Biotiful unveils three spoonable kefir quarks with fruit compote

first_imgBiotiful unveils three spoonable kefir quarks with fruit compotePosted By: Alex Clereon: April 24, 2019In: Dairy, Food, Industries, Innovation, New productsPrintEmailBiotiful Dairy has released three new spoonable kefir quark pots with fruit compote, extending its offering in one of the dairy industry’s most promising categories.New kefir quark with strawberry and rhubarb compote, raspberry compote, and black cherry compote will be available from mid-April through Sainsbury’s and Whole Foods Market in the UK, priced at a recommended £1.50 for a 160g pot.The packaging for the new products has been designed to highlight kefir’s origins in the Caucasus mountains and hero the multiple benefits of the ancient fermented dairy product – including its high protein content and the presence of gut-friendly cultures.The range is “designed to help consumers upgrade from sugar-laden yogurt”, Biotiful said.Founder Natasha Bowes explained: “Our new kefir quark with compote is the latest step towards our wider mission of transforming dairy. From our own research, we know consumers want nutrition from their dairy without compromising on taste – as with all our products, this range offers just that.“The indulgent fruit compotes, alongside our unique combination of kefir and quark, deliver a tasty and creamy gut-friendly snack or on-the-go breakfast with no sugar added. We hope it encourages consumers to upgrade their everyday dairy purchases and enables them to consume delicious, more nutritious, functional foods daily.”As well as the new products, the fresh packaging design will roll out across the rest of Biotiful’s kefir portfolio.Bowes founded Biotiful Dairy in 2012 to introduce British consumers to kefir, which – like other kefir category founders, like Lifeway Foods’ Julie Smolyansky – she discovered growing up in Eastern Europe.Kefir is a centuries-old dairy product made with milk and live cultures, and naturally packed with billions of gut-friendly bacteria and essential vitamins and minerals. High in protein and calcium, it is quickly finding favour among consumers along with other fermented food and beverage products.Share with your network: Tags: Biotiful DairykefirUKyogurtlast_img read more

AOL Splashes Out 405 Million for Video Ad Platform Adaptv

first_img AOL took another step today toward becoming a major player in digital video with the $405 million purchase of, a video advertising platform. The acquisition of is the largest of AOL chief executive Tim Armstrong’s tenure so will be an independent part of AOL’s video division. It offers publishers programmatic ad-buying solutions, which means that ad buys are done through computational algorithms, like much stock trading nowadays. On’s platform, brands can buy and sell video advertising inventory, such as 30-second ads that air before YouTube videos.”AOL is a leader in online video, and the combination of AOL and will create the leading video platform in the industry,” said Armstrong in a statement. “The founders and team are on a mission to make advertising as easy as e-commerce, and the two companies together will aggressively pursue that vision.”AOL also reported earnings today. While its second-quarter revenue increased 2 percent to $541.3 million from the second quarter of 2012, its income plunged 97 percent to $28.5 million from $970.8 million at this time last year. But that quarter’s numbers were boosted by a patent licensing deal that netted the company more than $1 billion, according to earnings reports, so it isn’t an apples-to-apples comparison.AOL is shifting to branded media content as its subscription business continues to decline, though it isn’t shrinking as fast as one might expect. Millions of people are still paying to connect to the internet through AOL. The internet giant earned $166 million on subscriptions in its most recent quarter, a 5.4 percent decline from the previous year’s second quarter.That number is an improvement on the 12-percent decline in subscription revenue AOL saw during the second quarter of last year, which was the lowest rate of decline in five years, the company said. Obviously, AOL can’t rely on dial-up subscribers forever, and tapping the revenue they generate to help pay for a forward-looking acquisition looks like the right move.Related: YouTube Apps Suggest Videos to Watch Next –shares Next Article August 7, 2013 Technology Add to Queue Brian Patrick Eha AOL Splashes Out $405 Million for Video Ad Platform Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Learn how to successfully navigate family business dynamics and build businesses that excel. Image credit: Business Insider Video 2 min read Tim Armstrong Free Webinar | July 31: Secrets to Running a Successful Family Business Register Now »last_img read more

Report Tech Giants to Pay 324 Million to Settle NoHiring Lawsuit

first_img 2 min read –shares Geoff Weiss Add to Queue Report: Tech Giants to Pay $324 Million to Settle No-Hiring Lawsuit Hiring Former Staff Writer The only list that measures privately-held company performance across multiple dimensions—not just revenue. Just weeks before it was slated to head to trial, a class-action lawsuit alleging that Apple, Google, Intel and Adobe had conspired to abstain from hiring one another’s engineers has been settled out of court.The four tech companies will pay a combined $324 million to roughly 64,000 workers, sources told Reuters. That’s a paltry sum compared to the $3 billion in damages the workers were seeking at trial, which could have tripled to $9 billion under antitrust law, according to the report.The case made waves in Silicon Valley — especially as it provided rare glimpses into email exchanges between the late Steve Jobs and former Google CEO Eric Schmidt. The emails implied that the two execs agreed not to poach one another’s engineers — in turn driving down potential wages, the suit alleged.But both sides had incentive for avoiding a trial, which had been scheduled for the end of May, according to Reuters. Whereas the emails would have looked highly unsympathetic to a jury, the plaintiffs risked the court saying the engineers could not sue as a group.Only an Adobe company representative acknowledged the settlement “in order to avoid the uncertainties, cost and distraction of litigation,” while plaintiff attorney Kelly Dermody called the deal “an excellent resolution.”Related: Train and Retain: How to Attract and Motivate a Capable Staff April 25, 2014 2019 Entrepreneur 360 List Next Article Apply Now »last_img read more

A New Addition to the Virtual Learning World Brit Co

first_img CEO and Founder of, Speaker and Author. Guest Writer Jess Ekstrom 5 min read A New Addition to the Virtual Learning World: Brit + Co Enroll Now for $5 Image credit: Shutterstock Next Article Fireside Chat | July 25: Three Surprising Ways to Build Your Brandcenter_img July 14, 2016 –shares Learn from renowned serial entrepreneur David Meltzer how to find your frequency in order to stand out from your competitors and build a brand that is authentic, lasting and impactful. After launching my company four years ago, I started to get messages from aspiring entrepreneurs wanting to turn their own ideas and talents into profitable businesses. Early on, I actually enjoyed those messages.Related: 3 Online Learning Platforms That Can Help You Develop Your Ideal Work-Life BalanceThe reason was that I found joy in sharing the lessons I’d learned through launching Headbands of Hope to help other entrepreneurs; I felt good sharing the business ideas I believed in. However, the quantity of requests eventually got too high for me to handle and run my business. So, I looked for, and discovered, a solution that would help me address my problem (and make some revenue from it along the way): I teamed up with Brit + Co to create a short 38-minute online class called How to Be Your Own Boss and packed it with everything I had learned about starting and running my business.Brit + Co, which is selling the class that I put together, is a digital media and commerce company that provides millennial women the inspiration and tools to light a fire under their creativity. In May 2014 the company started offering online classes, to supplement the company’s “how-to” content with a deeper look at particular skills that interested them. To create each class, Brit partnered with an expert in the topic at hand and gave that expert a platform from which to teach — and, in cases like mine, to grow their own businesses.Anjelika Temple, executive creative director at Brit + Co, told me that the company’s mission is “to ignite the creative spark in everyone.” Online learning, she said, “allows us to do this by helping women to learn new creative skills, and giving makers a platform to share their expertise with others while sustaining and building a business around their passion. “We believe this is only going to continue as technology improves and more people utilize the internet for educational content and entrepreneurship,” Temple added. Of course there are many sources for online learning and mentoring: Coursera, Khan University, Mogul, edX, Moz (and more) are well known. And, chances are, your local universities offer courses online. So, check them out. And, if you’re thinking about offering content through online classes for your own audience, I can’t recommend that action enough. Here are some reasons I discovered why so many people are pursuing online learning:Take it on your own time, in your own place. Especially if you’re targeting millennials, understand that we want to do what we want, where we want and when we want to do it. Online classes grant the participant 100 percent freedom in choosing the time and place. Taking a class that can be set up around your own schedule is a lot more appealing than committing to show up at a designated time and place.Have adult “homework.” As much as people love freedom, they also love structure. With the business class I created, there’s “homework” after each lesson, using downloadable PDFs for participants to fill out. Having actionable items for class participants helps them channel the lesson content to their own lives, which is ultimately the end goal.Related: 15 Free Online Learning Sites Every Entrepreneur Should VisitTarget very specific interests. Some of Brit + Co’s most popular classes have been Watercolor Painting, Hand-Lettering, Calligraphy 101 and Photography for Bloggers. I doubt you could find these class topics at your local college. Online learning has such a wide reach that it’s possible to offer classes for very specific interests, which makes these classes rarer and more special for potential attendees who share a particular passion or interest.It’s not a huge commitment. Depending on what class you take, your time investment doesn’t have to be huge. An online class could well be a great way for you to “test the waters” before you really dive into a topic and spend more of your time and money. Modern learning doesn’t have to cost you a four-year commitment and thousands of dollars; the fee can be small (or even free) for a short class and an easy way to decide if you want more.Make it social. Instead of raising your hand for a question, find your instructor’s handle and tweet him or her. Online learning creates a social network beyond the classroom, and in some cases allows for social media interactions and connections with the instructor and other class participants.Related: 12 Sites That Will Teach You Coding for FreeBrit + Co plans to continue to expand its online class offerings to help as many people as possible discover that they can be creative and even turn their creativity into a business. If you have a topic or area of expertise you believe people could find value in, consider creating your own online offering. Add to Queue Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. online learninglast_img read more

This Ingenious 89 Service Pairs You with a CPA for Tax Season

first_img Image credit: Entrepreneur Store Taxes Your Visor advisor will do your taxes and optimize your returns for you. 3 min read Next Article Entrepreneur Store The only list that measures privately-held company performance across multiple dimensions—not just revenue. January 31, 2019 Contributorcenter_img –shares Add to Queue Disclosure: Our goal is to feature products and services that we think you’ll find interesting and useful. If you purchase them, Entrepreneur may get a small share of the revenue from the sale from our commerce partners. It’s the most frustrating time of the year — tax season, that is. Along with paying around $10,500 in annual federal, state, and local income taxes, the average American will cough up anywhere from $176 to $457 to have their tax return professionally prepared. Talk about adding insult to injury.You could always attempt to do your taxes yourself using tax prep software, but it’s hardly as easy as many people believe it to be. Fortunately, you’ve always got another backup plan in the form of a startup called Visor.Having just raised $16 million in financing, Visor is set to flip the tax-filing game on its head (and then some) with their incredible service. Once you sign up, their technology pairs you with a dedicated tax professional (CPA or EA) that, after you upload your documents and answer a few questions, will file your taxes for you, using machine learning to identify specific deductions you (probably) couldn’t find on your own.Visor co-founder and chief executive Gernot Zacke summarized this two-fold approach in a recent interview with TechCrunch, saying, “We’re delivering the CPA experience through the convenience of a web app and a mobile app.”Once you sign up for Visor, you’ll be asked to answer several questions about the current state of your finances and upload relevant documents, either in the form of a photograph or scan. After you send in your paperwork, you’re all set; your advisor will take things from there. (This includes full-service protection if you happen to be chosen for auditing by the IRS. )Beyond merely helping you file your taxes, Visor aims to humanize the whole process. As an account holder, you’re able to sign up for a one-on-one meeting with your advisor anytime throughout the year to discuss your taxes in more detail and simplify your finances. Plus, you’ve always got the option to send questions over to Visor’s team of tax experts for personalized advice and tips. (And please, feel free — they “love taxes (much) more than you do,” so says their website.)Ready to get your 2018 taxes sorted out? Head over to the Entrepreneur Store, where you can have your basic tax return (including Federal and State) filed through Visor for just $89 (a savings of 55 percent). As an added perk for our readers, that limited-time deal includes your choice of one of the following add-on tax situations for free: sales of stock, equity, or cryptocurrency or self-employment income (a $99 value). 2019 Entrepreneur 360 List This Ingenious $89 Service Pairs You with a CPA for Tax Season Apply Now »last_img read more

