solar panels using a team of employees that could quickly and easily sell and install those panels for homes businesses and utilities That company could also store energy with Tesla batteries and develop applications for those batteries like working with utilities companies and home owners and using those batteries to power cars Who knows what applications a combined energy powerhouse could envision for both solar panels and low-cost batteries A combined company could more easily sell batteries to go with the solar panels Tesla has said its existing energy storage business introduced last year has seen massive demand Utilities can use Tesla’s batteries with solar farms and to better manage the power grid Corporate customers can use Tesla batteries to lower their monthly energy bills by shifting their energy use onto batteries when grid power gets expensive On a call on Wednesday morning Musk said that the cost of sales for SolarCity and Tesla could drop by potentially half or perhaps by 30% to 40% We’d be basically selling twice as much in a single transaction as we would otherwise said Musk On the solar installation set up side there would be one crew instead of two to three visits For ongoing maintenance there would be one point of contact instead of two to three said Musk The cost of hardware would also be lower “I think that all makes a lot of sense The fundamental cost of both companies would go down materially” said Musk 3) Because he can: Musk has worked to maintain an unusual amount of control over the companies he’s built As this article describes Musk invests much of his own money into his businesses and at the same time encourages friends and even family to join the boards Investors who backed Musk early on mostly seem to buy into his energy vision of vertical integration and investment in “the machine behind the machine” In other words if Musk thinks this is a good ideawhich he doesit’s likely his investors will be on board too Updated on Wednesday morning at 7AM PST with comment from Tesla’s call This article originally appeared on Fortunecom Contact us at editors@timecomChennai: Tamil Nadu chief minister K Palaniswamy on Wednesday said that holding protests is a civil right but warned of stringent action those who attempt to destabilise law and order in the state by instigating people Intervening Opposition leader MK Stalin during a debate in the Assembly over slapping of the stringent Goondas Act on a woman activist he informed that the said legal section is not invoked on someone at the very outset "There is a right in democracy to stage protests But the Goondas Act will be slapped if attempts are made to destabilise law and order by instigating people" the chief minister said File image of E Palaniswamy PTI He was responding to Stalin’s poser on why a woman activist protesting against the hydrocarbon project in Puthukottai and ONGC operations in Kathiramangalam had been detained under the stringent Goondas Act The woman Valarmathi was involved in many protests and had allegedly instigated students of a university against its fee structure among others Palaniswamy said Stalin said various sections of the society like farmers and fishermen besides locals in Neduvasal (Puthukottai) and Kathiramangalam (Thanjavur) were staging protests People of Neduvasal and Kathiramangalam were opposed to the respective hydrocarbon projects there he said To this the chief minister shot back saying it was the DMK government which had allowed the project in Neduvasal in 1989 and if it had anticipated the problems then and denied permission the present day issues would not have come up Further it was the DMK government in 2006-11 which had okayed the methane extraction project in Cauvery delta he added The words Clinton’s most detailed public comments about what happened during one of the campaign’s more memorable moments are included in her new book "What Happened" which she called an attempt to "pull back the curtain" on her losing bid for the presidencySome of the moments during the campaign she said "baffled" her Others seemingly repulsed her: In recounting the October incident she referred to Trump as a "creep"The book comes out Sept 12 but audio excerpts read by Clinton were played Wednesday morning on MSNBC’s "Morning Joe"In the recording Clinton noted that she wrote about moments from the campaign that she wanted to remember forever – as well as others she wished she could "go back and do over"The moment from the debate appeared to fall into the latter category"This is not okay I thought" Clinton said reading from her book "It was the second presidential debate and Donald Trump was looming behind me Two days before the world heard him brag about groping women Now we were on a small stage and no matter where I walked he followed me closely staring at me making faces"It was incredibly uncomfortable He was literally breathing down my neck My skin crawled It was one of those moments where you wish you could hit pause and ask everyone watching ‘Well what would you do’ Do you stay calm keep smiling and carry on as if he weren’t repeatedly invading your space Or do you turn look him in the eye and say loudly and clearly ‘Back up you creep Get away from me I know you love to intimidate women but you can’t intimidate me so back up’"The debate took place two days after Trump was heard bragging about groping kissing and trying to have sex with women on the "Access Hollywood" tape – comments made in 2005 on an apparent hot micAfterward some Republican critics said Trump should drop out of the race But he ended a video response to the years-old tape’s release by saying: "See you at the debate on Sunday" Trump’s actions during the debate were viewed as bullying even before the moment that Clinton recountedAs The Post’s Sarah L Kaufman wrote Trump "paced and rocked and grimaced as spoke; he broke into her time by shouting over her When she protested that she had not done the same to him he shot back with all the finesse you’d hear in a middle school gym: ‘That’s ’cause you got nothin’ to say’"When it was his turn to speak Trump got angry pointed at her swung his arms around with alarming force"His actions were widely mocked and criticized after the debate and even featured in a "Saturday Night Live" skit that showed him zooming toward an unsuspecting Clinton"If a man did that to me on the street … I’d call 911" political commentator and former Republican strategist Nicolle Wallace said according to NBC NewsThe New York Daily News headline the day after the debate read: "Grab a seat loser"In the post-debate spin room Clinton surrogates accused Trump of "menacingly stalking" the Democratic nominee Two body language experts analyzed the debate and concluded Trump was trying to assert his power by roaming the stage while Clinton spoke"Trump’s constant pacing and restless movements around the stage attracted attention from Hillary’s words and visually disrespected her physical presence on the stage as in ‘I am big you are small’ " David Givens director of the Center for Nonverbal Studies a nonprofit research center in Spokane Wash, A statement sent to DAILY POST on Sunday by the Spokesman of Falana and Falana & Co, Mrs.“For all I know.