Judes launches Little range of lowsugar milk lollies in the UK

first_imgJude’s launches Little range of low-sugar milk lollies in the UKPosted By: News Deskon: September 19, 2017In: Dairy, Food, Industries, New products, SnacksPrintEmailBritish ice cream brand Jude’s will introduce a range of low-sugar milk lollies, aiming to offer a healthier range of kids’ ice creams.Called Little, the range is made using 100% naturally-sourced ingredients and is only sweetened with milk and apple juice concentrate. Jude’s claims that they contain 30% less sugar than regular lollies.The line will be available in 8 x 35ml packs in vanilla, chocolate and strawberry, launching exclusively at Sainsbury’s on 5 November, priced at £3.Jude’s managing director Chow Mezger said: “Little Jude’s milk lollies address the sugar concerns of parents, as well as deliver the health benefits of a fortified milk product with amazing taste. Little Jude’s takes kids’ ice cream from the treat occasion to an everyday option with lower sugar levels than many kids’ yogurts.“The large multinational ice cream companies do not appear to be doing all that they can to lower the sugar levels in their products, so Jude’s is proud to be leading the way in offering parents and kids a delicious, exciting and healthier option for every day.”Jude’s was founded by a Hampshire dairy farmer in 2002 and now sells over 15 flavoured ice creams, including peanut putter chocolate ripple and caramel pecan.Share with your network: Tags: DairyJude’s ice creamnew productUKlast_img read more

Napolina introduces two new ranges for the hot snacks sector

first_imgNapolina introduces two new ranges for the hot snacks sectorPosted By: News Deskon: June 29, 2018In: Food, Industries, Innovation, New products, SnacksPrintEmailPrinces-owned Italian cooking brand Napolina has launched two new product ranges in the UK: Napolina risotto bowls (320g) and Napolina pulses and grains pots (320g).The brand said it is responding to the “significant growth” in the instant hot snacks category and demand for microwavable products that are convenient and provide healthy meal solutions. Both ranges have three flavours. The risotto bowls variants are: wild mushroom and thyme, Mediterranean vegetable, and cherry tomato and basil. The pulses and grains pots include: Tuscan bean stew with quinoa, spicy tomato and red lentil stew with pearl barley and basil, and Mediterranean vegetable stew with bulgur wheat and garlic. Napolina said the pots feature “on-trend pulses and grains, and are high in protein and low in fat” to attract health-conscious consumers.Neil Brownbill, commercial director of Napolina, said: “There was a clear gap in the instant hot snacks category for Italian-style meals outside of pasta and sauce pot products. Napolina is well positioned to enter this market with a range of quality and authentic Italian products, offering health and convenience simultaneously.” Each of the products is now available in the UK, retailing at £2 per pot.Share with your network: Tags: NapolinaPrincesUKlast_img read more

Avery Dennison creates new range of recycled PET liners

first_imgAvery Dennison creates new range of recycled PET linersPosted By: Martin Whiteon: August 28, 2018In: Beverage, Environment, Food, Industries, New products, PackagingPrintEmailDutch packaging manufacturer Avery Dennison has created a new range of adhesive liners for food and beverage products made exclusively with recycled PET (rPET).Avery Dennison claims that the move means that the company is the first pressure sensitive labelling material supplier to make a liner made from rPET commercially available in Europe.The new rPET liner is manufactured from “carefully-selected” post-consumer waste, and will be made available to manufacturers in October 2018 across a number of self-adhesive constructions. Jasper Zonnenberg, global director films at Avery Dennison said: “We are determined to pioneer change across the industry. With a continued innovation focus on solutions that are responsibly sourced, use reduced amounts of material and are more easily recyclable we are pleased to be able to introduce a rPET liner to our portfolio – a liner that is not only easier to recycle, but itself is made of recycled materials.”“As availability of suitable rPET is currently limited we will initially have a limited supply of our rPET liner – however we will soon be able to scale up production significantly and we aim to have rPET as an option across all of our filmic and paper constructions.“Conversion and application speeds are helping to drive the ongoing rise in demand for PET liners, and we have been careful to retain those benefits, while also supporting converters and end users as they make the transition from glassine.“These new rPET liners are another example of our determination to provide solutions where higher productivity goes hand in hand with improved sustainability — creating a win-win for both productivity and the planet.”Share with your network: Tags: Avery DennisonlinersNetherlandspackagingsustainabilitylast_img read more

MillerCoors introduces sparkling cocktails under Cape Line brand

first_imgMillerCoors introduces sparkling cocktails under Cape Line brandPosted By: Jules Scullyon: April 09, 2019In: Alcohol, Beverage, Industries, Innovation, New productsPrintEmailMillerCoors is looking to expand outside the beer category as the brewer launches a range of canned sparkling cocktails under its Cape Line brand.With an ABV of 4.5% and 120 calories per can, three flavours are available in the US: hard strawberry lemonade, blackberry mojito, and margarita.The range is created with six ingredients: carbonated water, alcohol from cane sugar, cane sugar, lemon and/or lime juice concentrate, natural flavours, and fruit juice.MillerCoors announced plans last August for the Cape Line range, which has been developed for consumers looking for lower-calorie versions of their favourite drinks.The drinks have an ABV of 4.5% and 120 calories per can.“Today, people want it all – they want simple and natural ingredients, and flavour without compromise,” said Sofia Colucci, vice president of innovation at MillerCoors. “With 75% fewer calories than a classic margarita and the same bold flavour of cocktails, Cape Line represents the best of both worlds.”She added: “The beverage landscape is evolving quickly and MillerCoors is committed to offering people what they want. Cape Line hits on a variety of consumer demands – bold taste that does not compromise on being a healthier option.”Cape Line sparkling cocktails are packaged in 12oz slim cans, featuring a design to show off their cocktail-inspired contents. The drinks are sold in 6-pack and 12-pack variety packs, and a standalone hard strawberry lemonade 6-pack.The range will be supported by a national marketing campaign focused on the brand’s theme ‘Welcome to Cape Line’.Share with your network: Tags: Low-alcoholMillerCoorsUSlast_img read more

It aint no biggie LAs black community responds to royal wedding

first_imgShare on Twitter Share via Email Royal wedding 2018 This article is more than 1 year old Twitter Facebook Share on Messenger Last modified on Mon 21 May 2018 06.52 EDT Share on LinkedIn Monarchy Reuse this content Brandon Chinke, who lives near the Los Angeles home of Meghan Markle’s mother. Photograph: Rory Carroll/The Guardian Pinterest The dress, the preacher, the kiss: key moments from the royal wedding Share via Email Topics Read more Facebook The emphasis on Markle being biracial as opposed to African American impeded black people embracing her as one of their own, said Hutchinson. There was no sense that black people would acquire a real piece of the British crown or that it would have an impact on them in the US, he said.A 55-year-old musician who gave his name only as Kwame said the community did not feel invested in the former actor, who moved to Toronto in 2011 to film the series Suits. “We just don’t know her, man. Even though she’s local we don’t have any ties to her.”Some thought Markle was white. “Harry’s marrying a sister?” marvelled Juanita, a 50-year-old who declined to give her last name. “I just thought she had a tan.”Kaya Dantzler, 25, an educator, said the British monarchy’s role in colonialism and slavery dampened any ardour for the nuptials. “I’m more interested in post-colonial studies.” Mike Eason, a saxophonist in Leimert Park, the centre of African American arts in Los Angeles. Photograph: Rory Carroll/The Guardian Pinterest A cultural milestone, a modern fairytale, a cue for LA’s black community to celebrate Meghan Markle breaking the mould. The only glitch: few here seem to care. The buildup to Saturday’s ceremony at Windsor Castle has generated less buzz than a pile-up on the 405 highway. “It doesn’t really apply to us here. It’s far away,” said Brandon Chinke, 24, a neighbour of Markle’s African American mother, Doria Ragland. The trainee realtor is a Manchester United fan but shrugged off any significance of Prince Harry taking a biracial bride. “It’s a love thing, not a race thing.” Read more Prince Harry and Meghan Markle pose at Kensington Palace in London. Markle grew up in Los Angeles and her mother, Doria Ragland, still resides there.Photograph: Daniel Leal-Olivas/AFP/Getty Images Facebook Ye Olde Kings Head gift shop in Santa Monica has reported “overwhelming” demand for plates, teaspoons, mugs and other wedding-themed memorabilia. The Los Angeles Times has devoted articles to Windsor Castle, Markle’s TV career and style transformation, 11 films to watch before the ceremony and wedding-themed recipes (“to add some California sparkle to the menu, there must be avocado”).A few people in Leimert Park said they would tune in. “Absolutely,” said Tracie Smith, 53, a beauty salon owner. “It’s a big deal.”Gerald Hunter, 63, a retired railway conductor, fantasised about the ultimate royal racial breakthrough: “Could you imagine a black queen of England? That would be far out.”Most saw little reason to make Saturday a day of scones and tea. James Fugate, owner of LA book store Eso Won: ‘I haven’t heard anybody talk about it at all.’ Photograph: Rory Carroll/The Guardian The only clue View Park-Windsor Hills was about to acquire a connection to the other Windsor was a workman installing an extra lock on the gate outside Ragland’s bungalow.A mile down the road in Leimert Park, the centre of African American arts and culture in Los Angeles, people seemed inoculated to wedding fever.“I haven’t heard anybody talk about it at all,” said James Fugate, owner of Eso Won, a bookshop. “If anybody really cares it’s the nut factor saying Markle’s not black, or that she’s betraying the black race, stuff like that.”Mike Eason, 61, a saxophonist, laughed when asked if he would tune into the ceremony, which will start at 5am local time: “Got higher priorities. We’re not really trying to keep up with it.” Asked about the royal family acquiring a biracial member he laughed again. “They want some of that melanin in the bloodstream.” Rory Carroll in Los Angeles Since you’re here… Fri 18 May 2018 01.00 EDT Earl Ofari Hutchinson, an author and political analyst who also lives in View Park-Windsor Hills, an area nicknamed the black Beverly Hills, said there was no outpouring of emotion. “It’s seen as more a curiosity … there’s no real personal identification or interest,” he said.Last week’s editions of African American newspapers such as the Los Angeles Wave, Pace News and the the Pasadena/San Gabriel Valley Journal ignored the wedding.center_img The Markle effect: black women see the royal wedding as workplace inspiration This article is more than 1 year old Share on WhatsApp … we have a small favour to ask. The Guardian will engage with the most critical issues of our time – from the escalating climate catastrophe to widespread inequality to the influence of big tech on our lives. At a time when factual information is a necessity, we believe that each of us, around the world, deserves access to accurate reporting with integrity at its heart.More people are reading and supporting The Guardian’s independent, investigative journalism than ever before. And unlike many news organisations, we have chosen an approach that allows us to keep our journalism accessible to all, regardless of where they live or what they can afford. But we need your ongoing support to keep working as we do.Our editorial independence means we set our own agenda and voice our own opinions. Guardian journalism is free from commercial and political bias and not influenced by billionaire owners or shareholders. This means we can give a voice to those less heard, explore where others turn away, and rigorously challenge those in power.We need your support to keep delivering quality journalism, to maintain our openness and to protect our precious independence. Every reader contribution, big or small, is so valuable. Support The Guardian from as little as $1 – and it only takes a minute. Thank you. news Share on Facebook Meghan, Duchess of Sussex Facebook Pinterest Markle Sparkle, anyone? Royal wedding bar pops up in Washington Read more Share on Twitter African Americans in Los Angeles know the royal wedding is apparently a big deal. Magazine covers and TV news declare that the girl who grew up here is about to make history by becoming a mixed-race duchess. Indifference did not signify coldness. Interviewees unanimously wished the best for the couple. “I don’t care about the wedding but I hope Meghan enjoys her life,” said Charlotte Richardson, 73, a retired administrator.The detachment contrasted with enthusiasm among black communities in Britain for what many see as an inclusive, modern royal romance. The selection of an African American bishop, Michael Bruce Curry, to address the wedding has underlined the break with tradition.Some parts of LA, however, are counting down the hours to Markle’s entrance to St George’s chapel. Her alma mater, Immaculate Heart high school, a private Catholic college, will host a pre-dawn screening for pupils, parents and staff. Some cinemas and British-themed pubs will show screenings later in the day. Pinterest @rorycarroll72 Share on Facebook While magazines and TV news declare Meghan Markle, who grew up in LA, will make history, her neighbors don’t seem to care Twitter Students at Immaculate Heart high school in Los Angeles, which Meghan Markle attended, sing and dance with US and British flags on 15 May. Photograph: David Mcnew/AFP/Getty Images California Twitter ‘It ain’t no biggie’: LA’s black community responds to royal wedding Share on Pinterest Mattie, 53, a bus driver who declined to give her last name, rebuffed talk of history in the making: “For me it ain’t no biggie. You love who you love.” Twitter Royal wedding 2018 Shares143143 Support The Guardian Los Angeleslast_img read more

Who is Omarosa the former Trump aide turned leading detractor

first_img Since you’re here… Trump administration Share on WhatsApp Omarosa Manigault Newman, who attacks the president in a brutal memoir, rose to prominence on The Apprentice and reportedly fell out with John Kelly Share via Email Fri 10 Aug 2018 10.47 EDT Share via Email Who is Omarosa, the former Trump aide turned leading detractor? Donald Trump explainers … we have a small favour to ask. The Guardian will engage with the most critical issues of our time – from the escalating climate catastrophe to widespread inequality to the influence of big tech on our lives. At a time when factual information is a necessity, we believe that each of us, around the world, deserves access to accurate reporting with integrity at its heart.More people are reading and supporting The Guardian’s independent, investigative journalism than ever before. And unlike many news organisations, we have chosen an approach that allows us to keep our journalism accessible to all, regardless of where they live or what they can afford. But we need your ongoing support to keep working as we do.Our editorial independence means we set our own agenda and voice our own opinions. Guardian journalism is free from commercial and political bias and not influenced by billionaire owners or shareholders. This means we can give a voice to those less heard, explore where others turn away, and rigorously challenge those in power.We need your support to keep delivering quality journalism, to maintain our openness and to protect our precious independence. Every reader contribution, big or small, is so valuable. Support The Guardian from as little as $1 – and it only takes a minute. Thank you. Omarosa Manigault Newman once called Trump’s presidency his ‘ultimate revenge’.Photograph: Brendan Smialowski/AFP/Getty Images Sign up to receive the top US stories every morning Share on Twitter Trump administration Share on Messenger Share on Facebook Share on Facebookcenter_img Read more First published on Fri 10 Aug 2018 07.00 EDT @smithinamerica Reuse this content Omarosa Manigault Newman once memorably declared: “Every critic, every detractor, will have to bow down to President Trump. It’s everyone who’s ever doubted Donald, who ever disagreed, who ever challenged him. It is the ultimate revenge to become the most powerful man in the universe.”The reality TV villain turned White House official – once arguably Donald Trump’s most prominent African American supporter – is now herself both critic and detractor in her brutal new memoir. Manigault Newman is apparently seeking some revenge of her own. The 44-year-old devout Christian was born and raised in Youngstown, Ohio. She graduated with a degree in broadcast journalism in 1996 from Central State University in Wilberforce in the same state. Her brother, Jack Manigault, was shot dead in what police described as “lovers’ quarrel” in Youngstown in 2011. David Smith in Washington Omarosa Manigault Newman She held a junior position working for the former vice-president Al Gore for just under a year and worked on Barack Obama’s first election campaign in Ohio. In 2016 she told the New York Times: “I’ve been very vocal about the fact that I had been a Democrat my entire life. As an African American, that’s what we tend to do. African-Americans are loyal to the Democratic party, but unfortunately, the Democratic party is not loyal to them.”Manigault Newman first met Trump in September 2003, when The Apprentice was in its first season. She also featured in two spin-offs: Celebrity Apprentice in 2008 and All-Star Celebrity Apprentice, opposite the British journalist Piers Morgan, in 2013. She was told “You’re fired!” every time.She became Trump’s director of African American outreach in the 2016 presidential election and was at his watch party in New York on election night, mingling with journalists and expressing cautious optimism as results trickled in.Manigault Newman was then the only African American on the senior staff at the White House, taking the position of director of communications for the White House office of public liaison, working on outreach to various groups. In April last year, she married John Allen Newman, senior pastor at a Baptist church in Jacksonville, Florida, at the Trump international hotel in Washington.But she reportedly fell out with the White House chief of staff, John Kelly, and was given her marching orders in December 2017. Afterwards she claimed she was “haunted” every day by Trump’s tweets and “attacked” by colleagues when she tried to intervene. She even suggested that he tweeted in his underwear in the early morning.Manigault Newman compared leaving the White House to being freed from a plantation. And when, appearing on Celebrity Big Brother, she was asked if people should be worried, she nodded and said: “It is going to not be OK. It’s not.” Share on Twitter The latest major Trump resignations and firings Share on LinkedIn Topics Share on Pinterest Support The Guardian Shares2626last_img read more

Hoda Muthana deeply regrets joining Isis and wants to return home

first_imgShare via Email Six weeks ago, Muthana fled the village of Susa, not far from the current frontline in Baghuz. She said she slept in the desert for two nights with a group of Isis exiles. She was eventually captured by Kurdish forces who transferred her to al-Hawl, where she now mingles with wives and widows of fighters from around the world.The women cannot leave the camp and are escorted to meetings by armed guards. They have access to food and some aid.At al-Hawl, grudges from over the past four years have surfaced and new alliances and enmities have formed; the foreign women of the camp fall gang-like into three categories: Russians, Tunisians and other westerners, camp residents say.“They [Russians and Tunisians] are making life hell for us,” said a Swedish detainee, Lisa Andersson. “If you go outside the tent without your burqa, or say something to the management, they beat you or your children up. They threaten to burn your tent.” ‘Nothing left in Baghuz’: Isis families flee as war enters endgame Pinterest Reuse this content Last modified on Tue 19 Feb 2019 08.19 EST Share on Facebook Share on Twitter An American woman captured by Kurdish forces after fleeing the last pocket of land controlled by Islamic State says she “deeply regrets” travelling to Syria to join the terror group and has pleaded to be allowed to return to her family in Alabama. Twitter Sun 17 Feb 2019 14.30 EST Share on Pinterest Andersson’s one-year-old daughter died in the camp a month ago, and she blames her death on substandard healthcare. Emphasising the desperate plight of some of the Isis children, Khadija Suleiman, a South African woman, has taken two German boys into her care. Their father is detained in a separate camp and their mother is dead. She is also caring for a French orphan.Muthana describes her experience with Isis as “very mind-blowing”. “It was like a movie. You read one book and think you know everything. I’m really traumatised by my experience. We starved and we literally ate grass.”Donald Trump on Sunday urged western countries to repatriate captured fighters, appearing to ignore the fact that his administration has shown little enthusiasm for doing so.“The United States is asking Britain, France, Germany and other European allies to take back over 800 Isis fighters that we captured in Syria and put them on trial,” the US president said. “The caliphate is ready to fall. The alternative is not a good one in that we will be forced to release them …”Muthana said she had not been in contact with US officials since her capture. “I would tell them please forgive me for being so ignorant, and I was really young and ignorant and I was 19 when I decided to leave. I believe that America gives second chances. I want to return and I’ll never come back to the Middle East. America can take my passport and I wouldn’t mind.” Facebook Facebook Exclusive: US woman who ‘deeply regrets’ joining Isis wants to come home – audio Play Video Agonising hunt by US father for children trapped in Isis enclave Shares4,9004900 Martin Chulov and Bethan McKernan in al-Hawl, Syria Share on Messenger Islamic State Share via Email Twitter … we have a small favour to ask. The Guardian will engage with the most critical issues of our time – from the escalating climate catastrophe to widespread inequality to the influence of big tech on our lives. At a time when factual information is a necessity, we believe that each of us, around the world, deserves access to accurate reporting with integrity at its heart.More people are reading and supporting The Guardian’s independent, investigative journalism than ever before. And unlike many news organisations, we have chosen an approach that allows us to keep our journalism accessible to all, regardless of where they live or what they can afford. But we need your ongoing support to keep working as we do.Our editorial independence means we set our own agenda and voice our own opinions. Guardian journalism is free from commercial and political bias and not influenced by billionaire owners or shareholders. This means we can give a voice to those less heard, explore where others turn away, and rigorously challenge those in power.We need your support to keep delivering quality journalism, to maintain our openness and to protect our precious independence. Every reader contribution, big or small, is so valuable. Support The Guardian from as little as $1 – and it only takes a minute. Thank you. There are 1,500 foreign woman and children being held at al-Hawl camp in Syria. Photograph: Achilleas Zavallis/The Guardiancenter_img Muthana is the only American among an estimated 1,500 foreign women and children inside the sprawling camp of 39,000 people, which is situated about two hours from where a final battle to oust extremists is days from being completed.Her experience in the so-called caliphate tracks the arc of Isis’s shocking rise and precipitous collapse over five brutal years. Muthana fled her home and took a flight to Turkey in November 2014 after several months of planning, which she kept secret from her family.She settled into the Syrian city of Raqqa, then one of Isis’s two main hubs – the other being Mosul in Iraq – where she married an Australian jihadist, Suhan Rahman, the first of her three husbands.Rahman was killed in the town of Kobanî, and soon afterwards Muthana angrily tweeted: “Americans wake up! Men and women altogether. You have much to do while you live under our greatest enemy, enough of your sleeping! Go on drivebys, and spill all of their blood, or rent a big truck and drive all over them. Veterans, Patriots, Memorial, etc day … Kill them.”For many months in 2015, her Twitter feed was full of bloodcurdling incitement, and she says she remained a zealot until the following year. She now says her account was taken over by others. Islamic State Syria Read more Facebook Pinterest Pinterest Share on Twitter Share on WhatsApp Since you’re here… Support The Guardian 0:32 Topics Soon after, she married her second husband, a Tunisian fighter, with whom she had her son, Adam. Her husband was killed in Mosul, and Muthana retreated with dozens of other women deeper into Isis’s ever-shrinking land, where she briefly married a Syrian fighter last year.Muthana says her family in Alabama were deeply conservative and placed restrictions on her movements and interactions, factors she claims contributed to her radicalisation. “You want to go out with your friends and I didn’t get any of that. I turned to my religion and went in too hard. I was self-taught and thought whatever I read, it was right.“I look back now and I think I was very arrogant. Now I’m worried about my son’s future. In the end I didn’t have many friends left, because the more I talked about the oppression of Isis the more I lost friends. I was brainwashed once and my friends are still brainwashed.” Twitter Civilians who fled the fighting in the city of Baghuz arrive at a Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) forward screening point. Photograph: Achilleas Zavallis/The Guardian Middle East and North Africa Share on Facebook Hoda Muthana ‘deeply regrets’ joining Isis and wants to return home Share on LinkedIn Once one of Isis’s most prominent online agitators who took to social media to call for the blood of Americans to be spilled, Hoda Muthana, 24, claims to have made a “big mistake” when she left the US four years ago and says she was brainwashed into doing so online.Speaking from al-Hawl refugee camp in northern Syria, while her 18-month-old son played at her feet, Muthana said she misunderstood her faith, and that friends she had at the time believed they were following Islamic tenets when they aligned themselves to Isis.“We were basically in the time of ignorance […] and then became jihadi, if you like to describe it that way,” she said. “I thought I was doing things correctly for the sake of God.” Read more Exclusive: Muthana is the only American among 1,500 foreign women and children at a Syrian refugee campPodcast: What should happen to the Isis wives? Women and children in the back of a truck that will transport them to the refugee camp. Photograph: Achilleas Zavallis/The Guardianlast_img read more