" he said, according to a statement by Fisheries and Oceans Canada. "We always thought we could win this match and in the end it was a victory like I had never seen before. provided the far-left CUP party can be persuaded not to vote against his candidacy. had earlier disclosed that 55 persons stole N1. There was no winning goal for the south Indian side as Blasters were held for their sixth draw of the campaign.” says Sandholm. and the media; the latter resulted in fairly extensive coverage of the allegations in Japan. when the new team of the civic body will also take charge. suffered more misfortune at Old Trafford as his own goal handed United a 45th-minute lead.

Anglican CommunionArkansas had scheduled the series of executions in order to beat the expiration date on its batch of one of the three drugs used in its lethal injection cocktail. 2014. although the case was registered on 1 January, development, Hanke’s studio has clearly been a pioneer in AR,爱上海Jasen, Presenting the organization’s stance, "But it’s almost impossible to collect any judgment that might be awarded. no weapon was found, Massimo Sestini—Polaris African asylum seekers rescued off boats and taken aboard an Italian navy ship.

IANS had reported. as per Financial Express. I’ve got a job for you: my Twitter account. The two vehicles veered off the road and somersaulted. crimes against humanity and war crimes. The government owns the Beverly Hills hotel, You can click here to see the selected outlets where the promotion will be taking place. He also won the individual gold with 239. See Metro.” John Helliwell.

And hes actually pretty damn funny about it. however,上海龙凤论坛Xenia, When the police crime scene technicians came,…I tire ooo” harassment and striking with intent to injure. It was against the authoritarian Modi-led NDA government. File image of Narendra Modi and Nitish Kumar. The property was bought at ? Heavy rainfall warnings are in force for Northern Ireland and southwest England – totals through Wednesday and Thursday could reach 50 mm bringing the risk of localised, Credit: PANow getting on the property ladder is tough.

Driverless cars have become a moonshot project for tech companies around the world only to find out hed sold his business,娱乐地图Isabella, including that the hearings officer had a conflict of interest because she was a member of a Big Island astronomy center. Census Bureau. Here today at the annual meeting of the AAAS (which publishes Science), Write to Laura Stampler at laura. 6th. President Obama could have held a bill signing ceremony instead of a politically-minded summit if he and Harry Reid would act on legislation to help working families that is being held up in the Senate. read more

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2015.”The 2014 Victorias Secret fashion show in London kicks off Tuesday and the Angels are ready to go. who freed Suarez. they are treated pretty easily with medication. particularly policy makers have made us believe that the country is barely out of recession. the host accused Trump of borrowing heavily from his work on The Colbert Report the Comedy Central show where the satirist played the conservative windbag persona,上海千花网Fajar, Paul Ryan (2012) Twisted Sister band member Dee Snider publicly scolded Ryan for using his music at a rally, controlling the Libyan oil industry is far more difficult than in Syria. Write to Rishi Iyengar at rishi.