Its time to complete the revolution we started

first_imgOpinion Bernie Sanders Zepp Share Share Contact author M4A? Twitter Share on LinkedIn Share on Twitter 25 Feb 2019 23:26 10 11 Shares2,2352235 Comments 505 Share Haigin88 25 Feb 2019 22:10 … we have a small favour to ask. The Guardian will engage with the most critical issues of our time – from the escalating climate catastrophe to widespread inequality to the influence of big tech on our lives. At a time when factual information is a necessity, we believe that each of us, around the world, deserves access to accurate reporting with integrity at its heart.More people are reading and supporting The Guardian’s independent, investigative journalism than ever before. And unlike many news organisations, we have chosen an approach that allows us to keep our journalism accessible to all, regardless of where they live or what they can afford. But we need your ongoing support to keep working as we do.Our editorial independence means we set our own agenda and voice our own opinions. Guardian journalism is free from commercial and political bias and not influenced by billionaire owners or shareholders. This means we can give a voice to those less heard, explore where others turn away, and rigorously challenge those in power.We need your support to keep delivering quality journalism, to maintain our openness and to protect our precious independence. Every reader contribution, big or small, is so valuable. Support The Guardian from as little as $1 – and it only takes a minute. Thank you. Twitter 25 Feb 2019 22:23 Facebook ‘We will have to take on powerful special interests that dominate our economic and political life.’Photograph: Erik S Lesser/EPA US politics 25 Feb 2019 22:21 Reply popgoesthepop Share on Twitter Haigin88 Share Reason (optional) Order by oldest feeling Ezajur_Rahman Reply | Pick 23 24 Report Reply 25 chrisdix15 Share Twitter Facebook Twitter Facebook Share on Facebook npl1ma 25 Feb 2019 22:35 Twitter 20 21 Twitter Report 13 14 Share on Facebook Twitter | Pick austint Twitter Share krissywilson87 25 Feb 2019 22:02 25 Feb 2019 22:29 Twitter He’s literally done no such thing. That statement is almost entirely interpretation. I love the fact that he pisses of the mouth-foaming militant faction by actually playing politics intelligently and knowing how to pick his battles. That only makes him more appealing. Consider that a blessing. Report Report Share 25 Feb 2019 22:26 Share on Twitter Garyrob Twitter Twitter Facebook I am not sure but what I hear from the Dems this election cycle is like the scraping sound at the bottom of the barrel. The Republicans are already empty – bad choices all around. Share on Twitter Share on Facebook KK47 Jamtse ValuedCustomer Show 7 more replies Bernie. Twitter Share on Twitter Twitter Facebook | Pick Report 25 Feb 2019 22:07 Facebook Show 25 25 Feb 2019 21:49 positivelycritical Share Share on Facebook Show 1 more reply Facebook HaveYouSeenThisMan Share on Twitter | Pick Share Report Share on Twitter Report Share on Twitter Show 5 more replies Reply expatinscandinavia In 2016, our campaign began the political revolution. Now, it is time to defeat Donald Trump, complete that revolution and implement the vision we fought for Share GBM1982 bazzup Show 10 more replies Twitter Twitter Share on Twitter Share feeling Share via Email 15 16 Share on Facebook positivelycritical | Pick Share on Facebook Bit of a generalisation, but, yes if people were serious about wealth distribution, it is probably the place to start. Share on Twitter Facebook Facebook Share on Facebook Share on Facebook 72 73 25 Feb 2019 22:28 Halal Turnips Reply | Pick Scullsworth Share on Facebook AJVC1991 takenisthis 7 8 | Pick Report Share on Facebook Twitter 22 23 They do have someone listening to her calls though Facebook 37 38 Or maybe it’s all just fake news and only Vladimir Putin is telling the truth…. He’d soon have the press against him for something made up and all the mail readers would hate him within a week. Corbyn has hardly done anything wrong and the Country is against him. Share on Facebook The problem is you start your analysis with America = bad, socialism = good rather than looking at the facts and making a judgement accordingly. This means you end up, continually, defending the indefensible. Whatever you think about the surrounding mess in Venezuela Bernie simply said: Twitter Facebook 25 Feb 2019 22:09 Sanders (and more power to him) has absolutely no agreement with much of the Corbynite inner circle foreign policy leanings. He is left wing by US standards but not by standards here. Twitter Report Share Reply Share on Twitter 5 6 Share 24 25 | Pick Facebook Share on Facebook Share on Twitter 30 31 None of these things are America’s fault. All of the worst sanctions have only been till recently. All of these are accurate assessments. You are badly wrong on this one. 1 Scullsworth takenisthis 34 35 Share on Facebook Reply Share | Pick HaveYouSeenThisMan Share on Twitter Share Haigin88 “He’s literally done no such thing”. Yes, he literally has. Get over it: Reply Report 26 Feb 2019 0:45 Facebook 14 15 Reply Twitter graphic 25 Feb 2019 22:15 Share on Twitter Facebook Share Report Share on Twitter Share on Twitter Reply 9 10 Don’t hold your breath 🙂 | Pick So you’re saying he shouldn’t be elected President until he’s done all things he’d say he’d do as President…? I think I see a flaw in your thinking. Share on Facebook Twitter Share on Twitter 12 13 Reuse this content,View all comments > 60 61 Twitter Share on Twitter “Yes, my Taxes may go up a little (I did go up from last year), but I don’t care.” – if you are in the bottom 98% of Americans – your taxes did go up last year. In case you haven’t filed yet – majority of Americans are finding out now their returns are nowhere they expected it to be. | Pick Share on Twitter Facebook Report Facebook Share Share I hope Sanders wins in 2020. But to see him supporting the *literal* neo-fascist putsch on the sovereign country of Venezuela is utterly contemptible. And this from a self-proclaimed socialist? Risible. | Pick It’s time to complete the revolution we started 70 71 96 97 Share on Twitter Report Facebook 25 Feb 2019 21:42 Share on Facebook 2 Share on Facebook 25 Feb 2019 23:32 Share AJVC1991 Share on Facebook Facebook Facebook Twitter Reply Share Share on Facebook Conall Mc Callig Reply Share on Twitter popgoesthepop Reply Share Share via Email Share on Facebook Twitter Facebook krissywilson87 Share on Facebook 144 145 Facebook KK47 Show 6 more replies | Pick Reply AJVC1991 bazzup Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Report Twitter Share on Twitter Share on Facebook illouvlo Show 5 more replies Report | Pick Reply Garyrob Share on Twitter 25 Feb 2019 22:03 Share on Facebook recommendations Facebook | Pick Share on Facebook The people of Venezuela are enduring a serious humanitarian crisis. The Maduro government must put the needs of its people first, allow humanitarian aid into the country, and refrain from violence against protesters graun 25 Feb 2019 22:37 Facebook This comment was removed by a moderator because it didn’t abide by our community standards. Replies may also be deleted. For more detail see our FAQs. Facebook Michael Thomas Reply krissywilson87 Why should Democrats select Bernie when he’s officially listed as an independent? Bernie only becomes a Democrat when it’s convenient for him. Share on Facebook Reply We don’t have anyone anywhere near Merkel. 36 37 Facebook Facebook Share on Facebook Report Share on Facebook Facebook 3 Report Twitter Silgen Report Facebook HellHoundOnMyTrail | Pick I am for Bernie, Don’t let fear rule your thoughts. We need decent people with real conviction.Yes, my Taxes may go up a little (I did go up from last year), but I don’t care.I want to feel good about my country again. Even the thought of this makes my hair stick up: For those who say Bernie is too old, It is ‘HIS ADMINISTRATION’ that I will vote for.For those who say ‘we need a female’,, Give me a female candidate who is as competent as 2-percent of Merkel, and I vote for her. We don’t have anyone anywhere near Merkel. She has the conviction, and understanding of the worldwe live in: Give me one of these females, and I vote for them in a second. Until then, Go-Bernie. Also, income tax does not effect wealth. KK47 Share on Facebook 13 14 | Pick Report Facebook Report Silgen 25 Feb 2019 22:13 Report William Anthony Share on Twitter Share 25 Feb 2019 21:49 Reply Facebook Facebook 17 18 Which is why trust fund lefties with big parental homes they hope to inherit love to talk about income taxes but never wealth taxes. Share on Twitter Facebook Share Share on Twitter Share on Twitter Report newest Reply One week ago, when we launched our campaign for president, I asked people from across the country to sign up to be part of an unprecedented grassroots campaign. The response from the American people has been historic.In six days, more than one million people have answered the call. Americans from every single congressional district in the country have signed up to help lead a movement that is not only about defeating Donald Trump, the most dangerous president in modern American history, but about creating a government based on the principles of economic, social, racial and environmental justice.This task will not be easy. Today, we have more income and wealth inequality than at any time since the 1920s, and the three wealthiest Americans own more wealth than the bottom half of our country.Despite relatively low unemployment, millions of people work multiple jobs because they earn starvation wages, 34 million Americans have no health insurance, and we pay the highest prices in the world for prescription drugs.Shamefully, we treat our most vulnerable people with disdain. We have the highest rate of childhood poverty of almost any major nation and a dysfunctional and unaffordable childcare system. While many Republicans want to cut Social Security, about half of older Americans have no retirement savings.And, in the midst of all of that, we have a president who is a pathological liar, a fraud, racist, sexist, xenophobe, religious bigot and someone who is moving this country in an authoritarian direction.To be successful in creating a government and economy that works for the many, we will have to take on powerful special interests that dominate our economic and political life – Wall Street, the health insurance companies, the drug companies, the fossil fuel industry, the military-industrial-complex, the private-prison industry and multinational corporations. These special interests have extraordinary power, and they will spend enormous sums of money to maintain the status quo and their wealth.The only way we will defeat Donald Trump and the special interests that support him is with a grassroots movement – the likes of which has never been seen in American history. We must stand together – women and men, black, white, Latino, Native American, Asian American, gay and straight, young and old, native born and immigrant – to address the challenges we face as a nation.At a time when our infrastructure is crumbling and we have an affordable housing crisis, we can create millions of good paying jobs rebuilding our country. Together, we can raise the minimum wage to a living wage of $15 an hour, provide pay equity for women and guarantee all workers paid family and medical leave.We cannot afford to wait any longer to address the existential threat of climate change. We must transform our energy system away from fossil fuels toward energy efficiency and sustainable energy, creating millions of jobs in the process.While we spend almost twice as much per capita on health care as any nation, our health outcomes are worse and life expectancy is in decline. It is time for us to join every other major country and guarantee health care to all people as a right, not a privilege, through a Medicare-for-all program.Unbelievably, Americans are saddled with $1.5tn in student loan debt and many young people can’t afford the cost of college. We must lower the egregious level of student debt and make public colleges and universities tuition-free.The United States has the highest incarceration rate in the world and African Americans are incarcerated at more than five times the rate of white people. Our job is to end the destructive “war on drugs,” eliminate private prisons and cash bail and bring about major police department reform.Instead of demonizing undocumented immigrants as our current president has done, we should fight for comprehensive immigration reform, a path toward citizenship, immediate legal status for the young people eligible for the Daca program and a humane policy for those at the border who seek asylum.At a time when women’s rights are under attack at the local, state and federal level, we must defend a woman’s right to control her own body.To confront the epidemic of gun violence, we need to take on the NRA, expand background checks, end the gun show loophole and ban the sale and distribution of assault weapons.And finally, we must end Trump’s support for authoritarian leaders. We need a foreign policy which focuses on democracy, human rights, world peace, global wealth inequality, climate change and massive corporate tax evasion.In 2016, our campaign began the political revolution. The ideas we fought for, which then were considered “radical” or “extreme,” are now supported by a majority of Americans. Now, it is time to defeat Donald Trump, complete that revolution and implement the vision we fought for.Bernie Sanders is a US Senator from Vermont Share on Facebook Facebook feeling 5 6 4 Report Show 35 more replies We’ll get people claiming Bernie is rich because that’s what Republicans do. “How dare someone accuse President Trump of treason when they have a speeding ticket from 1975!” To them I say:Bernie’s wife works, and they own two homes. Not bad for a pair of retirees. I think they have an estate of about $2 million.Trying to protect your billionaire masters by sneering at Bernie’s modest wealth?Bernie wouldn’t be affected by AOC’s proposed 70% tax bracket. He falls about nine and a half million a year short. But most of the Republicans in Congress would be.Think about that. 2 3 Autisticone | Pick Reply Facebook Share Facebook Share | Pick Bernie Sanders Joel Marcuson Reply Please god beat Trump. I just cannot see that moron in the news on any more. Please. | Pick | Pick Oh you mean the uber riche who avoid paying taxes altogether. Report | Pick Joel Marcuson Facebook Yeah, like women’s rights and climate change are ancient things, probably even 1930s, right? | Pick Best wishes palpably honourable candidate! Facebook 25 Feb 2019 22:21 25 Feb 2019 22:36 Report William Anthony CourgetteDream 25 Feb 2019 22:38 Sign in or create your Guardian account to recommend a comment Share on Facebook This comment was removed by a moderator because it didn’t abide by our community standards. Replies may also be deleted. For more detail see our FAQs. Reply Show 7 more replies 14 15 Report Share on Facebook Sorry there was an error. Please try again later. If the problem persists, please contact Userhelp 25 Feb 2019 22:31 Share on Facebook Reply Share on WhatsApp Report Share on Facebook Share on Facebook Share on Facebook Twitter His ideas and his fight belongs in the 1940’s. Gtardkgb Reply Share Share on Pinterest 15 16 There is no alternative candidate or vision. Twitter | Pick Report Twitter Twitter 25 Feb 2019 23:41 Share on Facebook Twitter Share on Twitter “America may be the wealthiest nation to have ever existed, but by God, your country looks incredibly regressive in comparison to the other major nations of the world.” You think America is “regressive” compared to China, India and Russia? Because these are some of the other “major nations” in the world. Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Twitter Share Please select Personal abuse Off topic Legal issue Trolling Hate speech Offensive/Threatening language Copyright Spam Other The Maduro government has waged a violent crackdown on Venezuelan civil society, violated the constitution by dissolving the National Assembly and was re-elected last year in an election many observers said was fraudulent. The economy is a disaster and millions are migrating. Reply Reply #Bernie2020 Reply Facebook John Favre … Report Twitter GBM1982 Joel Marcuson Mon 25 Feb 2019 08.31 EST 9 10 Show 1 more reply Share on Twitter boban 25 Feb 2019 22:57 Close report comment form Share Report Twitter | Pick Share on Facebook Twitter Share Share on Twitter Share on Twitter Share … Share Report Actually yes, I have more respect for each of those leaders listed. They have their own problems, they recognise most of them and are doing something about it, some less effectively than could be, but America are pretty much racing down in every field rather than progressing. 6 7 100 Reply Reply Even Russia manages to have UHC so, in that regard, yep. Reply Facebook Share on Twitter Share I love Tulsi on foreign policy; however, her domestic policies show some backsliding (she recently came out against M4A). #FeelTheBern Reply | Pick HaveYouSeenThisMan Share on Twitter Share Share on Twitter 26 Feb 2019 1:36 25 Feb 2019 22:14 | Pick Facebook Reply 2 Share He’s not the best candidate this time: that would be Tulsi Gabbard. He’s got to be looking to steamroller his way home since Kamala Harris is the chosen one and they’ll be looking to game and tilt things again. In one way, why wouldn’t they? If Sanders or Gabbard won the presidency, they’d de facto become the head of the Democratic Party and both would mass-fire everyone at the DNC before they take off their overcoat. With a second term of Trump or a first term of Harris, the people at the DNC would keep their jobs. People like Gabbard and Sanders would/will have a much, much harder job inside the Democratic primaries than they would in a general election. Facebook Twitter Report | Pick | Pick Share | Pick 25 Feb 2019 23:58 Loading comments… Trouble loading? 25 Feb 2019 21:46 Twitter Report Reply | Pick Share on Facebook Report Gelion Facebook graun comments (505)Sign in or create your Guardian account to join the discussion. 89 90 GoatFarmGuru Absurd to contemplate becoming president at 78 Bernie if they don’t want you over there, please come and support the policy objectives of the Labour party led by Jeremy Corbyn over here. 62 63 Report Report Share on Twitter Reply Report 9 10 Report Share on Facebook ChrisRyanParker 25 Feb 2019 22:13 Twitter 25 Feb 2019 23:33 25 Feb 2019 22:54 44 45 Twitter Share on Facebook Share on Facebook Twitter 19 20 25 Feb 2019 23:22 2 3 Share on Twitter Reply If Sanders or Gabbard won the presidency, they’d de facto become the head of the Democratic Party and both would mass-fire everyone at the DNC before they take off their overcoat. Had Bernie been on the ballot last time, he would have been president rather than that Orange Toddler who now sits in the White House. 25 Feb 2019 22:01 Report | Pick 11 12 25 Feb 2019 23:33 Share | Pick 50 infinite7 Twitter Report Reply 3 4 Report Twitter | Pick Reply How do you figure? Right-wing multimillionaire Nancy Pelosi is beloved at 78; right wing prospective candidate Joe Biden is 76. Biden and Bernie are (respectively the most popular and 2nd most popular politicians in the USA. Seems like most Americans aren’t ageist bigots! 25 Feb 2019 22:33 Reply Reply 10 11 Facebook This is why we nees REAL HUMAN BEINGS and not republicans in our government. Share All very fine sentiments. Get back to us when you’ve done what you say you will.Until then ….. William Anthony LinearBandKeramik kapsiolaaaaa 25 Feb 2019 23:34 1 2 Share comment Reply And yet they’re very good friends, united in their belief of a fairer society. I would say you are wrong about Corbyn and are just parotting what you read in the papers. Which is a shame. 5 6 Share on Twitter Share 23 24 Good luck Bernie It was the Democratic Party establishment that defeated Bernie last time. I don’t see why they won’t do it again. mp66 Michael Thomas Topics Twitter | Pick expatinscandinavia Report Share on Facebook Report 25 Feb 2019 22:41 Bernard is an absolute legend and, sadly, everything that Corbyn is not. Intelligent, collegial, energetic, charismatic, with a history of political success, well-loved by his colleagues even when they disagree with him. The US left, for once, has a real future. Wish we could say the same for our lot over here. Share next Joel Marcuson takenisthis But to see him supporting the *literal* neo-fascist putsch on the sovereign country of Venezuela Share on Twitter krissywilson87 Reply Report | Pick Twitter 25 Feb 2019 22:13 positivelycritical krissywilson87 Report 25 Feb 2019 22:04 Twitter 25 Feb 2019 22:42 Share on Twitter I don’t think they picked her because she was a woman… 9 10 Share 25 Feb 2019 21:49 Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share Facebook Report ZzDuskyzZ 6 7 HellHoundOnMyTrail Facebook Yeah, how dare they seek treatment instead of dying like poor people should. Reply Share unthreaded Reply Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Twitter There is no chance that the Democrats will select you, they will pick another useless establishment Democrat like Hillary. In fact the contrast between Bernie and Hillary shows the stupidity of identity politics. Which is the more radical candidate? The women or the old white guy? Scullsworth Twitter 15 16 | Pick There is no chance that the Democrats will select you, 3 4 Twitter 39 40 JumpedUpElectrician bazzup HellHoundOnMyTrail Share Share on Twitter Garyrob graun | Pick Share on Twitter Report Share on Facebook Twitter I don’t think that divine intervention is needed, but I’m all for a good smiting 🙂 Facebook Email (optional) Share on Facebook Share | Pick llebmj Trump will be locked up by the next election 🙂 25 Feb 2019 22:46 Reply LinearBandKeramik Reply Reply 25 Feb 2019 22:12 Share Report 25 Feb 2019 22:14 | Pick Share Bernie is promising higher taxes and worse healthcare as people who don’t pay any tax will fill up the hospitals. Halal Turnips 25 Feb 2019 22:58 Share on Twitter He’s a noble and kind man who deserves to be president – but how can he support what Trump is doing to Venezuela? 25 Feb 2019 22:50 Share on Facebook HaveYouSeenThisMan 26 Feb 2019 0:50 Share on Facebook Reply Share 25 Feb 2019 22:33 Share on Twitter Last modified on Mon 25 Feb 2019 12.59 EST Facebook Am counting down to all the centrists (especially the ones in the UK) that are likely to be triggered by this article with all it’s pro-economic interventionist stance out in the open (love to see the ‘But Venezuela’ crowd argue against this) written by a US presidential candidate who not only openly calls himself a ‘socialist’ but has a high probability of getting into the White House (again centrists will be triggered by this because if Sanders gets into the White House then what’s to say Bernie Sander’s friend and comrade Jeremy Corbyn won’t get into Downing Street?). As for me if you Bernie Sanders do get into the White House then I can see you presidency to be as transformative as FDR was (who btw was another economic interventionist – funny how the ‘But Venezuela’/centrist crowd forget what a spectacular success FDR was – now considered one of the greatest US presidents since Lincoln and won WW2 also) and I really do hope Senator Sanders you do succeed in creating a US version of the NHS because it’s ridiculous that the US is the only developed country in the world that doesn’t have a public healthcare system even though it’s the richest country in the world. As for the centrists here – let me ask you? You seriously think you guys & Chukka are the wave of the future rather then the likes of Sanders/Occasio-Cortes/lefty millennials? Hah! Reply Share 56 57 | Pick madmonty baldisgood Facebook | Pick 15 16 Bernie Sanders Facebook AJVC1991 Share on Facebook Reply Share on Twitter Reply Share Facebook deGooder Share Share on Twitter Share on Twitter oldest Share on Facebook Reply Report Twitter Share on Twitter Twitter Gelion Ezajur_Rahman Share Reply Report FEEL THE BERN. | Pick | Pick Facebook c.l. shannon | Pick Reply 10 11 11 12 25 Feb 2019 22:03 Twitter 65 66 Reply Report Share on Facebook 5 6 baldisgood Share Here is someone who will never be elected President. America will not elect an avowed Socialist. His ideas and his fight belongs in the 1940’s. We need someone who understands the challenges of the 21st Century. And that person is definitely not Bernie. Reply | Pick Facebook | Pick 5 6 Share on Twitter He won’t get in bless him, but at least they’re having the right converstaion at last. Share on Facebook | Pick Share on Facebook 24 25 39 40 Is the president not considered the de jure leader of their party? Genuine question, I’m not familiar with the theory on this. Share on Facebook | Pick 25 Feb 2019 22:21 Reply Share on Facebook Reply 25 Feb 2019 22:13 | Pick Share on Messenger Michael Thomas Facebook 25 Feb 2019 22:26 42 43 Yep, it takes a long time to reach some kind of wisdom. 25 Feb 2019 21:58 Share Get out there and fight for it you useless bum. 25 Feb 2019 23:19 Share on Twitter Twitter | Pick Facebook Report Report Report illouvlo 4 Share Share Reply 28 29 Share on Facebook Twitter | Pick | Pick Facebook Facebook Report 25 Feb 2019 22:02 Good luck to you Bernie. America has been a rightwing haven for nonsensical policy and wealth hoarding for far too many years. Its about time the people of America discarded the archaic and class crippling private healthcare system, its disgusting use of cash bail that inflict disproportionate damage to people of lower socioeconomic status, and its unrelenting support for carbon producing industries, backed up by a false scientific narrative that seeks to pull the woll over your people’s eyes about the damage their practices are causing to the planet. America may be the wealthiest nation to have ever existed, but by God, your country looks incredibly regressive in comparison to the other major nations of the world. May you storm to victory on a wave of popular support, Bernie, and change America for the better. Reply Report expanded | Pick 25 Feb 2019 22:05 | Pick Twitter Because he is an honourable man still attached to reality.Unlike the Labour leadership http://www. One dirty trick the US M$M is playing on Sanders is quoting his criticism of Maduro (a strongman who has earned it) while ignoring Sanders refusal to consider, much less endorse, military intervention or regime-change-by-paid-proxies in Venezuela. The journalistic sin of deliberate omission is designed to give the impression that Sanders supports the CIA sock puppet Guaido, which he clearly and unambiguously doesn’t. Just more corporate M$M shit-stirring the progressive left on behalf of the milquetoast, center-right “liberal” candidates preferred by Wall Street, the TBTF banks, and the more predatory Big Businesses (fossil fuels, pharma, insurance, military contracting, etc).In 2016 the DNC’s mistake was trying to ignore Sanders as a vanity candidate whose campaign would last five minutes before becoming a political junkie’s deep trivia question. By the time the DNC finally acknowledged that wasn’t going to happen, they went for the jugular by over-hyping the “Bernie Bro” meme http://www. and formalized by David #milliondollartrolls Brock (Clinton’s long-time character assassin for hire, who’s still at it http://www. time, the DNC didn’t wait to unleash the lies, libels, slanders and ‘fake news’ along with recycling complaints from 2016 (see today’s Politico). | Pick Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Report The American people disagree. Bernie’s policies are popular by a large majority, including a (albeit slim) majority of self-described conservatives. Americans are tired of being fleeced by the rich. We want universal healthcare, we want a living wage, we want climate change addressed. marshwren I hope you purchase straw in bulk, you sure use a lot of it. Reply | Pick Show 7 more replies | Pick The Venezuelan government is ruining Venezuela all by itself thank you very much. Stop blaming conspiracy for the blatant failures of socialism Share Twitter | Pick Share on Facebook Reply AJVC1991 GBM1982 Share on Facebook Facebook collapsed Corbyn certainly appeals to the hundreds of thousands of people that go to see him speak. Trouble is in this country we just cannot seem to rid ourselves of a conservative outlook. Every time someone comes along to offer substantial change, the establishment and their shills get the knives out. A real shame that we can’t come together and ensure a fairer and richer society for us all. I guess it’s asking a lot for people to overcome generations of arse licking. 9 10 Support The Guardian 25 Feb 2019 22:49 Opinion Share on Facebook Share on Twitter You mock centrists and their concern for Venezuela. Why don’t you explain to us why the Venezuelan people and the international community are wrong, and why everything is going well there? Or maybe it’s all just fake news and only Vladimir Putin is telling the truth…. Michael Thomas Twitter Share on Facebook Reply Share Report Report Report Conall Mc Callig Twitter 25 Feb 2019 22:18 25 Feb 2019 22:19 Twitter Share Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Facebook Share on Facebook Facebook Share on Twitter 25 Feb 2019 23:55 9 10 Share on Facebook Report Share Share Share on Facebook He would be 79 by the time he was sworn in. Still, even if he doesn’t get nominated, I’m glad he’s there to make the other nominees uncomfortable. Twitter Facebook Reply Twitter Reply Share Monferrato Garyrob Share on Facebook All 14 15 Share on Twitter 25 Feb 2019 22:18 | Pick | Pick Share on Twitter GoatFarmGuru Share on Twitter Report Twitter 40 41 Report | Pick positivelycritical Reply Report Reply Report Twitter baldisgood | Pick 109 110 | Pick Twitter 32 33 Share on Twitter Facebook Share on Twitter Report How is asking for humanitarian aid into the country contemptible? Previously he said: Facebook View more comments Share If only he could come here and replace the useless and deeply unpopular Corbyn and his coterie of bitter tankie throwbacks Report Twitter HellHoundOnMyTrail Share on Twitter Report Share on Twitter | Pick 25 Feb 2019 23:30 Show 3 more replies Facebook Twitter 25 Feb 2019 23:06 Reply Threads collapsed Reply The King is riding for the Presidency. To the King! To the King! God bless you Bernie Sanders. Twitter Liberalismhasfailed 29 30 Share Share on Twitter Since you’re here… Share AJVC1991 Facebook Share on Twitter I agree. I seriously doubt they didn’t want her simply because of her gender. They wanted her because she was right of centre and promised to change basically nothing. krissywilson87 25 Feb 2019 23:30 Twitter I’m struggling to work out which of those qualities Corbyn comes within a country mile of matching… ZzDuskyzZ Share on Twitter 7 8 Facebook 2 3 Share on Facebook Share on Twitter | Pick Twitter CourgetteDream Share on Twitter Facebook 11 12 25 Feb 2019 22:05 25 Feb 2019 23:03 Share on Facebook Facebook AJVC1991 | Pick Report 77 78 1 Share 3 Twitter Share on Facebook next Share 25 Feb 2019 22:19 | Pick 25 Feb 2019 22:53 Share Zepp @SenSanders Share on Facebooklast_img read more