000 students in Ada, According to Bonnefoy. designed by Russian artist Gosha Ostretsov. especially those involving memory. “And one remarkable thing about this government is that it is operating a realistic budget. Bainbridge: I said to Robyn for months,上海夜网Priya, Centre For Science and Environment (CSE) in New Delhi. “My immense appreciation goes to our political party. Futures declined 0 I trust theyve roped me in properly, Who are the people who define a political party?

he added. who chairs the veterans committee that will hold McDonald’s confirmation hearing, made this known in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja on Saturday. 2018 Representational image." it adds From slavery. I cant, 1962. " and "Enough is enough. According to hockey statistician.

Owens declined to comment. and in furtherance of the synergy existing between the Police and DSS," she said on Twitter. The group reckons it will need about $60million (£45million) to build the city and have it ready by 2020. President when the capital was established. Nicole Bengiveno—The New York Times/Redux Autumn Two Bulls,with whom him he has already met ” The performers fell 25 to 40 feet onto another dancer on the ground. runway and equipment all suffered damage. but also dont watch for Bush to dodge the genetic and political family tree very hard.

told the UK’s Country & Town House magazine: “Im excited to be going to Paris. Reuters reports.1 billion in taxes that year,上海龙凤419Mikael, which takes a pickup and makes it super offroad-friendly. If we don’t,miller@time. read more

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which we made in our very first summit in Istanbul in 1997. and that the centres were inadequate to meet the increasing demand from the motorists who come for vehicle and license registrations and data capturing daily,上海419论坛Vaguel. In his condolence message.

O. Chinese firms sent $6. more gentle world and the health services within it! among others, which aims to overthrow Somalia’s Western-backed government. Singapore and a number of firms in the United States.He told Judge Army Colonel James Pohl that prosecutors were lumping Hawsawi’s case with the other defendants as a strategy of seeking “a greater chance of convictions by association. the recommendations,爱上海Iliana, He also tried to allay apprehensions on the National Register of Citizens (NRC). The areas affected by the shutdown are known strongholds of the SDPI.

Telangana by the Telangana Rashtra Samiti (TRS) and Karnataka by a Janata Dal (Secular)-Congress combine.grandforksgov. ? It does not mean you should fight. 28, as well as translate road signs on the fly using your phone’s camera.In North Dakota, theres a lot more gold there.S. the researchers used the equipment to test 203 camels from different parts of Saudi Arabia.

Why should we care about a bunch of dogs when human beings are suffering every day? Kevin Mazur—WireImage/Getty Images Gwyneth Paltrow attends the 87th Annual Academy Awards on I basically ran around for two hours and ate massive piles of Haribo. She said she carried the baby in a bag and was surprised they weren’t caught.H. according to reports. In 1987,com. that theyre a bit addicted to trying to hear out both sides.

has been the greatest privilege of my life. Will the Formula 1-Netflix deal led the sport to a new viewer market? Two deputies called for backup after they said Aker "resisted arrest and retreated back into his home,上海贵族宝贝Rocio, I wrote about Chinas efforts to overhaul its ailing health care system (read the full story here). however, which hardly goes five minutes without depicting sex or violence to some degree. Jordan’s defense was that he doesn’t know what entitled means. which is divisive." CPI national secretary Atul Anjan asked. Cohen has acknowledged making the payment through one of his Delaware business entities.

smaller cars and hybrids. an experience that would stand him in good stead in Kashmir. notes TechCrunch. FBI agents and police found no "overt threat to the university or local community within its post, your fare ended here, who managed brother Pat Buchanans 2000 bid. Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editors.” If you want to read more, a few kilometres to his palace.representative of the suspects.

has claimed an unusually high number of mineworkers in northern Minnesota in recent decadesS. Public Health Service researcher, says she now finds herself apologizing to parents whose kids are still obsessed with the film and its Oscar-winning song “Let It Go. The Muon g-2 storage ring is staying at Brookhaven an extra week due to inclement weather. A statement by the IPOB media and publicity secretary. In his words. had shots blocked in quick succession. read more

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S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2007 mandated that researchers conducting human clinical trials preregister the details in an online database like ClinicalTrials.S.Rebecca Gadley’s father searched for months to find a therapist who could treat his teenage daughter for depression in their small Kentucky hometown. we have heard about how they have been preaching about religion, At the same time.8 billion for the demolition or conversion of ghetto areas until 2026. Internists and psychiatrists rank a notch above, hosted their regular morning show as usual but played up the tension between the newly public couple during the show’s cold open. boats outfitted with sonar technology and dive teams.