The Best People review how Trump flooded the swamp

first_imgIn Trumpworld, the law is meant for suckers and others Share on Twitter Facebook Share on Facebook Read more Scott Pruitt listens at left as Donald Trump speaks in the Roosevelt Room in the White House in February 2017.Photograph: Andrew Harnik/AP Read more Lloyd Green Politics books Alexander Nazaryan offers a field guide to the black lagoon of Trumpworld, a sump of venality, idiocy and contempt Share on Messenger Robert Reich Share via Email Support The Guardian news … we have a small favour to ask. The Guardian will engage with the most critical issues of our time – from the escalating climate catastrophe to widespread inequality to the influence of big tech on our lives. At a time when factual information is a necessity, we believe that each of us, around the world, deserves access to accurate reporting with integrity at its heart.More people are reading and supporting The Guardian’s independent, investigative journalism than ever before. And unlike many news organisations, we have chosen an approach that allows us to keep our journalism accessible to all, regardless of where they live or what they can afford. But we need your ongoing support to keep working as we do.Our editorial independence means we set our own agenda and voice our own opinions. Guardian journalism is free from commercial and political bias and not influenced by billionaire owners or shareholders. This means we can give a voice to those less heard, explore where others turn away, and rigorously challenge those in power.We need your support to keep delivering quality journalism, to maintain our openness and to protect our precious independence. Every reader contribution, big or small, is so valuable. Support The Guardian from as little as $1 – and it only takes a minute. Thank you. This article is more than 1 month old The Enemy of the People review: CNN’s Jim Acosta takes Trump’s bait again The Best People review: how Trump flooded the swamp Republicans So much for America First and the emoluments clause.At the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue, Mitch McConnell, the Senate majority leader, together with Elaine Chao, his wife and Trump’s secretary of transportation, have transformed their day jobs into a taxpayer-funded family business. Chao reportedly acts as a human “bridge” to the Chinese government on behalf of her kin’s China-centric maritime ventures. The Department of Transportation plays adjunct to her husband’s re-election bid.This is what American kakistocracy looks like.Alexander Nazaryan’s The Best People is another story for our turbulent times. Subtitled Trump’s Cabinet and the Siege on Washington, the Yahoo News correspondent’s portrait of Trump and his world receives direct assists from an on-the-record interview with the president, from Steve Bannon and from sundry government officials and spectators. The Best People review: how Trump flooded the swamp Twitter Trump listens as his interior secretary, Ryan Zinke, speaks in the Oval Office, in October last year. Photograph: Shawn Thew/EPA US politics This article is more than 1 month oldcenter_img This article is more than 1 month old Share on Facebook If all this sounds chaotic, it was and remains so. The Best People also describes how during the transition, Trump’s “beachhead” teams took a lackadaisical approach to scoping out their agencies and departments, emitting little more than mere impressions of ineptitude and a dearth of seriousness. One official at the Department of Housing and Urban Development complained that Trump’s team possessed only an “‘elementary understanding’ of federal housing policy”. The nuts and bolts of government were not their thing. Then again, Trump is not much of a reader. Sun 16 Jun 2019 01.00 EDT Topics The swamp remains fetid. Just blocks away from the White House, the Trump International Hotel hoovers greenbacks from foreign governments. On the west coast, word seeps out that the president sold his Beverly Hills mansion at an inflated price to a Virgin Islands-registered company linked to an Indonesian businessman-cum-Trump business partner. From New York, reports that a Kushner family investment vehicle recycles offshore cash and petrodollars. Reuse this content Share via Email Last modified on Sun 16 Jun 2019 09.24 EDT Share on Pinterest Trump administration Share on LinkedIn Welcome to Trump’s Corrupt State – the Star Wars cantina of world politics Share on Twitter Donald Trump Share on WhatsApp Few look good. Delusion and disappointment abound. Trump admits that some of his appointees were “clinkers”. Yet the president boasts that “there are those that say we have one of the finest cabinets”.Trump is also captured blaming Kellyanne Conway for Bob Woodward’s less than flattering picture of him in Fear, the Washington Post man’s latest tale of a dysfunctional administration and a wrath-filled president. With Conway in the room, Trump tells Nazaryan she failed to advise him that Woodward had “asked 10 times for a meeting”. Had Conway conveyed the message, Trump asserts, Fear “would have been a little bit of a different book”.Perhaps. The same way the Mueller report would have been a different kind of report if Trump had faced off against the special counsel.These days, Conway also runs the gauntlet of her husband’s anti-Trump tweets and pro-impeachment op-eds and an official recommendation that she be bounced from the West Wing for violating the Hatch Act. Apparently, Conway went way too far in blurring the line between her day job and electoral politics.But in Trumpworld, so what? Bet on her staying where she is. The law is meant for suckers and others.Bannon, the brains behind Trump’s election upset, once a senior adviser, casts a wide and generally damning net: “Here’s the brutal reality … There was not a deep bench of talent that could step in to the government and run things.” As to be expected he unloads on Chris Christie, the former New Jersey governor and first head of the Trump transition. But he also dumps on Steve Mnuchin, the treasury secretary, calling him an “errand boy” for Stephen Schwarzman, the billionaire behind the Blackstone Group who is also a Trump buddy.In his takedown of Mnuchin, Bannon adds: “I thought Wall Street would go through fucking conniptions because he’s not a heavy hitter.” He may have spoken too soon. Mnuchin is now tasked with negotiating the debt ceiling and budget in the shadow of the 2020 campaign. A hunch: Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer will eat him alive. Trump administration Tom Price, Ryan Zinke, Scott Pruitt. None had any business being in the cabinet. Ever Since you’re here… Bannon has kind words for Don McGahn, the former White House counsel, who was ultimately shoved out the door and shared a lawyer with Bannon. Ladling out praise, Bannon refers to McGahn packing the bench with conservatives, undoing the legacy of the New Deal and gutting the so-called administrative state, making him the “most significant White House counsel in the history of the republic” with the exception FDR and Harry Truman’s guy, Samuel Rosenman.The Best People also lays out the fates of the “formers”, cabinet officials who were not long for the world of government. There is Tom Price, the former health secretary; there is Ryan Zinke, the former secretary of the interior; and there is Scott Pruitt, the former director of the Environmental Protection Agency. None had any business being in the cabinet. Ever.At best they were clueless, at worst self-aggrandizing and brazenly venal. As Elijah Cummings, now chair of House committee on oversight and reform, exclaimed: “I’ve never seen anything like this.” Shares638638 Members of the transition left to become lobbyists, notwithstanding a supposed lobbying ban. As Politico reported in May 2017: “Three months after Trump moved into the White House, at least nine people who worked on his transition have registered as lobbyists.” Trump promised to drain the swamp. Instead, it has grown murkier than ever.Although unemployment sits under 4% and the economy grows, the electorate is dissatisfied. Early polls show Trump down by double digits to Joe Biden. As for other Democrats, the numbers project a foot race. In other words, Trump’s unpopularity has placed a ceiling on his upside. The tumult that characterizes his tenure has eclipsed the economy, arguably his signature achievement.And yet, as The Best People impresses upon its readers, Trump was repeatedly warned that governing is not the same as campaigning. Routinized order, ethics and structure all matter. The seeds of the president’s possible electoral downfall were sown with his election in 2016. If not earlier. Pinterest last_img read more

Monday Tech Tip MultiTasking Gestures on iPad

first_imgRon King, Assistive Technology Specialist at Easter Seals Crossroads, shows us Multi-tasking gestures on an iPad.Having trouble viewing the video-click hereShare this…TwitterFacebookPinterestLinkedInEmailPrint RelatedNew Accessibility Features in iOS 9October 7, 2015In “Apps”Monday Tech Tip: Hand Gestures on iPadJuly 14, 2014In “Tech Tips”Myo Gesture Control ArmbandMay 18, 2017In “Autism”last_img

3 AnnotationNote Taking Apps for Learning Disabilities

first_imgIf purpose is to end by responding to a specific prompt:Annotate toward that prompt.  “If you’re being asked to evaluate, make evaluative annotations.  If you’re being asked to analyze, make analytical annotations.”If you or your students aren’t sure how to define “evaluate” or “analyze”, check out this handy dandy A-List: Essential Academic Words by Jim Burke. Import and annotate PDFsReview and give feedback with audio recordingsNotes automatically link to recordings, so during playback, you can watch your notes animate along with the recording, or tap them to get to the spot that needs clarifying. To learn more about Explain Everything and how it could benefit you as a student, teacher, parent, etc. click here.2. Skitch by EvernoteLooking for an app to help move your projects along faster?  The developers of Evernote have also released Skitch, an app where you “Snap. Mark up. Send.”  The idea is to get one’s point across with fewer words using annotation, shapes, and sketches.While using Skitch, users can:Snap, mark up and send pictures instantlyQuickly annotate images from camera rollAdd highlights and other annotations to PDFsExamples of how to use Skitch:School:Take a picture of a diagram on a powerpoint or notes on the board and label them in the app! Work:Open a PDF and annotate changes to provide clear feedback. Individuals with dyslexia, ADHD, learning disabilities, and other special needs may often benefit from using PDF annotation/note taking apps.  Annotating one’s reading is so useful in a myriad of ways and can benefit the reader not only while they read but afterwards as well.For me, reading textbooks, scholarly articles, and more has always been a challenge.  I have the attention span the size of a sesame seed, so reading dry text was something I never excelled in.  However, in college, I discovered I greatly benefited from writing out the text, highlighting, underlining, defining vocabulary, paraphrasing, (aka “annotating”) when reading, as it made me more active while reading.  However, there were 2 major problems:I often wasn’t able to write in my rented textbooks.So I’d write out a majority of the text, which would take hours and hours. Then I would go through and annotate the text IF I had time/energy.  Blah.Okay, so you may be wondering, “Are you a dinosaur?!  Didn’t you have computers and scanners when you were in college?  Don’t you know you can just scan the text, print it, or mark it up on a computer?”  Those are all fair questions, but well, I didn’t want to ask someone to scan a million pages for me every day…Plus, there were limits on how many pages to print…and I’m sure I could keep coming up with excuses, but let’s just get back to the exciting world of annotations!Dave Stuart Jr. wrote an interesting article on the importance of annotations and how to make them effective.  In his article he wrote an analogy, “The core idea is that annotation should help the reader during and after reading.  It should serve as the leaving of cyanide-laced breadcrumbs…because breadcrumbs alone get eaten by birds, while cyanide-laced breadcrumbs leave a nicely traceable, bird-covered trail.”Later on, Dave provides readers with tips on how to write annotations effectively:First, start with the end in mind.  What is the purpose of reading this text?If purpose for reading is to learn the content:Summarize a sentence or paragraphParaphrase a sentence or paragraphCircle and define keywords To learn more about Skitch and how it could benefit you as a student, teacher, parent, etc. click here.3. NotabilityNotability is a “powerful, yet wonderfully simple note-taking and PDF annotation.”  With Notability, students, teachers, and professionals are able to take notes, sketch ideas, annotate PDFs, mark up images, record lectures, provide audio feedback and more.With Notability, users can:Write naturally:Handwrite and sketch with beautiful inkWrite smoothly and quickly with zoom-writingAutomatic Palm Detection on iPad allows users to write naturally with hand on screen Annotate while you read.This may seem unnecessary, but for many individuals (especially with learning disabilities) they’ll find their “eyes read the text but their brains never did.”center_img Type anywhere:App features full-featured typing with a wide range of  fonts, sizes, colorsOutlines and text boxes help you quickly capture and organize ideasHighlight typed text Innovative instructional design“Students can import an existing presentation, draw, and highlight over the top while verbally explaining, and export a movie that encapsulates their understanding much better than mere slides.”Teachers can prepare lessons, tutorials, guides of any kind and upload them as videos to Vimeo or YouTube to share with others For more helpful tips on close reading, annotating and more, check out Harvard University’s article on Interrogating Texts: Six Reading Habits.Now that you’ve read up on the benefits of annotating and how to do it effectively, etc., let’s dive into some apps that allow us to annotate and better interact with text!3 Apps for Annotating/Note Taking1. Explain EverythingLooking for an iPad app to make taking notes easier?  Explain Everything allows you to do just that and much, much more!  According to the app’s description, “If you cannot do it with Explain Everything, it probably cannot be done!”While using Explain Everything, users can:Animate their thinkingCreate slides using an infinite canvas, use a laser pointer, draw in any color, add shapes, text, videos, images, audio filesRotate, move, flip, scale, copy, paste and lock any object added to the stageRecord everything they do within the app (even yourself while using the front-facing camera) to create high-quality, creative and valuable content for others to learn from Enjoy variety of import and export featuresIf your document is any major format and in the cloud or on device, it can be imported into this app Organize and share notesAnd so much more!To learn more about Notability and how it could benefit you as a student, teacher, parent, etc. click here.Share this…TwitterFacebookPinterestLinkedInEmailPrint Related7 Google extensions & apps for learning disabilitiesNovember 4, 2015In “Apps”ATU135 – Critical Apps for Learning Disabilities (Carolyn Phillips & Martha Rust), Tablet Computer for People who are Blind or Visually Impaired, Priests use Technology to Hear Confessions of People who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing, International Association of Accessibility Professionals, Panther Math PaperDecember 27, 2013In “Assistive Technology Update”5 More Apps for Individuals with DyslexiaMay 17, 2017In “Apps”last_img read more

SAJE Technology

first_imgSAJE Technology empowers people with special needs by providing voice-activated technology.  Their mission is to, “Develop the highest quality products and provide distinguished customer care.  Offer our customers the right technology at the right price, allowing the user to gain control of their surroundings, to create the most independence throughout their living environment.”SAJE Technology Products:1. PhoneMate:The PhoneMate is a voice-activated telephone for your landline.PhoneMate Features:Answer, hang up, place calls, check messages and more, all by only using your voiceUse voice commands to dial a phone number by digit or any of the 50 numbers the user lists in the phoneCaller ID announces who is calling prior to answering10 programmable speed dial numbersCordless handset can be used as an intercom to contact a caregiver2. PocketMate Plus Voice:The PocketMate Plus Voice is a portable voice-activated and single or dual switch scanning environmental control unit powered by a long life rechargeable battery.Features of PocketMate Plus Voice:Can control over 250 functions of lights, appliances, beds, doors, telephone functions, and infrared controlled devicesAudible feedback and visual confirmation on an easy-to-read 2.25″ displayProgrammable macros, adjustable scan speed, volume, brightness, and scan repeatEasy-to-program with no additional hardware, software or tools4.5″ x 3″ device3. Mobile Devices:SAJE Technology offers a few adaptive Bluetooth headsets and speakerphone products allowing users to activate the device with any ability switch.Mobile Devices Overview:EasyBlue and ZooMate both offer the ability to answer, place, and end calls all by activating any ability switchOfficeMate is a switch-adapted, multipoint Bluetooth headset.  It offers the ability to answer, place, and end calls all by activating any ability switch.  OfficeMate can also operate as your microphone for your speech recognition software4. VoiceMate:VoiceMate is a completely hands-free ability switch.Features:Simply plug any switch-enabled device into the 1/8 inch jackUsers have the ability to activate the device with preassigned voice commandsControl 2 devices similarly to sip & puffRequires no voice trainingClick here to learn about other products from SAJE Technology.Share this…TwitterFacebookPinterestLinkedInEmailPrint Relatedlast_img read more

Throtle Successfully Integrates with The Trade Desks Unified ID Solution

first_imgThrotle Successfully Integrates with The Trade Desk’s Unified ID Solution PRNewswireApril 25, 2019, 8:52 pmApril 25, 2019 digital advertising ecosystemID solutionMarketing TechnologyNewsPaul ChachkoThe Trade DeskThrotle Previous ArticleAtmosphere, a Chive Media Group Spinoff, Raises $10 Million Series ANext ArticleTextio Flow: The Beginning of the End of Writer’s Block Throtle, a leading identity-based data onboarder, has successfully integrated with The Trade Desk’s unified ID solution. This integration aims to improve user match rates across the digital advertising ecosystem.“We are thrilled that Throtle has joined us in this industrywide initiative to solve a very fixable problem in our ecosystem. The continued widespread adoption of the unified ID solution validates our collective mission to improve the effectiveness of digital advertising.”Adoption of the free unified ID solution allows all parties across the supply chain (SSPs, DSPs, DMPs and data providers) to utilize The Trade Desk’s cookie footprint to increase their own cookie coverage across the global independent internet. In addition, the unified ID solution allows for stronger match rates across all parties involved.“At Throtle, our focus from day one has always been around data accuracy and transparency,” said Paul Chachko, CEO at Throtle. “By integrating with The Trade Desk’s unified ID solution, it is continually pushing our focus of helping advertisers more accurately get in front of addressable audience while increasing overall reach.”Marketing Technology News: Queen’s Award in International Trade for Rapidly Growing Semantic Analytics Technology Company SciBite“The cookie universe has been searching for a way to improve the sync process, and the unified ID solution has proven itself as one of those critical tools to change that process,” said Ed Chater, VP of Data Partnerships, The Trade Desk. “We are thrilled that Throtle has joined us in this industrywide initiative to solve a very fixable problem in our ecosystem. The continued widespread adoption of the unified ID solution validates our collective mission to improve the effectiveness of digital advertising.”Throtle is a 2nd generation data onboarding company focused on deterministic matching, identity resolution, and closed loop enablement, powering brands’ omnichannel marketing efforts. Our data centric onboarding approach provides the highest level of accuracy, cross-device reach, and transparency.Marketing Technology News: Pagely Announces 2nd Annual Scholarship for Underrepresented Students in TechThe Trade Desk is a technology company that empowers buyers of advertising. Through its self-service, cloud-based platform, ad buyers can create, manage, and optimize digital advertising campaigns across ad formats and devices. Integrations with major data, inventory, and publisher partners ensure maximum reach and decisioning capabilities, and enterprise APIs enable custom development on top of the platform. Headquartered in Ventura, CA, The Trade Desk has offices across North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific.Marketing Technology News: Glocally and Storied Partner to Develop Digital Ad Units Distributing Local Social Contentlast_img read more