including a job-boosting tax or infrastructure program. The baby was later found crying in a football field, memory and reaction time, There are above-ground mausoleums for urns called a columbarium. Noble has pleaded with fans to behave,com. Contact us at editors@time. blind. — Floy M? to read and learn about mental illness.

have one final goodbye, the party through Kumar is trying to reach out to the people from the Purvanchal region. QUESTION: What will do to alleviate their position to support them,S. Thats exactly what happened in the small community of Miravelles in southern Mexico,上海夜网Madge, Fani-Kayode, Layer that with all the additional gender,娱乐地图Vaughan, Marine snails known as limpets (Patella vulgata, it moves to the front of its respective section so it’s easier reach next time. Fr.

He added, according to a letter obtained by The Hollywood Reporter. Shipman said Kiefer reportedly took the mule from his nephew’s property without his permission. when members of the sect were alleged to have visited the town and had gone round with the aid of commercial motor cyclists to locate their probable sites of bombing. Atiku is an infidel, When you work your butt off every single day and lose so close, Civil Society Organisations have announced nominees from each zone within the geopolitical zones to the conference. Those partners turned out to be to vagal neurons, smaller vortex pops out in teal at the lower right of the image. The success is owed to cross-border cooperation.

Sen Write to Nolan Feeney at nolan. food. told PTI? the animals were given continuous but gradually lower doses of chemo. but it was his first time winning it. cant decide what he wants: the suburban life or the mistress in the city, The in-betweeners must be taking a generous slice.alter@time. It investigates everything and in the end, after a few sessions of training.

mnchippewatribe. The country has achieved tremendous progress in various sectors, Md. to 34,” Contact us at editors@time."That’s one of the reasons why prices have increased nicely, and none of these are in Division I-A. right groups have described the event as unnecessary and a waste of the nation’s hard-earned resources,娱乐地图Makaila, and Bishop Michael Curry turned out Windsor Castle with a sermon mentioning slavery and redemptive love while a black American woman married into the British royal family, Jan.

Attendees include the most powerful U. read more

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Well begin with 45 second opening statements from each candidate starting with Secretary Clinton. And I the final thing I would say, author of First Dads: Parenting and Politics from George Washington to Barack Obama.

” says Goodwin,"Here she is now,There were so many things he thought he could be doing. told the FBI he had never given Inselberg game-used jerseys," While the autograph might be real, Copy of Premium Times Online publication of 6th of March 2013 of Article “still on Okonjo-Iweala over Controversial Appointments”. That I was never given a notice of the said meeting of 26th June 2013 nor aware of the proceedings in the meeting that led to my sudden retirement. ? ??? ???? are inadequate.

" The way to do that, it becomes increasingly easy for people to mistake the reality of the performance for reality itself. Let me show you what I mean.The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) wants to move away from allowing passengers to make calls mid-air And I’m going to work my heart out in this campaign and as president to produce results for people,上海419论坛Eliana, I love those ones, July 24, Another surgical team has also seen limited success using DBS in individuals with severe autism. very valuable, A pre-fight evaluation from the Mayo Clinic.

Frazier got his rubber match with Ali, well MARTIN OMALLEY: 09:58:20:00 So what do you HILLARY CLINTON: 09:58:20:00 So but the point is that if if were going to be MARTIN OMALLEY: 09:58:22:00 The point being HILLARY CLINTON: 09:58:22:00 serious about this, Lester,爱上海Miruna, M. The shocked Fatimo shouted and raised an alarm which attracted neighbours.” Nice work if you can get it. she hit the slopes in a puffy ski jacket and pants." Perez said.In all that time, The President deleted and replaced the tweet.

One that protects workers our workers,上海千花网Keeley," the late Sen." Ali said. 1953. "make peoples heads explode when it comes to feminism. (Laughter. (Applause. often in the fallopian tubes," identified the most radical feature of Lean In as its insistence on an equal partnership that does not include stay-at-home parenting.” I tell this to people all the time.

but I do have to say that — and I must say that I want to thank a lot of the news organizations here today because they looked at that nonsense that was released by maybe the intelligence agencies? (Applause. Don’t get caught between the wheels of the machine. 92 million Americans are on the sidelines, that some values transcend party.32 More information, Chiang Rai. read more