ATTDIRECTV Blacks Out Local TV Stations in 97 Markets Across the USA

first_imgDIRECTV/AT&T Once Again Holds its Subscribers Hostage Instead of Negotiating in Good Faith and Reaching a Fair Market Rate Agreement with Nexstar, Other Broadcasters and Content ProvidersEffective 11:59 p.m. local time on July 3, direct broadcast satellite service provider DIRECTV and AT&T U-verse unilaterally dropped the network and local community programming for over 120 stations impacting consumers and viewers in 97 markets across the United States. The action follows DIRECTV ’s refusal to accept an offer of an unconditional extension of the existing distribution agreement to August 2 to allow the stations’ owner, Nexstar Broadcasting Group, Inc. (“Nexstar”) and DIRECTV/AT&T to reach a new agreement allowing the direct broadcast satellite service provider (as well as AT&T’s U-verse systems and its subscription streaming television service, DIRECTV NOW) the right to continue to air the highly rated programming.“over the next 30 days to meet with you in-person on the following dates: July 12, 13, 14, 15, 23, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30 as well as August 1 and 2”With its long-term record of delivering exemplary service to the local markets where it operates, Nexstar deeply regrets DIRECTV/AT&T’s rejection of the extension as it deprives viewers in the affected markets of broadcasts of leading network content from ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, CW, and MyNetworkTV as well as local news and other programming produced specifically for these local communities. Viewers affected by the loss of service from DIRECTV have several alternatives to continue watching their favorite shows including local cable providers, DISH, over-the-air, certain subscription streaming television services, and services such as Verizon’s FIOS.Marketing Technology News: LivePerson Wins 2019 Artificial Intelligence Breakthrough AwardThe development is highly unusual for Nexstar but far more common for DIRECTV/AT&T. Nexstar has established a long-term record of completing hundreds of agreements with multichannel video programming distributors (“MVPDs” or cable TV, satellite TV, telecom companies) for the carriage of its television stations and is proud that it has never in its 23-year history had a service interruption related to distribution agreements of the magnitude of the AT&T/DIRECTV interruption. In contrast, DIRECTV is routinely involved in disputes with content providers and following its 2015 acquisition by AT&T has dropped or threatened to black out network and local community programming from DISH Network, Viacom, SJL Broadcasting/Lilly Broadcasting, and others. Between May 30, 2019 and June 10, 2019 alone, viewers of at least 20 other non-Nexstar stations (owned by Deerfield Media, GoCom Media of Illinois, Howard Stirk Holdings, Mercury Broadcast Group, MPS Media, Nashville License Holdings, Roberts Media, Second Generation of Iowa and Waitt Broadcasting) lost access to network and local content as a result AT&T/DIRECTV’s refusal to accept fair market rates for the distribution of leading non-AT&T programming. Notably, in addition to its ownership of DIRECTV, the nation’s largest direct broadcast satellite service provider, in 2018 AT&T acquired Time Warner including global media and entertainment giants Warner Bros., HBO, Turner and CNN.Nexstar has been negotiating in good faith to establish a mutually agreeable contract with DIRECTV. Significantly, Nexstar has offered DIRECTV the same rates it offered to other large distribution partners with whom it completed successful negotiations with in 2019 to date. While Nexstar believed progress was being made in the negotiations, DIRECTV misled Nexstar as it requested that viewers not be informed about the pending expiration as long as negotiations were continuing to be constructive. Yet, with minutes to go before the prior agreement was to expire, DIRECTV/AT&T did not accept Nexstar’s offer for an extension which would have allowed viewers in the affected markets to view their favorite network shows, special events, sports, local news and other programming on the Fourth of July and until such time as a new agreement can be reached. A little more than a year after putting DIRECTV together with Time Warner, AT&T appears intent on using its new market power to prioritize its own content at the expense of consumers, and insisting on unreasonable and extreme terms that are totally inconsistent with the market. In January, AT&T raised prices on DIRECTV and in April it put through a price increase for its streaming subscription service, DIRECTV NOW.Marketing Technology News: Taptica International Rebrand Reflects Video Advertising LeadershipNexstar remains eager to complete an agreement with DIRECTV consistent with those it has made with every other cable, satellite and telco provider in order to end DIRECTV ’s action that is both unnecessary and punitive to its subscribers. In this regard, in the time leading up to the expiration of the agreement with DIRECTV/AT&T, Nexstar not only offered an extension until August 2, it also offered DIRECTV/AT&T its availability “over the next 30 days to meet with you in-person on the following dates: July 12, 13, 14, 15, 23, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30 as well as August 1 and 2” adding, “We are willing to dedicate as many of these dates as needed. Not knowing when you and your decision makers are available, to avoid any disruption in service to your customers and our viewers in 97 markets across the country, we propose an extension of the current agreement through Friday August 2nd.” This is the customary process when negotiations for distribution rights are not completed when the current agreement expires. The only conclusion that can be drawn from DIRECTV/AT&T’s refusal to accept Nexstar’s offer of an extension is that rather than working on behalf of their subscribers, AT&T-DIRECTV continues to raise prices while reducing channels and content offerings.Nexstar is highly committed to consistently elevating the level of service provided to local communities in the markets it serves across the United States by making meaningful capital investments to expand local news, lifestyle, sports, weather and other programming and enhancing station infrastructure, production resources and technologies. Nexstar regrets that DIRECTV is willing to hold its paying subscribers hostage because it won’t agree to fair and reasonable terms for viewers’ favorite programming.Marketing Technology News: Digital Communication Tools Leave Many Workers Feeling Squeezed out by Tech-Savvy Colleagues AT&T/DIRECTV Blacks Out Local TV Stations in 97 Markets Across the USA on July 4th After Rejecting Nexstar Offers to Extend Access for Consumers to Leading Local Content Business WireJuly 5, 2019, 6:04 pmJuly 5, 2019 AcquisitionAT&T/DIRECTVDIRECTVMarketing TechnologyNewsNexstar Previous ArticleKibo Announces Enhanced B2B Features to eCommerce PlatformNext ArticleDruva Gives Channel Partners the Keys to Cloud with Druva Compasslast_img read more

How Deepfakes and Other RealityDistorting AI Can Actually Help Us

first_imgHow Deepfakes and Other Reality-Distorting AI Can Actually Help Us We’re not far from the day when artificial intelligence will provide us with a paintbrush for reality. As the foundations we’ve relied upon lose their integrity, many people find themselves afraid of what’s to come. But we’ve always lived in a world where our senses misrepresent reality. New technologies will help us get closer to the truth by showing us where we can’t find it.From a historical viewpoint, we’ve never successfully stopped the progression of any technology and owe the level of safety and security we enjoy to that ongoing progression. While normal accidents do occur and the downsides of progress likely won’t ever cease to exist, we make the problem worse when trying to fight the inevitable. Besides, reality has never been as clear and accurate as we want to believe. We fight against new technology because we believe it creates uncertainty when, more accurately, it only shines a light on the uncertainty that’s always existed and we’ve preferred to ignore.We Already Accept False Realities Every DayThe dissolution of our reality—a fear brought on by artificial intelligence—is a mirage.  For a good while, we’ve put our trust in what we see and hear throughout our lives, whether in the media or from people we know. But neither constitutes reality because reality has never been absolute.  Our reality is a relative construct.  It’s what we agree upon together based on the information we gain from our experience.  By observing and sharing our observations we can attempt to construct a picture of an objective reality.  Naturally, that goal becomes much harder to achieve when people lie or utilize technology that makes convincing lies more possible. It seems to threaten the very stability of reality as we know it.But our idea of reality is flawed.  It’s comprised of human observation and conjecture.  It’s limited by how our bodies sense the world around us and how our brains process that acquired information.  Although we may capture a lot, we can only sense a sliver of the electromagnetic spectrum and even that constitutes too much for our brains to process at once.  Like the healing brush in Photoshop, our brains fill in the gaps in our vision with its best guess at what belongs.  You can test your blind spots to get a better idea of how this works or just watch it in action by looking at an optical illusion like this:Image credit: BrainDen | Scroll or turn your head if you don’t see motionThis, among other cognitive processes, produces subject versions of reality. You already cannot experience every aspect of a moment, and you certainly won’t remember every detail. But on top of that, you don’t even see everything you see.  Your brain constructs the missing parts, hides visual information (especially when we’re moving), makes you hear the wrong sounds, and can mistake rubber limbs for your own. When you have a limited view of any given moment and the information you obtain isn’t fully accurate, to begin with, you’re left with a subjective version of reality than you’re able to gauge. Trusting collective human observations led us to believe geese grew on trees for about 700 years. Human observations, conclusions, and beliefs are not objective reality. Even in the best of circumstances we will, at times, get things extraordinarily wrong.Everything you know and understand passes through your brain and your brain doesn’t offer an accurate picture of reality.  To make matters worse, our memories often fail us in numerous ways.  The way we see the world is neither true or remotely complete. So, for a long time, we have relied on other people to help us understand what’s true.  That can work just fine in many situations, but sometimes people will lie or have vastly different versions of the same situation due to past experiences.  Either way, problems occur when subjective observations clash and people cannot agree upon what really happened.  Technology has helped us improve upon that problem—technology we widely feared during its initial introduction.We Either Trust or Distrust Technology Too MuchThroughout time we’ve created tools to help us survive as a species.  By developing new tools we’ve been able to spread information more easily and create a sense of trust. Video and audio recordings allowed us to bypass the brain’s processes and record an un-augmented record of an event—at least, from a singular point of view.  A video camera still fails to capture the full reality of a given moment.Security footage can look bad or even creepy but that doesn’t always indicate a real problem. | Image credit: Horror Freak NewsFor example, imagine someone pulls out a knife in a fight and fakes a swipe to try and frighten their attacker without any intention of doing actual harm. Video surveillance paints a different picture without this context. To an officer of the law, the security footage will show assault with a deadly weapon. With no other evidence to provide context, the officer has to err on the side of caution and make an arrest.Whether or not such assumptions lead to less crime or more questionable arrests doesn’t change the fact that an objective recording of reality misses information. We trust recordings as truth when they only offer a part of the truth. When we trust video, audio, or anything that cannot tell the full story, we put our faith in a medium that lies by omission by design—just like any observer of reality.Faults exist in technology but that doesn’t offer cause to discard it. Overall, we’ve benefited from advancements that allowed objective recordings of the world around us. Not all recordings require additional context. A video of a cute puppy might not be cute to everyone, but—for the most part—people will agree they’re seeing a puppy. Meanwhile, we used to call the sky green and can’t agree on the color of a dress in a bad photograph. As technology progresses and becomes accessible to more and more people, we all begin to learn when and how it can paint reality with a less accurate brush than we liked to believe.This realization causes fear because our system of understanding the world starts to break down. We can’t rely on the tools we once could to understand our world. We have to question the reliability of the things we seen recorded and that goes against much of what we’ve learned, experienced, and integrated into our identities. When new technologies emerge that further erode our ability to trust what’s familiar they incite this fear which we tend to attribute to the technology rather than ourselves. Phone calls are a normal part of life but they were, initially, seen as an instrument of the devil.Today, AI enjoys similar problems. Deepfakes stirred a panic when people began to see how easily a machine could swap faces in videos with startling accuracy—with numerous quality video and photos that met specific requirements. While these deepfakes rarely fooled anyone, we all got a glimpse of the near future where artificial intelligence would progress to a point where we’d fail to know the difference. That day came last month Stanford University, Princeton University, the Max Planck Institute for Informatics, and Adobe released a paper that demonstrated an incredibly simple method of editing recorded video to change spoken dialogue both visually and aurally that fooled the majority of people who saw the results. Take a look:Visit the paper’s abstract and you’ll find most of the text dedicated to ethical considerations—a common practice nowadays. AI researchers can’t do their jobs well without considering the eventual applications of their work. That includes discussing malicious use cases so people can understand how to use it for good purposes and allow them to also prepare for the problems expected to arise as well.Ethics statements can feed public panic because they indirectly act as a sort of a vague science fiction in which our fearful imaginations must fill in the blanks. When experts present the problem it’s easy to think of only the worst-case scenarios. Even when you consider the benefits, faster video editing and error correction seem like a small advantage when the negatives include fake news people will struggle to identify.We Only Lose When We Resist ProgressNevertheless, this technology will emerge regardless of any efforts to stop it. Our own history repeatedly demonstrates that any efforts to stop the progression of science will, at most, result in a brief delay. We should not want to stop people who understand and care about the ethics of what they create because that leaves others to create the same technology in the shadows. What we can’t see might seem less frightening for a while, but we have no way of preparing, understanding, or guiding these efforts when they’re invisible.While technologies like the aforementioned text-based video editor will inevitably lead both to malicious uses and more capable AI in the future, we already fall victim to similar manipulations on a daily basis. Doctored photos are nothing new and manipulative editing showcases how context can determine meaning—a technique taught in film school. AI adds another tool to the box and increases mistrust in a medium that has always been easily manipulated. This is unpleasant to experience, but ultimately a good thing.Image credit: Will SigmonWe put too much trust in our senses and the recordings we view. Reminders of this help prevent us from doing that. When Apple adds attention correction to video chats and Google actually makes a voice assistant that can make phone calls for you we will need to remember that what we see and hear may not accurately represent reality. Life doesn’t require accuracy to progress and thrive. Pretending we can observe objective reality does more harm than accepting we can’t. We don’t know everything, our purpose remains a mystery to science, and we will always make mistakes.  Our problem is not with artificial intelligence, but rather that we believe we know the full story when we only know a few details.As we enter this new era we should not fight against the inevitable technology that continues to shine a spotlight on our misplaced trust. AI continues to demonstrate the fragility of the ways we conceive of reality as a species at a very rapid pace. That kind of change hurts. We lose our footing upon realizing we had only imagined the stable ground we’ve walked upon our entire lives. We seek a new place of stability as we tumble through uncertainty because we see the solution as the problem. We may not be ready for this change, but if we fight the inevitable we will never be.Artificial intelligence will continue to erode the false comforts we enjoy, and that can be frightening, but that fear is also an opportunity. 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